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  1. HooKares

    Approval to leave ship early

    I have often wondered about this as we live in Victoria BC which is a port for the Alaska Cruises. Can we leave the ship as we are “home” rather than go on to Vancouver or Seattle? Cheers!
  2. HooKares

    Any Women On Board an S Class Ship Currently?

    lol 😆 didn’t think of that. Unless you have a sparkly lanyard to put your sea pass in. Better than the floor or garbage can. Cheers!
  3. HooKares

    Any Women On Board an S Class Ship Currently?

    When we cruise I usually bring along some magnetic hooks for the cabin. These generally hold 10 lbs or so. Slip one of these in your purse and you have your own personal hook for the metal stall doors. Then you will know for sure your bag will fit it. Just a thought. Cheers!
  4. HooKares

    Departure lounge

    I am MLife and one of the perks is access to the departure lounge. What and where is this? Cheers!
  5. HooKares

    Booking future cruises?

    We will be on a cruise this winter and we are thinking of booking another cruise on board for the fall 2019. Can we also book for another couple who will be joining us, and will they have the same future cruise perks as we get?:) :) Cheers!
  6. HooKares

    Renting a car at POM

    We have a day to kill in Miami after returning from our cruise, what rental companies have shuttles from POM to the airport to pick up rental car? We will drop off the rental at FLL for our flight that evening. Cheers!
  7. HooKares

    Mlife and Captain's Clup Tiers

    Cruise Raider :):p I should clarify...we go at least twice or 3 times a year to Vegas if I can talk Mr. HooKares into it. :D Also we have twinned our accounts so it all goes into my account. This helps when you are a low roller in Vegas! Cheers!
  8. HooKares

    Mlife and Captain's Clup Tiers

    I am Gold on MLife and it doesn't require heavy gambling to achieve gold. I am considered a " low roller". :halo: All spending in MGM hotels including hotel room cost is counted as points. Just make sure that your MLife card is presented at check in. If you reach a status level on MLife, on Oct 1 your points reset to zero, but you retain your level for 1 year, so you will be fine on this cruise...make sure you take your MLife card with you. We received a couple perks such as priority boarding and a nice dinner in a specialty restaurant. Thanks to MGM and Celebrity. :) Cheers!
  9. HooKares

    Son wore dress shorts in MDR and survived!!

    I was on this cruise and saw a middle age "kid" turned away from the MDR as he was wearing shorts. So maybe the OPs kid was accepted as he was only a small boy? Also saw a women in capri yoga pants, flip flops and a baggy t-shirt one night in the MDR. Not sure what category she fell into but she look like she just left the rumba class. Too each its own I suppose. Cheers!
  10. HooKares

    Uncorking fee for wine.

    Does anyone know what the current charge is to bring your own wine to the MDR or specialty restaurant?
  11. HooKares

    Luggage valet on Equinox?

    Thanks! The connecting flight is a partner of Alaska, so I will confirm with Celebrity before we sign up. Cheers!
  12. HooKares

    Luggage valet on Equinox?

    We are from Canada but we are travelling domestic from FLL to Seattle on Alaska, then on to a connecting flight to Canada. Would we be able to use the luggage valet? Cheers!
  13. HooKares

    Which would you do: Alaska or Panama Canal

    I suppose it depends on how many cubes are in your cocktail, and how fast you drink. :D :) Cheers!
  14. HooKares

    Which would you do: Alaska or Panama Canal

    I have done both trips and I would recommend that you go to Alaska. The ice is melting and won't be there forever, where as the Panama Canal has not changed since it was built. :) Also Hal is a great choice for Alaska. Enjoy whatever you choose! :) Cheers!
  15. HooKares

    Celebrity Web site down alot

    No, it's not you. Today it has been down for a couple hours so far... :( Cheers!