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  1. you can now wear anything any time I have seen it all
  2. I lov a tux and dressing up ….but haven't on our last few cruises and don't think I will again so much less packing and with airlines less is best
  3. nice we have that booked in jan
  4. Great review thank you
  5. 1 to 2 hours is called dinning that's what it is if you want fast food buffett it
  6. ok my peeve the last trip I was not happy they used a ginger syrup.....not a real ginger beer which makes all the difference in the world
  7. if your kids have internet or a smart phone they see and hear way more then you think I wouldn't worry about comedy
  8. we did ruby loved it had no problems with glacier bay
  9. family fun never to tight have a blast....
  10. if you have to worry about the price of drinks on vacation....either don't drink or don't go on vacation......I usually do the drink package.....but this cruise I will pay as I go and not worry.....
  11. booked it for our next trip sounds like it might be like a balcony cant go back to any other room
  12. rbrad3

    Nice upsell

    Balcony is a must on a Alaska cruise imo….but be warned its hard to go back to a regular room once we got a mini suite we cant go less
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