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  1. how can you prove where someone on a ship got the virus? and why have their been suits about noro virus or flu on board in the past? i just cant believe someone could prevail on a ship saying the cruiseline was the reason the got the virus/died. in the non cruise world has walmart/mcdonalds etc been held responsible for causing someone to get it? or maybe the NYC subway etc.
  2. ive only been on 3 ships but i did notice most of the paid for fancier restaurants are lower mid center. im sure theres a reason for this
  3. you realllly do wanna do the mid ship lower if you are worried about sickness. i had a high up forward suite on a canada cruise and with force 10 winds it was very very bad. like hold on with dear life one hand in the shower
  4. everytime this thread kicks up i have a new memory. my 1st trip to the great white north had the 70 in oct 2nd trip i had 40s and force 10 or 11 winds. captain said pretty much worst he ever had. (scale goes to 12). he did the rare thing of talking into the cabins a few times that day. we had a bridge tour after that and he went into great details about how rare this was and felt bad for everyone on board. i was in a forward suite, really bad idea that trip. held on for dear life during my shower. you really do feel more at the front of the ship. if we ever go back to
  5. they need specific elevator distancing in the contract. there has to be some kind of plan for it, you cannot mandate distancing in an elevator from a practical standpoint with 6000 people on the ship. unless it's one of those rules they really dont intend to enforce
  6. i highly recommend later in october. it was 70 when i went. i regretted not wearing shorts while walking up and down the rocks of peggys cove
  7. here's my review of UBD from a few years ago: ULTIMATE BALCONY DINING After muster we contacted room service and the waiter said he’d be right down to discuss the menu. I asked if there was crab instead of lobster and he said no but they had salmon. I was ok with that but it just seemed like he didn’t want to substitute nor had a list of things and I was lucky to get what I got. You get half bottle of champagne, one alcoholic drink, salad, crab for an app, yummy birthday cake, a chocolate and raspberry dessert and other things which no way could we eat for dessert. The bday ca
  8. i just realized the review of my 2018 cruise was never posted. ill have to make sure its edited and post soon. will be a nice distraction as well
  9. all that is included cannot fit on one table. it's a heck of a lot of food
  10. just one nice thing that would be ashamed to lose.
  11. is that a standard balcony you have? reason i ask is i had a mini suite and even inside that, it was a very tight squeeze indoors. outdoors on the tiny balcony one of you would def be locked in for the duration. not able to move. my review of the UBD
  12. i liked the mini on regal . if you order room service it spoils you to eat on the coffee table vs the bed. dont waste your money on club class. we had it as a perk of a forward suite and i was super unimpressed. we were jammed in the middle of a row of tables, virtually ignored and even basic thing like getting a soda was an exercised. tried it a 2nd day and got different seats but same less than par service. never went back. maybe haven service on ncl spoiled me but club class isnt even close to haven dining. also the 2nd tv with sofa is very nice. not everyone wants to watch
  13. i just saw someone on a FB group say they just booked july. do people think it will go? in think in this case past performance is an indicator. they keep pushing it out 2 months at a time the past year. its clear how things go
  14. the cruises are still up so ncl must want us to book them. not bad pricing either 🙂
  15. what would the allure be to renting? https://vivavivas.com/ even a tiny NYC apt has cooking and a decent fridge. for the price plus electricity and food i dont think the pricing was a bargain
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