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  1. Thanks for the idea - I hadn't thought of that. I see it isn't lined, but I could order a bigger size to fit over a sweatshirt or fleece. It certainly is a good price. So is the Princess jacket, so I could buy that one, too, if it is available onboard.
  2. That makes sense. Good to know! But then the jacket clearly is available in the onboard shop and I might as well just buy it there rather than purchasing in advance. Thanks.
  3. I am interested in the reversible nylon/fleece jacket available in the Princess shop for purchase pre-cruise, but I don't see any option to choose a size. Am I missing something? If it is some generic "one-size-fits-all", about what size might that be? I appreciate any information from someone who has ordered it pre-cruise. (I would prefer to buy it on board, but I want it for the cruise and don't want to count on it being available.) One more question, if I order it pre-cruise, is it a safe assumption that I could return it to the onboard shop if it doesn't fit? Thanks!
  4. Joanne G.

    Why travel solo?

    Hi, Lois. I have read many of your posts over the years! Thanks for the encouragement. I started researching 2020 cruises in Europe as soon as itineraries were out, and I found myself thinking about what my potential travel mates might like. When it dawned on me that I was the one who wanted to lock it in early by paying a deposit, I decided to pick the cruise I wanted and let the chips fall where they may regarding travel mates.
  5. Joanne G.

    Why travel solo?

    I just read through this long thread after booking a solo cruise for the first time. Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I usually cruise with my sister, but she has other plans for 2020. I have two friends who might be interested in going, but this cruise might be out of the budget of one, and the other doesn't like to make commitments too far out. It was such a good deal that I booked as a solo, figuring I can decide later if I want to ask someone to join me. I do a lot by myself, such as attend shows and take day trips, and once I vacationed for a week at a Florida beach condo and enjoyed it. My biggest worry about cruising solo is if the experience will be diminished by not having someone to share all the port activities with. There is also the issue that on NCL, there is no traditional dining which would alleviate the prospect of dining alone. On the other hand, as I was reviewing excursion choices, it struck me that as a solo, I could choose whatever I want without giving a thought to anyone else's interests! That has some appeal. The cruise is 15 months out, and I am going to take my time deciding whether or not to ask one of my friends. I figure I have until about the time when I/we would be booking the flight. Even if I do ask someone, they may end up not interested or be unable to go for some reason, so I need to be prepared for going solo. I will keep reading this board in the meantime!
  6. Joanne G.

    Jet Lag...What are your tips

    What has worked for me, assuming an overnight flight in which you arrive in the morning, is to avoid the temptation to take a nap upon arrival as that can extend the adjustment time. Get outside as some sunshine helps reset your inner clock. Plan some activities - we found the hop-on, hop-off bus tour in Rome to be a good idea as it was outdoors and interesting but also low stress. Tough it out during the day, have dinner in early evening local time and go to bed based on local time. I have done this a few times, and every time, by the next morning, I have felt rested and ready to go. And I totally agree to arrive a day or two before your cruise, for the jet lag reason and for the reason to avoid the stress of any problem with your flights.
  7. Joanne G.

    Foreign Currency on board Princess?

    Thank you, all. It will seem odd not to have any local currency, but I am fine with using a credit card for everything as long as I know it will be accepted even for small purchases.
  8. So what exactly was the warning about the bathrooms? Whether we get local currency (for Belgium, Norway, Denmark) in advance at home, from an ATM in port, or exchange onboard, I would expect it to be bills, not coins. I have a fear of needing to use a public bathroom and not having the right coins.
  9. Joanne G.

    Foreign Currency on board Princess?

    So, are the previous posts a "yes" to the OP's question, that currency exchange is available on board? I realize others may consider it a bad option, but we have booked Princess excursions for our Sapphire cruise later this year (from Southampton to Belgium, Denmark, and Norway), and I don't want to count on the tours having a stop near an ATM. I will for sure get British pounds in advance as we have a few days in London pre-cruise, and I probably will get euros as I expect to have future trips to the euro zone. My concern is for Denmark and Norway. I would only need a small amount of local currency - if any. I expect purchasing a small amount in advance at home would also have fees and an unfavorable rate. I am more concerned with convenience, if I decide I need local currency for a bottle of water, postcards, or some small purchase like that. Thanks for an info.
  10. What a great idea - thank you! And thanks to everyone for the useful information. It's good to know that credit cards are likely to be accepted for even small purchases.
  11. A friend and I are booked on the Sapphire Princess departing from Southampton with stops in Belgium, Denmark, and Norway. We will be in London for a few days, so obviously we need a supply of British pounds. I expect a future trip or two to a Euro zone country, so I will get some euros for Belgium and not worry about any unused cash. But we aren't sure about cash needs in Denmark and Norway. We have booked Princess excursions, so we won't need cash for tours or transportation, and we have credit cards for souvenir purchases. But what about small purchases - a bottle of water, a cup of coffee in a café, postcards, tipping tour guides and drivers (is this expected in Europe?), maybe souvenirs from a small vendor who doesn't accept credit cards? Will we be able to exchange dollars (or euros) on board the ship for a small amount of local currency for Denmark and Norway? We aren't particularly concerned about exchange rates, as we would be exchanging only a small amount. Convenience is big factor, as well as not ending up with a large quantity of Danish or Norwegian currency that we aren't likely to have an opportunity to use again. And, given that we will be on Princess excursions, we can't count on the opportunity to hunt down an ATM in port. We could commit to not making purchases if a credit card can't be used (water from the ship, no tipping, etc.), but it would seem very odd to me to go ashore with no local currency at all. What do experienced European cruisers do? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank you both for taking the time to respond. I probably will post on the Princess board eventually, but knowing the administrators' policy of immediately moving port questions to the port boards, I want to be able to say that I already did that! I love Cruise Critic, but I hate that questions about port activities, especially about ship-sponsored excursions, are moved to the port boards, which have so much less viewer traffic and seem to be more geared towards independent excursions. OMG, Turtles06, those photos are fabulous! Thank you.
  13. A friend and I are looking at Princess excursions from Copenhagen, specifically to either Christianborg Castle or Fredicksborg Castle. The descriptions for both these excursions mention multiple steps, like 150 - 200. My friend has had both knees replaced. She can do steps, as long as there are railings, and as long as it is pretty much one flight at a time, and as long as the pace of the castle tours isn't rushed. Can anyone give some insight on what we will encounter in these castles? We really want to choose one of these to see, but we want to avoid an unpleasant surprise of encountering a situation that is difficult or impossible for her. I appreciate any insight, including whether one or the other might be a better choice given her situation. Thank you.
  14. On our first cruise, we learned to pack extra underwear to allow for frequent showers in the heat and humidity. 😉
  15. Joanne G.

    Carnival Ships & Half Moon Caye in the rain?

    We went ashore in a light rain, hoping the skies would eventually clear. They never did. After walking around a bit in a drizzle, we got back on the tender and rode back to the ship in a downpour. After multiple visits to HMC, our luck ran out. 🙁 It is going to happen sometimes. Good luck!