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  1. i should have taken a screenshot but i swear it said it..now it doesnt.
  2. isnt it kind of strange to have a gty on a haven aft? on my trip its 3K more than the courtyard so bumping from H6 to H5 wouldnt be a true upgrade in my opinion but with GTY they have the right to upgrade you dont they?
  3. yes dropping bags is all i care about. i know you generally hang around courtyard a bit and didnt wanna have 3 people 2 bags lugging them around.
  4. this is a christmas cruise on bliss all the forwards are sold out so they arent an option. ive watched many vids of the h5 and it seems about the size of a normal hotel room but im' a bit nervous with 3 in there. so who's done it? any comments on the comfort of the sofa bed would be appreciated too. i did find one pic from another ship of one open but any other pics would be cool. i saw what the wardrobe looks like to hang your clothes but it doesnt look like there are traditional drawers to put things in. also we only do carryons so wondering if cabins are ready before the restaurant opens for lunch
  5. im now considering an H5 instead so this is a great pic..assuming same furniture on bliss i hope?
  6. we are considering mini's above the cavern club, cigar lounge, and of course there's the water front. wondering about noise from them as we normally arent up late at nite
  7. when choosing a mini i was trying to take all but the drink pack and it wont let me. if they will give you 4 free why not 3. why must it be just 2 or 4?
  8. sadly in the NE there are little options unless flying. MSC is on my list though if i ever decide to fly and i did a video tour of the YC and like it!. but for variety of cabins i have to say NCL seems to have them beat if you need that aspect and this trip i do. the pricing of YC did kind of make me wonder why its so cheap compared to haven (who includes the mini bar and snacks!!!) then i realized they can 'make' any cabin a yacht club one (their slider thing is fun to play with online). but paying 4000 for an inside on a holiday doesnt excite me even if it is YC. one of our parties is waiting to hear about time off and hope they get the week before christmas because it's half price of the following week for what i want.
  9. soooo the gov't wasnt recognizing your marriage then? 😉 thats your bad joke of the day. free of charge. this is why i'm in a cruise forum not a comedy one
  10. does this mean the trick in NYC of paying the porter to bypass customs for you no longer means anything?
  11. i saw mville on the BA and assume same setup on the bliss. do they offer any alternatives for the winter sailings because sailaway in NYC can be brutal and i cannot image a soul even doing Mville free now if our butler can bring it to us....well thats different 😉
  12. i found this aft pic online. wish i had a better one. if you reallllllly look you can see 14 and 11 bathroom windows . now if we just had a thread showing all sofa beds open in each cabin category 😉
  13. i researched on the BA extensively before i booked the spa haven for the gym reason and also there are poles in many of the rooms and yes, theres a pole thread on CC
  14. do you have to keep the empty bottle out thru security at the port or when they scan in bag do they know its empty
  15. ive read thru this thread and is the consensus that you can make dining reservations, buy soda packs, book excursions on NCL.com even if you used a TA. basically anything but change the cabin? im past final pymt so when i decide to book , the cabin is final regardless, but i do prefer to make any reservations myself.
  16. so how do you think the cruise the week before would be? prices are much better so i'm assuming less demand
  17. found a review of 14880, anyone ever hear of this issue If an aft cabin, was soot a problem? - YES. Not sure it was soot, I think they were tiny beads of "asphalt" from the race track. It became an issue when it rained and created black "mud" on the balcony and we had to be very careful not to track it into the cabin. We ended up putting our bath mat down just inside the door. Unfortunately it was at its worst when we were cruising through Glacier Bay and we were in and out to look at the map, change lenses, etc. and out bath mat was almost black by the time we were done.
  18. this is great info. i easily found config A on youtube with 2 doors to balcony but i cannot find config B. Id def love the bathroom facing the ocean. would this basically be the same setup as the 2BR bathroom with the shower and tub facing the ocean. ive seen that video on the dawn during my research. edit: new rule. whenever you post something. you find the answer 5 min later. very cool bathroom setup for the aft haven!
  19. does anyone know if this would be what an H7 forward facing sofa bed would look like as well on bliss? i'm assuming all haven sofas are the same..but maybe not? one thing for sure is if i get a haven room i'm gonna take lotta pics with the sofa open. i know the room between the foot of the bed and the cabinet would but much tighter than the pic above though.
  20. great info above! the 360 view of the room was amazing . it actually made me realize something. the MBR door opens to the bathroom , not really the bedroom. interesting setup as i would have thought the bathroom would have had the curtain, not the bedroom. also i saw in one video that presumably was the drop down bed open in the 2nd bedroom and it had a ladder but that wouldnt be needed on my trip and would be out of the way. it's definitely beneficial to see the lower bed opened.
  21. i wanted to thank the OP and other contributors. it seems the 2nd bedroom bed is indeed pretty comfy but i was worried since i know traditional sofa beds stink. but these are better than those people have at home obviously. i loved the detail of the OP and the little things that matter. i watched a video with the curtain and just assume you would keep the one side closed all the time and slide the other closed when needed or just keep it all closed lol. how many cabins have showers that look to the water. this is rare and very cool! and since no haven this is so much cheaper than the haven 2br
  22. what other negatives do you see about dawn. I've only been on BA so any comparisons to that id know first hand.
  23. ive seen the pics of this 2 BR and they do seem fantastic. did the 80 yr old sleep on the sofa bed? or whoever did sleep on it. i'm assuming its more comfy than the old sofa beds of yesteryear with the bar in your back when you lay? id be sailing with someone in their 60s and was curious. and thanks for the location info. for my cruise the only ones left are 11 forward and only cabins are above it.
  24. i know in some ships there are different layouts depending what deck so i was curious if the master bath in all the 2BR had the windows at the tub/shower. Also never saw a curtain for a door to the bathroom and thats pretty unique. i guess a door that large isnt practical though 🙂 any other unique features i'm missing?
  25. what a condescending and rude answer but i guess with todays American what can we expect. what makes you think i'm going with buddies? bad assumption on your part.how insulting you are. and if you know of a way for one person to pay another with a credit card that would actually be useful information on topic with this thread instead of being a smart aleck.
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