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  1. I booked the Joy for 1/2022 and was lucky enough to get cabin 10700 which I expect to be the same as the one in that video. We always get balcony cabins but the extra space, extra closet, storage and large bathroom with double sink is better for me as I'm traveling with my wife and 21 yo daughter. And we all know how much stuff the ladies like to bring. On my last 2 cruises I had to basically live out of my suitcase as they filled up everything else. The shoes alone can take up a closet. Lmao
  2. My last 2 cruises were on the Escape and the Encore and I didn't even bring a pair of pants. It was shorts and Hawaiian shirts every night for me. I ate in all 3 MDR's that way in addition to Cagney's, teppenyaki, Los Lobos and Q. It's one of the reasons we've done more NCL in recent years over RCCL. We've done enough cruises over the years with the formal and semi-formal dress codes and we've kind of had enough of that for now. My girls wear sun dresses and such but none of the formal wear. It's more about comfort for us now.
  3. I'm ok with the pricing on the cruise I booked. I booked the 1/15/22 sailing of the Joy out of Miami on 6/16/21. I've since adjusted the price downwards 3 times with the help of my pcc. Saved $325. I'm now paying just under $3000 total for my family of 3 with all the perks, including airfare from NY. Granted, we have just an oceanview cabin this time, but it's cabin 10700 which is the giant ov cabin in the front of the ship. I'm very excited for this cabin as it also has the much larger bathroom with a double sink and tub with the shower in addition to 2 full closets that m
  4. I've been very happy with my pcc too. All I really ask for is responsiveness and I've gotten that with the one I'm working with since 6/16. I booked the Joy for 1/15/22 out of Miami on 6/16/21 for a reasonable fare with all the perks, including airfare. The fare was similar to what I paid in January 2020 for the Encore and that's ok with me. I'll do a mock booking almost every week to check my pricing and 3 times, since I booked, I noticed the price was less. I emailed my pcc each time and within 24 hours she not only responded but had already adjusted the price and sent me
  5. Look at my post right above yours. All protocols are good through october 31 After that, it's anybody's guess.
  6. Here's the applicable part of her email to me: As of this moment, we have only gotten the full safety protocol information for sailings up to October 31st 2021. We have been very proactive in communication of changes this past year with due time for guests to plan accordingly. Our 100% vaccinated cruises starting this August through October 31st will not have mask mandates. It’s hard to speculate at this moment on what will be required for January 2022. I'm sure we will be announcing the safety protocols for our sailings after October 31st by August/September. We are still current
  7. Been a Dead fan since the late 70's and saw them with Jerry about a dozen times. I've since seen just about every incarnation including Dead & Company for just about every show they've done in the NY area. Gonna see them twice next month, in fact. I was stationed in Germany for 3 years, 1985 - 1988, and loved every minute of it. Half of my lifeI spent doin' time for some other _ucker's crime
  8. I'm on the January 15th sailing and really excited for it. My last 2 cruises have been on the Escape and Encore and the Joy might be, for my needs, even better. My pcc, who has been terrific, just emailed me yesterday saying that they are still not booking any sailings to full capacity. She added that all the information right now is good until October 31st and that NCL will announce new info by August/September regarding sailings after that. Capacity limits, protocols, etc. Bottom line, I don't think anyone really knows what capacities will be in January, but I'm optimistic tha
  9. It's got a great bar, comfortable seating and snacks. My favorite combo! Lmao
  10. There's a bar outside the Cavern Club too but I'd choose the OL We went there on the Encore when we boarded last January and stayed for hours. It never got overly crowded that first day and we enjoyed it so much, we're going to do the same on our upcoming Joy sailing. It's massive but it takes a couple of days for everyone on board to discover it.
  11. There's nothing really to add after Clevelands list but I'll expand on one thing regarding Observation Lounge. On every cruise I've been on, everyone seems to go straight to the buffet to eat lunch after boarding. On the Escape, it was the buffet and O'Sheehans (the Local). Both get so crowded. We sailed Encore January, 2020 and after finalizing our reservations, went straight to the OL. It was practically empty. It's a stunning venue with super comfortable seating, lots of snacks/food and a great bar. It's a great spot to meet new people or, as we were doing
  12. We sailed Encore in January, 2020 and ate in Q, Teppenyaki and Los Lobos. Q was very good and we especially loved the live music while we ate. We stopped by there a couple of times just for the music throughout the cruise as my wife and daughter love country. Teppenyaki was pretty much the same as at home and was also good. Los Lobos was our favorite meal of that sailing. Everything we had was so good. There was 5 of us so we got to try many different dishes and liked them all.
  13. I've also been told by 2 different ncl cruise consultants that they are booking up to 60% capacity right now and that includes my sailing on the Joy in January. Of course I understand that could change but it appears most are hearing that 60% number and I'd be super happy with that.
  14. I'm sailing (hopefully) Joy in January and we have the specialty dining perk for 2 meals for my wife and I, just like we had for our Encore sailing in January 2020, except that was 3 meals. My 21 yo daughter will be joining just like last time and here's where I have my question. Last time I purchased the 3 meal package for my daughter to go with our perk and it worked out fine. This time I feel like the 2 meal package is a little expensive, $47 per meal. I don't exactly recall but I thought I paid under a $100 for 3 meals last time. I'm looking for an opinion of whether I
  15. Yep. I saw it first on the Escape in the supper club and it was amazing. It was my wife's birthday and when I went up on stage to get a beer before they started, I told one of the guys and they chose my wife for the "serenade" that the guitar player does on stage and then my niece was chosen to be called up later during the pina colada song. Such a memorable experience and it was the original cast too. We saw it again on the Encore in the theater and it was still great but it does lose a little something not being in the smaller supper club. I'm sailing on the Joy in January and my wife
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