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  1. August 27, 2021. Carnival Legend, London to Rome. Booked pre-pandemic. Celebrating an adventure - my first solo cruise. (Unless an opportunity opens up in the spring for my first solo cruise and the August one becomes my 2nd. 😁)
  2. We have stored milk in the cabin refrigerator on multiple Carnival ships, for a day or two, without any issues.
  3. Actually, we had 2 late night (10:00 - 11:00 pm) departures on a Med cruise some years ago on the Galaxy. I figure it's simply a function of the distance to the next port. It's a great opportunity to enjoy dinner at a local restaurant - something we didn't do, but in hindsight, I wish we had. On the other hand, in one of those ports, we didn't arrive until around noon or 1:00, so that might affect options for daytime activities.
  4. In addition to all the good suggestions already posted, I would say pay attention not just to the ports you will visit but to the times that you will be in port. Long port times, staying into the evening, are wonderful. Rarely, you might even come across an overnight visit. On the other hand, depending on the distances between ports, you may have a very early morning arrival with an early-to-mid afternoon departure - not good. Or an early afternoon arrival with a late night departure - may or may not be good depending on what you want to do there and what time the sun sets.
  5. I have a Legend cruise in August of 2021 that I booked before the pandemic. But I am holding off on booking anything else. I took a refund for my canceled May 2020 British isles cruise on NCL. Despite many temptations when I research cruises, something I can't seem to stop doing, I want to wait to make a future booking until the mainstream lines are up and running and until I know how the experience will be different. May we all safely be onboard something, somewhere, sometime SOON!
  6. You certainly could be right on that. For my solo cruise, I am in one of the end ones. My travel agent picked it for me, and I didn't care whether it was on one of the ends or in the middle, so I don't know why she chose that particular one for me. And all that matters now is if I get to go!
  7. I am not sure about this information, as I am booked in an aft-view extended balcony on the Legend as a solo for an August 2021 cruise. I booked early - before the pandemic - so maybe this made it easier to get what I wanted. Good luck in finding what works for your group, and I absolutely agree with the previous poster who advised not to go the route of guaranteed cabins if you want a specific configuration or location. Have a great cruise, and here's hoping we all stay healthy and that our future cruises actually sail! 🤞
  8. Thank you all for the suggestions for hotels in Rome. I am booked on a repositioning cruise on Carnival next August that ends in Civitavecchia, and I had been debating about a post-cruise stay in Rome or taking the train to Florence, which I have never been to, for a few days. I wrote down all the hotel names mentioned in this thread, checked out the websites, and became convinced to stay in Rome post cruise. My previous time in Rome was brief, before and after a Med cruise years ago on the Galaxy, and there is so much to see. I will save Florence for another visit. I figu
  9. Like others on this thread, our first cruise was the unique SS Norway, in1997. Skeet shooting off the fantail LOL! The cruise was a gift from my son as a thank you for getting him through college. I took my sister along, and we were hooked and have gone nearly every year since.
  10. We had a stop in Caracas (port of La Guiara) in 2002 on Holland America's Rotterdam. Ugly port, and I can't remember much about our tour of Caracas. I don't imagine any cruise line will be going there again any time soon.
  11. I agree with the previous poster - we can't predict which way the ship will dock. And in my experience, in most cases, you are sailing too far from land to see anything when out to sea, even if the route appears to be along a coastline. I consider whether I want morning or afternoon sun on a balcony. Obviously, on a round-trip cruise, you will get both over the course of the cruise, but maybe you would rather have sun or shade on port days, when you will be likely be spending more time on your balcony. The position of the sun will make a difference on your transatlantic, so give that so
  12. That's my theory, too. Carnival hasn't had a big presence in Europe recently, and short cruises from U.S. ports may be more profitable for them. Of course it's speculation, and none of know. But for those of us booked on the Legend next year, it's normal to be thinking about the possibility and what we might do if Carnival cancels the 2021 sailings in Europe. Frankly, I will take a refund on my deposit and book nothing until cruising returns to a near-normal experience. And, sadly, I am prepared for that to be several years away. 😢
  13. I am booked on the Legend's repositioning cruise from London to Rome in late August next year. I booked it before the pandemic - otherwise, I wouldn't be making plans in Europe for 2021. I will remain hopeful, and I will do my usual pre-cruise research. But I will not be making flight reservations until about the time the final cruise payment is due next May. Hopefully, by then I will have a better idea about whether the cruise will happen. If there is any doubt, I am canceling before final payment. I don't want to again go through what I did when a European cruise this past May was ca
  14. My refund that hit my credit card account a week ago was also short by the $50 for my initial deposit. Thanks to the above poster, I remember that I had put the deposit on a different credit card. I don't yet see a credit on that account, nor was the information included in the email notifying me of the main credit. Unfortunately, that card was compromised and has been replaced. I wonder if a credit issued to the old account number will find its way to the new account.
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