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  1. Actually, I wasn't rude at all. I made a joke about your math skills which you are obviously defensive of. But in addition to your math being wrong, your understanding of the drink package as a perk is wrong too. The perks, such as the drink package, dining package and free air are only for the first 2 in a cabin. If you have 3 adults in a cabin and receive the drink package as a perk, only the first 2 get it and the 3rd is on their own. So, you can pick the 2 that drink and list them as the first 2 and they'll get the package and the 3rd can buy as they go. And the perk d
  2. Completely agree. If you were ok with being in the shade, you could get seating at any time. If you were interested in the sun (like I was and without Vibe), it was a little difficult but not impossible. Up until around 10:30am, there were seats available in the sun without trying too hard. From 11am until 2pm it was definitely the busiest and more difficult to find a spot. Between 2pm and 3pm, some people began to leave and go elsewhere and that trend continued the rest of the afternoon. We usually hung out on sea days up on deck until around 4pm and I was paying attention afte
  3. On the rebel yell catamaran, exactly one week ago, we pulled up right to the beach and stepped down into maybe 12 to 24 inches of water. Pretty much the same when we boarded about 3 hours later. As I mentioned previously we had the 8:15 excursion through NCL and arrived at White Bay at around 9am. It was definitely a highlight of our Encore cruise.
  4. As others have mentioned here, math is obviously not your strong suit. Although I felt like I had 34 drinks on our day in Tortola. Lmao!!!!!!!!!!!!! The drink package perk is soooo worth it, even if you're a light to moderate drinker. Regarding the pool deck, as I stated in my review here, it wasn't any more crowded on a sea day than any other cruise I've been on and I've been on more than a few. Was it hard to get a chair on a beautiful sunny seaday? Yes it was, but if you were patient and used your head a little, you could always find a place to plant yourself. I spent as much
  5. I just got off Encore 1/26 and for 7 days we never even walked over to the go-karts, laser tag or VR as we had no interest. In fact, except for taxes in port for drinks, shore excursions and dsc, we had no extra expense charged to our account. We were not nickle and dimed at all. We enjoyed the incredible amount and quality of "free" entertainment that was available everywhere on this very beautiful ship. There wasn't enough time in the evening to get to it all, but we tried. Lmao! The Encore is a mega ship in the truest sense of the word. If you are confused about wh
  6. There are so many bars on board. At the pool area I went only to the one closest to the buffet. Before dinner on a couple of nights, I would try and hit 3 or 4 different ones for a drink each. Definitely hit up the one at the OL. They are so nice and accommodating there. Also the Atrium bar, but it was sometime crowded. At night, when we didn't have a show, we'd walk around and stop at the various bars too. Being a beer drinker, I really enjoyed the District Brewhouse. Enjoy yourself!!
  7. sorry I didn't reply in the other thread. I had bloody mary's every morning but didn't see clamato juice, which I'm guessing is the key.
  8. Some people are just so nasty. I was on this sailing and Dave is right on with his observations. First of all, the pool deck was no more crowded than any other cruise I've been on and we've been on a few. I was on the Escape 18 months ago with Spice and the additional space outside of Vibe and the crowds were no different. While I'm sure if measurements were calculated that there is less overall "free" space, it's probably not a huge difference as the area around the pools on Encore is larger than Escape and deck 17 also has more nooks and crannies, I believe. Nobody s
  9. We were informed ahead of time of changes for 1/19 sailing but the changes were only to Tortola and the addition of GSC. Tortola was changed from 8-5 to 6-2pm. St. Thomas was a full day 8-6pm. The times you're stating don't seem right so I'd check again in myncl.
  10. I know I wrote "light on children" but that's not exactly what I meant. And yes I know the groups your referring to. I meant that based on pictures and reviews of virtually all the previous Encore sailings there seemed to be less kids than on those sailings. I saw videos and pics of the water slides, for example, and the lines were all the way down the staircases. There were whirlpools overflowing with kids too. It definitely wasn't like that on our sailing and it would be hard for anyone to have been up on deck more than me. The lines were way shorter and I never had an is
  11. You can absolutely show up at 9:30 or 10am if it's important for you get on board early to book stuff or just to start your vacation as soon as possible. We always do and it's never an issue. The time on your edocs is more of a suggestion so everyone doesn't show up at the same time. Regarding the 250 minute perk. As Bird said it's value is $125 and it can be used towards an upgrade. What we did was not use wifi on sailaway day. It's a short day as you can use regular service until at least 4pm or whenever sailaway is and you should be too busy having fun to be interested in your pho
  12. Restaurant reservations were made in Teppenyaki which is across from Social.
  13. I booked everything for mine and my aunt and uncles cabin. I called in pre-cruise and booked the main theater shows and our specialty dining for both cabins. The only thing we had to do onboard was the comedy and it was no problem as long as you know all the cabin numbers.
  14. Just got off the Encore and liked the new bottles. Only issue was they are square and don't fit into the cupholders in the main theater. Certainly not a huge issue though.
  15. I thought about the kiosks, but I was booking for 2 cabins and had read you can't do that from the kiosks unless you have a card from each of the cabins and my aunt and uncle were boarding later than us. Also, we boarded as early as possible and the Social was easy to navigate and took me about 5 minutes.
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