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  1. There is some talk that with cruises sailing at less than full capacity, the crew will also be diminished. With buffets being cut down or removed, so will the crew needed to staff those positions.
  2. The pricing may have something to do with type of cruise. More sea days may mean more drinking. Where in port days, people get off the ship for hours at a time. Bermuda is an example. It docks for 2 to 4 days with passengers returning late at night. Less drinking there. By lowering Cheers it may attract some to take the package.
  3. Since there are 8 days at sea, plus embarkation day, with daily 5 or more specialty coffees, several glasses of wine and cocktails at dinner, plus a few Cocktails here and there During shows and whatnots, I think the package will be More than fair at the very least.
  4. I was told for NYC (Manhattan) there are tax laws. You can drink on first day but have to pay taxes. To avoid confusion, the package starts on second day of cruise. I don’t know Galveston’s excuse.
  5. I can’t remember too well, but was Carnival Pride still having lunch in MDR around 2010? I know back in 1982 they had full course breakfast, lunch and dinner in the MDR. they stopped that (penny pinching) But maybe they should rethink this whole thing at least until everyone’s fears diminish.
  6. Yes I’m also booke with RCL and they run occasional sales which right now is at $44pp/pd Which is the lowest price I’ve seen anywhere, so was wondering if Carnival has sales like that or if this $52pp/pd is the lowest it may get. Of course Carnival website is not going to tell you when they run the special sales in advance. Anyway, most likely I will reserve the package at that rate and if the price drops More, I can always repurchase the package.
  7. yes that’s for the whole cruise length. Just giving a number to make it easier to compare. I think it was NYC that will not start the package until Day 2.
  8. Is $52 a day a good price for a 2 week round trip cruise to SanDiego to Hawaii? This is for October 2021 so that’s pretty far in advance.
  9. I’m wanting to get a drink package. Does anyone know what the usual daily rates are?
  10. I didn’t have time to read the all these posts, but my suggestion and would like implemented, less buffet variety, or different ethnic style each day. Less selections, less crowds and more empty tables to ensure some distancing. If people really hungry, there’s always the MDR. Selective buffets can remain open most of the day with neutral food choices. The theatre would need to show more viewings of those specialty shows instead of one SRO. Scatter them thru the week or show multiple times during the day. could be more, but I think mega ships are fine when there’s less passengers.
  11. I wouldn’t mind and would actually love to see Cuba. But on the political side, Cuba still supports countries like Venezuela where their citizens have to flee for the lack of living qualities. Regime change? Go back to the previous regime? With corrupt FBI, DOJ and the previous administration? No thanks. I will not support or want Cuba to profit from Americans. Also, my opinion and facts that I believe.
  12. 2 months is equivalent of 8 cruises and that is a significant amount. Even if half full, they may test their new guidelines (if any). However, New Jersey May have a final say when disembarking if NJ even lifts the travel ban - far fetched but that area is considered USA epicenter.
  13. The price drops in Premium beverages might mean just that - potential cancellation 😂
  14. Oasis In September 13 sorry, I thought this was the September 13 roll call. I need to get out of the house some. Losing my mind.
  15. wow. I booked a cruise for October 2021 already and I done that last year like you, way before this ***** happened. But I AM NOT CANCELLING. Unless it gets worse.
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