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  1. We put a deposit on The Sunshine for the Jan 16,2023 sailing. There are 3 of us couples so far booked in the inside Spa. Have done the same cabin before. Loved the location. We are hoping that 1. the virus will be gone by then and 2. The islands and Charleston will still be there and 3. Carnival doesn't sell this ship. We celebrated birthdays and anniversaries the last time we were onboard and received many free items ( not just a cake) I don't know if it was because of the Spa booking. We don't do Carnival much..usually Princess and Celebrity with an occasional NCL and we are used to getting goodies on those ships...so was surprised what Carnival gave us throughout the cruise.
  2. If you take the hop on hop off buss in Belfast you can go to the Titanic...a castle...shopping ...anything you want...at your time
  3. You can opt out of NCL grats on the last sea day ONLY. They do this hoping you will forget to do it. No matter how many people are on the ship....no matter where the ship is going...the employees pay checks DO NOT CHANGE ! SOOOOOOOO where do you think the monies go???🍹
  4. I have a good friend who wanted to take a cruise with us. He and his sister cruises with us a lot. It was on a Celebrity in which we were booked for 6 day Caribbean special...good prices and full drink package. My friend and his sister always booked an inside cabin. My husband and I decided to surprise them and we paid the $100 pp upgrade that came thru for a cons. level cabin...balcony..full drink package...we thought it would be a nice surprise about a month before the cruise my friend got a new girlfriend. ( I actually introduced them ) and changed the cabin mate from his sister to his girlfriend....Now he still didn't know about the upgrade surprise we made. Well , this girl went on a 6 day cruise in a cons. bal cabin with full drink package...it was her first cruise...she hated everything !!! Complained about eveything. My husband and I wondered how she would have reacted to an inside cabin !!!...WE felt that his sister was the one who lost out....that was a few years ago...they are still together...he hasn't taken another cruise...because of her...but like I said they are still together ...My husband is a little sad because he lost his picture taking buddy...🍹 I regret that I introduced them....he's no fun anymore
  5. You should have done a 90 minute time share and receive all of the above for free !!🍹
  6. For the past couple of decades...this is what NCL does....Lets build a new ship...let's advertise the heck out of it...lets give a good price for it....let's get new blood on it...let's give a few really cool free venues...let's see how many people go there....THAT MANY !!! wellll....let's charge for those venues...SURPRISE
  7. Oh for Pete's sake It's a cruise...it's free for the kids...put an older one in a studio and then when you sail put the whinner in the studio.I have found out that some family vacations just don't....go smooth... Put all the kids in an inside...if they don't like it they can pay for the difference....anyone who has a boy or girlfriend for 4 or more years and is sleeping with them must have a job and can contribute to this upgrade if they need it. I sound tough but sometimes a gift is a gift for the kids and everyone should just be thankful and happy🍹
  8. NCL usually does it on the last SEA DAY. I believe anything before or after doesn't count.
  9. When someone went overboard on one of our sailings we awoke to 2 other ships within about 200 feet of us. The international law said we had to search for 36 daylight hrs.
  10. Your family is in my prayers. Enjoy your life.
  11. Good to know...didn't know...should have known....been on all except Fred Olsen...never thought to ask...just knew that every time I was on a Celebrity the Brits had a kettle.🍹 I don't drink tea much.
  12. If you ask to share and end up liking the time location, table, couple or anything you can ask for the same for the next night . It will be OK and the next night you just go in the other line and go directly to your "saved" table.
  13. You want a tea kettle you need to book Celebrity.
  14. Please don't feel responsible if she doesn't enjoy herself...sometimes first time cruises on a new line have different ideas about how their vacation will go...especially if she booked high ended excursions. I would just make a notation of things she shouldn't overlook ( like the International Cafe ) and give it to her with maybe a non plastic reusable straw😁 and hope for the best LOL
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