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  1. i never researched sandals so i clicked on their page to see what they offer. i DO love the unique rooms at some places, i spend time in my room on a cruise so rooms are important to me.they list 5 star dining, golf, booze, scuba, waters sports, land and fitness sports (dont people know what vacations mean?) . none of that but the room and food interest me. plus i never fly to vacations so thats a negative for me. i just think id be bored at an inclusive, i love going to things like kennedy space center. walking on the rocks of peggys cove, the ocean at st martins caves, . i otherwise hate the outdoors like camping and fishing and stuff. but for exploring new places, i'm all in. love that kind of stuff. so for the pricing the all inclusives probably arent for me. sitting on a beach all day would never do it for me. i get enough relaxation at home. i guess the one plus is they cannot quarantine you 14 days in your room lol. at least making you pay for it. or can they? that woul scare me at those prices.
  2. define post covid 19 to me once covid 19 is cured id go on any cruise and even lick shopping cart handles 🙂
  3. gotta admit after 4 flights id be winded. how in the world do those people do 80 or 90 flights without sweating in their professional clothing? amazing. plus with 73 elevators only being able to take 4 people at a time that has to take all day just getting too work
  4. any idea how they are handing things like the 15K people that work in the empire state building every day and all the other skyscrapers in the country. 15K is more than any ship in the world i believe. so however they keep those people safe everyday should work on a cruise ship, right? those people all walk/drive/subway etc etc. same as cruise ships. and theres the solution 🙂
  5. i was in a cool car and 4 of us went in to a furniture store. we were all 91 and 92 degrees. whew. no covid!
  6. 1. how does anyones work know where they vacation. do you all need to tell where you are going? this concept is foreign to me as no one at work knows what i do after i go home. 2. in an office or other setting, how do you prove that you got the disease from someone? 3. assume you do prove somehow that a particular person cause your issue , how do you know it was from a cruise but not at the supermarket they stopped at on the way home? or the rally or sporting event they just came from? or the beach. i cannot understand the difference now that almost every state is open to a degree. 4. im not an atty but can work really stop what you do at home? if its in your contract yes but do peoples contracts have in them that your boss can fire you because where you vacation? wouldnt the attys eat that company alive? 5 we are working from home now , first time ever, its not the norm, and i flew out of state but continued to work and no one ever knew. why would they even care, i did my work. but from what you are saying here i have a dream job compared to the micromanaging your companies do.
  7. i flew from PA to TX to get a haircut last week. (had another reason but def needed the haircut). mask required for the cut but not in any other place i went. restaurants, stores, mini markets, hotels. the freedom you feel not wearing a mask is addictive. it makes people happier and once you get it, you dont wanna give that feeling back. when i got home i had to put on the mask to get a sandwich at the local pizza joint. it was a bummer. and i have no problem being locked up working from home till i retire. zero reason i cannot but i know they bosses wont let me. i think the mask issue is not really relevant on a ship from an infection standpoint as there are 1 zillion other ways to get infected. but as ive said before, if a cruise line will really sail with less people. enforce 6 ft on pool deck. as well as seating near me while i eat or watch a show. id be on board every cruise! i hate the crowded dining when you are shoulder to shoulder. hate the packed theaters you get to 1 hour before to get a seat. or fight for a seat in a tiny comedy club . to be able to reserve and get the distant tables is a HUGE plus for me. i hope this becomes the norm but it wont. the pricing would be crazy too.
  8. how do you isolate on 7 day or less cruises? and how does the actual passenger testing work. do i nark on the guy next to me in the buffet that coughed? can you imagine the crew being put in a position to nark on people , heck if i have whiff of pepper thats too strong i sneeze cough and get watery eyes. probably no fever but the sheer possiblity of losing time on a cruise to something innocent is scary. so i need to know the implementation of such a reporting system. you can also have vengeful people reporting on each other. heck i love trying new foods, even spicy ones, they can cause me to cough and get very red/hot face and sound like death . but i love new foods. ships admittedly dont even have enough security on board. you see news reports of a fight and only X number of people show up to help. cannot even imagine trying to get a new staff soley for the purpose of monitoring guest health.
  9. i still havent even seen speculation who pay for all the stuff that happens when someone leaves a ship. with no insurance paying this stuff, i doubt most people can suck up a high foreign medical bill/plane/hotel/hospital etc etc. its a very real fear as evidenced by them kicking the person off next port. also you lost the rest of your cruise fare, not very fair.
  10. i dont believe they will ever keep people on 14 days anymore. it would be a cascading problem that literally would never end. they wont start up again knowing they will have to keep people possibly 14 days. did anyone even figure out the money lost from keeping people on board 14 days without them paying for it? lack of revenue etc
  11. even with 100 percent perfection on the ship, how can you protect anyone since many people get off at the ports. you cannot control people at the ports. impossible. 100% guarantee someone will bring it back on the ship that hasnt had it before. and i dont believe you show a temperature that quick do you? or if i'm infected on my way to the ship does it show up on any test just minutes after i get it? i just think any thing that happens on the ship is wasted effort once you get off at any port. and no one has stated what the procedure is to get people home who have a temp. does the cruise line pay airfare and pack your stuff and send it to you and give you a refund? imagine being kicked off half way around the world and stranded. who wants that risk?
  12. if you cant board a ship without unlimited drinks, thats really a sad state of our society and id welcome that limitation of those people on board. getting rid of drunks would be a nice byproduct of the virus.
  13. i sure hope insurance pays for me to fly back from another country when i come back to the port with a fever after an excursion. then im without all my stuff. is someone gonna pack it for me? oh wait, this is a known sickness so not covered by any insurance, correct?
  14. regarding the NYC subways cleaned at nite. doesnt that still leave literally hundreds of thousands of touch points dirty during the day? whats the point? ditto even using every other cabin on a ship. whats the point. immediately upon stepping out of a cabin you can get infected by someone coughing on you or touching a rail. i guess in theory 50 percent less chance but still, anyone that leaves the ship for any reason is gonna have the chance of bringing somethign back with them so i think canceling all ports is the only way to keep the people happy. once on board, you never leave. zero chance of any other country contaminating us then.
  15. 6 ft seating between tables, pool deck, etc etc would make me book many many more cruises! i love the idea of private space just for me. i hope they keep tables spaced forever. when looking at booking X i saw the private dining rooms spacing and how close it is and wondered why anyone spends 20K for a suite to be 6 inches from strangers while eating.
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