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  1. i did not book the cruise yet also i want to put a plug in for a princess TA who went above and beyond. i found out when you cancel a cruise, even if YOU pay for the entire thing. your cabinmate gets the credit in their name! who knew? probably a lot of people dont my princess TA was able to get my cabinmates credit put on my account so i could enjoy it on a future cruise. so 'sometimes' a cruiselines TA can be worth going thru. but my bet is my story is rare. and i doubt a 'public' TA could do what she did for me.
  2. reading all the above replies made me more informed. its amazing the differences in TAs (which i all emailed a 2nd time for confirmation of pricing) 1. wanted exact same price as NCL but said their 1000 in credits was in the price (i'm assuming this means he makes 1000 on the cruise) 2. exact price as ncl with 1100 obc extra 3. NCL price minus 1100 obc means you get the price up front (best deal obviously with no obc to spend) so i gotta say it seems like for a haven booking you should look at the competing TAs to see what they can give you.
  3. h 8 and h7 looked tight on the floor plan so was hoping to see that. but the h6 looked pretty good as evidenced by your pic. but the h6 aft just shot up a crazy amount in price for my trip sadly. but the 2nd bathroom for the LR guest was a huge plus and i guess why the price is so much higher. the h5 courtyard has a very interesting arrangement for the 3rd. apparently a single chair bed next to the bed..cozy!
  4. can i book 2 people today and add a 3rd next month.
  5. we are in final payment already. will they reduce the price if the 3rd doesnt go on the cruise
  6. this thread is a few months old but i was curious if anymore current experiences with this. discounting the capacity question, i may book 2 on a cruise with 3rd possibly being added. i assume they would always be happy to get more money as its holiday cruise with 3rd at full price.
  7. ive been pricing haven for an upcoming trip and got some crazy quotes. one was 1000 less than NCL price and one was exact ncl price plus 1075 OBC i wrote back to each of the TA and asked them to confirm my understanding of their pricing. and yes. the room would be net 1000 cheaper than NCL.. long as you can use 1000 OBC its a steal! or take the 1000 lower pricing if you are unsure.
  8. i'm specifically looking for bliss but imagine the other ships in the category are all the same. i found one while googling for the 2 BR and thats it. everyone has pics of the sofabeds closed but some look like when they are opened that you have zero room to walk around them to get to the bathroom if someone is on the other side. i'm sure one or 2 other detailed oriented people have looked for this info as well 🙂
  9. the answer has to be no but i wanted to ask here. assume you get obc from a TA. if you take the free drink pack and wanna pay the 20 per day tax on it. is there any way to use the OBC for it? i assumed no because you need to pay for it at the time of booking but i dont know how this works obviously. reason i ask is a TA is giving a crazy amount of obc for haven (1000) and i know i could use it for grats on board and stuff i buy on board, but didnt thik you can use it for pre cruise purchases
  10. just do some mock bookings and go all the way to the end where you enter your name and address. then under the price hit VIEW and you will see the breakdown. it will be cruise price ....govt fees...and 'free things tax' is what i call it. i was kinda shocked 1st time i did it. but you have to pay about 20 a day for the drinks. so thats 140 for 7 day cruise. i think the specialty is about 18 or 20 for the tax for the package. so well over 300 in 'free' fees for your stuff. and note you cannot book a non guarantee without perks. i think that sucks. but if you choose wifi and excursions i believe there are no extra fees and its a true 'freebee' . one time i tried to see about a higher balcony and it wanted to charge me the same price as if i picked my own. thats crazy. also if you havent learned by now when you look at the main NCL pricing page and see the low prices you wanna just add 200 to each price unless you are ok with a guarantee room . thats the true pricing.
  11. and yet one gets yelled at if they create new threads asking about the same old topic over and over. so which is the official way to do it and who decides what is official?
  12. did you factor in the 350 in fees for the free things? if one doesnt need those things one can save money.
  13. no kids here ive read on multiple sources that anthem is a good ship for a cold christmas cruise because of the indoor amenities. please tell me your favorite thing to do on the bad weather days.
  14. ive been researching this issue because i wasnt sure if guest 3 had to pony up for the drink pack. am i correct in that they do not have to buy it? also regarding what someone said above i found this: https://www.ncl.com/termsandconditions/promotions Eligible guests are entitled to two beverages per person per transaction.
  15. no kids the cold weather is definitely something i want to plan for since we definitely have it. and now i see some sales on TA sites that give some decent perks this week on anthem. if you can give me a short rundown of why anthem is better for the cold cruise id appreciate it. its about 900 cheaper than NCL now as well.
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