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  1. Canada/ New England is my favorite itinerary! I can't wait to sail it on VV!!
  2. I've only sailed NCL and VV, so I can't speak to other lines. In my mind, that whole "no upselling" thing cannot be stressed enough. It's so nice to go to a show and not spend the first 15-20 minutes listening to the CD selling raffle tickets. How refreshing it is to not have to dodge photographers during dinner. On Valiant Lady, my partner had a question for sailor services, and I just kinda' wondered around the area waiting for him. A rep from "Get Lost" (MVNN) asked me if I needed anything, and I asked him a random question that popped in my head. (I think it was about how full our sailing was.) He actually answered my question without trying to sell me anything! That, in turn, made this the first time I've ever bought a future cruise credit.
  3. Oh, I can (partially) sympathize. I broke my ankle in three places a few months before my last cruise. I was juuust weight-bearing when we sailed. Send her my best wishes.
  4. I've only cruised with NCL once since the shutdown, and that was 2022. Can you share with me what the current safety drill situation looks like? I'm bringing on a new cruiser, and I'm trying to give her an idea of what to expect. (We're on the Jade if it matters.)
  5. I got answers by submitting my proof of status match again- like I was submitting it for the first time. Within a week, I got an email from VV telling me I had DBE through 2025. Now I have written documentation if there are any questions. I firmly believe you can't have too much paperwork.
  6. DBE is on mine now, and my next sailing is well over a year away.
  7. I just got an email from VV. Turns out I have full DBE. I’m not complaining!
  8. Okay. Explain this to me like I'm a three-year-old. I have taken ONE cruise with Virgin Voyages. On that cruise, I had DBE from status match. When I take my second cruise, will I be in Tier One- Sailing Club- because this is my second cruise? Or... Will I be in Tier Two- Blue Extras- because I have status match?
  9. Here you go... https://profcruise.com/virgin-bar-menus-2024/
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