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  1. bkrickles1


    That's a great deal. Enjoy.
  2. Totally agree! Protecting your child should be a parents #1 responsibility. Get your kid out of there and report inappropriate behavior. I agree with those on here that there is nothing wrong with a kid going up to the bar to get a drink. My daughter (who's about to turn 19) has been on many cruises over the years and has gone over to a bar many times to get a soda for herself or her mother. She's come up to the bars too when I've been hanging out and stood behind me or beside me to talk a little. Pretty harmless stuff. I've never witnessed a fist fight on a cruise, but I know they happen more than they should.
  3. bkrickles1

    NCAA Tournament on Escape

    I would say there's an excellent chance you'll get to see some games. I was on the Escape this past July during the World Cup and those games were on every TV on board it seemed, including the big screens by the pool. A couple of years ago I was on another ship during Wimbledon and got to see many matches on various TV's and again, including the big screen by the pool. I've also seen the Super Bowl on board a cruise ship and many other sporting events too. You'll have a great time on the Escape and get to see some games too. Enjoy!
  4. bkrickles1

    Free airfare questions

    That would be awesome but unfortunately my ungrateful daughter (lmao just kidding) started college this past fall and is sucking me dry so we're down to 1 true vacation per year and 1 summer excursion. I'm sure MSC is in my future. I have no loyalty to any one cruise line even though I've cruised rccl way more than the others. Can't wait to hear your review of the Seaside. It looks like a very cool ship and something my family would like as we love to hang out in the outdoor spaces and Seaside seems to focus on those.
  5. Exactly! There's no rule or law against using plastic straws and they wouldn't be confiscated on any cruise ship or anywhere else for that matter. Many people prefer plastic straws and if I used straws, I probably would prefer them too. Until there is a law banning plastic straws, I would imagine many people will continue to use them and bring them to places (cruise ships) where they are not available. I was on the Escape this past July and there weren't any straws on board. No plastic or paper. I felt bad for the people ordering any kind of frozen drink and I suppose it would be a problem for those that have sensitive teeth too. NCL did a bad job with that on my cruise but I knew about it ahead of time (thank you cruise critic forums) and my wife brought straws with her. As I said in a prior post, she was very popular.
  6. bkrickles1

    Free airfare questions

    I got free airfare from NYC to Miami for my Encore sailing next January for my wife and I. I had to pay $390 for my daughter as the 3rd person in my booking. That is high, even for January, but when I average it out it's $130 pp roundtrip for the 3 of us and that's definitely at least $100 pp cheaper than if I did it on my own. I booked my sailing at the beginning of January and I can't come close to matching that now. I took all 6 perks and my grand total is $3662 for the 3 of us in a balcony cabin. I keep looking at other lines for the same week and can't get the same value. I'm really intrigued by MSC and could get a deal on the Seaside for similar value (I'd have to get my own airfare) but I can't seem to get myself to commit to them yet. I'll keep looking but I'm pretty sure it's the Encore for me and I'm ok with that.
  7. bkrickles1

    Price keeps dropping, TA getting aggravated w/ me!!

    Definitely find a new TA. As someone said, you're doing all the work and finding what's best for you. I do the same. I actually just looked at the new Spring Savings Sale and it does nothing for me. I'm booked for next Jan. on the Encore and I took all 6 perks (which included airfare) for my family of 3 in a balcony cabin and I'm paying just shy of $3700 total. The new sale only allows me to choose 2 perks with a balcony and the price is almost $3500. I'm pretty pleased I booked when I did.
  8. Cruised Escape this past July which is right when they started eliminating straws. Since I do spend some time on these great forums, I knew this ahead of time and told my wife to stock up for our trip. She loves to drink all cold drinks with a straw (I don't use them) and we had my daughter and 2 nieces with us, so she brought a ton of them with us and kept them in her "beach" bag. People were complaining at some of the bars, especially the bars outside and especially when frozen drinks were ordered. My wife, liking to be popular, gave out a ton of straws all week and we all joked a couple of times that we probably could have made some serious money. Lol Anyway, we were happy to help some people out and someone even recognized my wife one night at dueling pianos and called her the "straw lady". It was a great trip and we'll be packing our straws again in January when we sail Encore.
  9. bkrickles1

    Vibe now over $200 each!

    This is exactly my reasoning too. You get all hyped about an area, get to the terminal super early, run to where the passes are sold and most likely start your vacation with disappointment. Not the way I want to start my cruise. Also, I cruised the Escape this past July and my go to hangout on sea days was deck 19, right outside of Vibe, and it was a great spot. Pretty quiet, great views, 2 whirlpools, a misting machine to cool off and we shared the same bar that Vibe people used. Speaking to the bartenders who served both sides and some of the people going in and out of Vibe, I came to the conclusion it was only barely worth it at $99 but ridiculous for $200 or more. My opinion so don't kill me for it.
  10. bkrickles1

    Beer list?

    As Karl said, if you're a beer drinker pick a ship with a district brewhouse. It's an awesome venue that has entertainment too.
  11. bkrickles1

    NCL Escape District Brewhouse

    I sat in that exact seat several times this past July on the Escape. The Brewhouse was one of my 2 favorite spots for pre dinner drinks. The other was the 5 O'clock somewhere bar on the Waterfront. This was much more comfortable though.
  12. bkrickles1

    Margaritaville Breakfast?

    Fortunately, it's been a mild winter. We had my 18yo daughter along with my 19 and 21yo nieces and they had a great time too. They (and me too) enjoyed the water slides and ropes course and also liked the grotto at spice H2O. There's lots of great space up top to hang out and the Waterfront is another outstanding feature during the day or at night.
  13. bkrickles1

    Margaritaville Breakfast?

    You'll love the Escape. We were on it this past July and had a fun time. I'd say the only downside is that the pool area is ridiculously small. With that in mind, as long as you don't have to be right next to the pool, there are plenty of very nice areas to relax with amenities and you're still only a minute walk to the pool. Check out deck 19 right outside of Vibe. My favorite spot on sea days. BTW another decent alternative for breakfast is O'Sheehans. One morning I did breakfast at O'Sheehans and then did 2nd breakfast (Lol) with my wife, daughter and 2 nieces in the dining room. And this was all after my pre-breakfast at Margaritaville early in the morning. It is vacation and I did do 90 minutes in the gym every day..... Have fun!
  14. bkrickles1

    Margaritaville Breakfast?

    Yep. I enjoyed it on the Escape too. A minimal selection as was posted above but very nice. I enjoyed the comfortable, outside setting with comfortable seating and no crowd. A couple of days I stopped there on my way back from the gym at around 7:30am and had some coffee and relaxed before going back for a shower.
  15. bkrickles1


    I'd try asking in the roll calls. Find someone who's just gotten back or is about to leave.