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  1. luckyinpa

    Regal Princess. Tips

    i dont know if it's 100 percent of the time but the rear of the buffet has a staffed line that makes different things to order. i believe for bfast they make omelets how you want. one night they had various pho type soups and i gotta say it was very good. i think maybe a mongolian one night?
  2. luckyinpa

    What Gratuity to Leave at Specialty Restaurant?

    i leave the money on the table because thats how we do it in my part of the country. they can fight over it however they want after i'm gone.
  3. luckyinpa

    Is Princess really worth this cost?

    i know its not quite apples to apples but here's a real life comparison as far as worth the princess canada 5 nighter i just took wanted 2400 for a suite. since this is a princess forum i'm assuming most people know what those perks are. for comparison 2 years ago i paid 2499 for a haven spa suite on the NCL breakaway. however that included 3 specialty dinners, some kind of internet, drink package (you pay the grats on it), and i think a small amount toward excursions. however what the big allure was, was the haven itself. a totally separate area of the ship and your own bar/restaurant and a 'baby pool' to soak your feet as well as 2 hot tubs. you get your own sundeck and you get a butler who will bring you what you want to your cabin. also the thermal spa is sooo much bigger than the regal princess offering. i'm not a spa kind of guy but i have to say it was nice in the sauna and the thermal pool. strictly on the math i'm pretty sure NCL is a better bargain than princess if you want those perks. however you have 4500 customers and a very very crowded ship and you pray theres no rain because it was not fun on the rain days being stuck inside. regal on the other hand had crappy weather for us but being inside there we found so much more pleasant with more to do. also i felt regal was more elegant and definitely never crowded except muster. so while spreadsheets can tell you on paper what is the better deal, you have to prioritize what you want.
  4. luckyinpa

    Regal early disembark, experiened passengers please

    so do you go on all those last minute 299 deals. i couldnt resist if i lived down there that close
  5. Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.Size of a request header field exceeds server limit on chrome i get this when trying to look at the boards but all other CC activity is ok on chrome i can get on forums with firefox
  6. i dug thru the contract. i get all my money back after 2 hours. not bad at all and free 🙂 so it does pay to read the fine print Involuntary In the event that Spirit is unable to provide a previously confirmed seat and is unable to reroute the guest via Spirit, Spirit will refund as indicated below: 10.2.1. If no portion of the reservation has been used, the refund will be equal to the fare paid by the guest. 10.2.2. If a portion of the reservation has been used, the refund will be equal to the amount of the unused portion. 10.2.3. Guests involved in a Spirit Airlines cancellation or delay in excess of two (2) hours will have three (3) options available to them: 1) re-accommodation, 2) a credit for future travel, or 3) a refund
  7. not in my case. ive had the same password for years and never had to truncate/change it before. also how in the world do they hard code in that you cannot put in more than 8? every other site i use, you can type in 100 if you want. they will be wrong of course. just bizaree also i switched computers and still the same issue so its not just my machine
  8. still wont take my password. really bizarre to stop at 8 characters. i can see if the site didnt come up at all but otherwise its fine. weird!
  9. luckyinpa

    Is Princess really worth this cost?

    book last minute, always a steal to be had. i even see christmas cruises for under 1000 for 7 days out of FLL for balcony
  10. tried 2 different browsers. very weird. any idea why the site would only allow 8 character passwords today? ive tried other sites and the long passwords work fine
  11. apparently i'm worried about nothing, i get my full price back including the price i paid for my upgraded seat. so the 90 dollar fee to cancel on the airlines website apparently is misleading. amazing this info isnt more publicly cited since its on DOTs page: https://www.transportation.gov/individuals/aviation-consumer-protection/flight-delays-cancellations What happens when my flight is cancelled? If your flight is cancelled, most airlines will rebook you for free on their next flight to your destination as long as the flight has available seats. If your flight is cancelled and you choose to cancel your trip as a result, you are entitled to a refund for the unused transportation – even for non-refundable tickets. You are also entitled to a refund for any bag fee that you paid, and any extras you may have purchased, such as a seat assignment. If the airline offers you a voucher for future travel instead of a refund, you should ask the airline about any restrictions that may apply, such as blackout and expiration dates, advanced booking requirements, and limits on number of seats.
  12. luckyinpa

    Regal goes full Medallion Dec. 16

    wow when are they installing the 1000 screens. when i was on 2 weeks ago i saw zero construction going on. if they got them all installed anytime soon that would be super impressive
  13. luckyinpa

    Regal early disembark, experiened passengers please

    too bad you arent in NYC> that was a breeze 2 weeks ago. i got in line in the casino at 645, off the ship 700 and in car at 716 and on my way.
  14. i did not word my question correctly. remove the cruise aspect from the question. imagine you are going to see aunt martha in california but you at worried about your flight being canceled. thats it, no cruise, no hotel. nothing just flight. people deal with this everyday so just wondering if there was any insurance against canceled flights
  15. luckyinpa

    Go Better, Go Best

    decided to actually click on a dec 13 4 night bahamas on infinity that i got in an email and saw the better best thing. i must be doing something wrong as i'm new to celebrity ov room is 299 go best is 180 pp but you get 150 PP OBC, drink pack, internet pack, free grats. so you pay 360 and you get 300 OBC (i assume you can pay grats with it), drink and internet. i dont know celebrity prices but i know other lines are about 70 a day for drinks and 10 for internet. so this seems like too good a deal for the 360. what calculations am i doing wrong?