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  1. Good news Jane (except for lazy Teddy, of course)

    @indiana123 - hope you got some sleep in your expensive hotel room.  Perhaps you’re already asleep again and undergoing the procedure?  Very best wishes for that.  Constant pain is so terribly draining and disruptive 


    It’s a bit drier and milder here.  We’re off to the caravan for a few days, so we’ll have a change of scene, at the very least

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  2. All the best @indiana123

    Phew!  Chatty day, or what?  Vaccinated with a gramophone needle as my old gran used to say!  It’s lovely to see the thread so busy


    I’ll polish my halo and say that we led the Wednesday walk this morning, notwithstanding the rain.  Intrepid band of crumblies we are🙂.  9 humans, 2 dogs today.  Absence notes from 2 (and a dog) having a break in Devon, who would normally lead; 2 entertaining toddler granddaughter; 1 pleading a pulled muscle; and 2 soon to back from Fred worldie


    Here’s a pic.  There aren’t too many thatched castles around.  You can get a holiday let in this one, owned by the Landmark Trust



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  3. 5 hours ago, arkac said:

    We are a couple with a 9 month old baby on the Iona from 20 April to the Fjords and just wanted to ask are we ok to book the specialty restaurants for 2 people? Or does the booking need to be for 3? Thanks


    Welcome to the forum

    Your question is in danger of getting lost amongst the omnivore v restricted diet debate, so I’ve brought it back to the top

    I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t be able to book for 2

    Have you tried it?  Bookings should be open now, I think 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Snow Hill said:

    When I was in hospital in February, the biggest problem was finding beds for patients who need to be admitted, thus causing blockages in A&E. The big issue is finding places of care or care packages for those who need them after a stay in hospital. The an in the next bed to me was fit to be discharged however he could not return to his home as he would be unable to look after himself and need a place in a care home for a few months whilst he recovered, he had been waiting 3 weeks for such a place. It’s the lack of social care and investment in it that causes many but not all of the issues within the NHS. 

    In retrospect, the closing of so many of the old style cottage hospitals seems to have been a really poor decision

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  5. That’s all sounding positive Jane.  Enjoy the clean hair - that will give you a great boost.  Will you be ok drying it, or will you have someone help?  
    We’ve got very mild, incredibly windy, dry weather this morning.  It must be very difficult for those in the extreme west, who are getting the full force of Storm Kathleen

    Have a good Saturday/weekend everyone.  Bon voyage to anyone embarking a cruise today or tomorrow 

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  6. Oh Jane 😱

    You’ll need to withdraw from the London marathon then?

    Seriously, I’m so sorry it happened but thankful you haven’t done any serious harm

    Bet you’re stiff and sore today 🤕

    Others have offered good advice.  I’ll also suggest a handful or two of Epsom salts in a hot bath, if you can manage getting in and out.  Don’t drink it!!!

    Hope your recovery is smooth and speedy


    Whilst I’m here

    SUE - I’m so glad you got on your Easter cruise

    Everybody - Hello 👋. See you soon.  Have a good day

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  7. You are very good at finding the right words Jane.  I hope they comfort Graham & Pauline


    It’s all very quiet in my world at the moment.  Sometimes I think that’s the best way to be - no drama!  Anyway, just a pottering about and sport Saturday for us.  Mr Eddie will go to watch local rugby and I’ll be a telly sports fan - not sure whether ️ or 🏉 


    Have a good day everyone 

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  8. It’s one of the forum’s quiet periods at the moment

    It feels very much like the seasons are changing.  Shame that we don’t get a clock change for another fortnight.  🎶 If I ruled the world 🎶 we’d change mid-February

    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling great kalos.  Fingers crossed you’ll be fit and fine in no time

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