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  1. How’s your weather everyone? Absolutely persisting it down here but fortunately it didn’t come in hard until after puppy class. I don’t think the assorted babies would have enjoyed heavy rain being blown into their fluffy faces. No news from the deep south. Obviously we are back from the caravan, cats collected, everything back to “normal”. I guess this is how it will stay till spring, unless things here get so bad that we are moved to tier 2 or 3? What a thought 😕 Did you see Pres Macron saying he doesn’t expect any improvement before next summer? *sigh*
  2. More lifeboats - and a sneaky bit of the Suez Canal. I really don’t have many ‘on board’ pics (I do have a P, for later. Sounds like Blockbusters “I’m going for a P, Bob”. Any Blockbusters fans?)
  3. Lounging about - if there are nice relaxed places like this public area on QV
  4. Harrogate looks lovely. I’ve never been there - perhaps one day? So many of the northern towns have beautiful civic and commercial buildings. I’ve heard of Betty’s of course. When I first looked at the pic I thought it was Bewley’s in Dublin but felt it odd that Graham & Pauline might be there!
  5. It’s absolutely beautiful here today Ann -17C and wall to wall blue skies. I probably saw Arcadia earlier when we were at the beach. There were at least 4, possibly 6 cruise liners visible in the distance, over towards Weymouth. *sigh*
  6. Early or late Wowzz? Early/earlier was hopeless for us, both trips, so much so that, for our Eastern Med cruise, which we should be on now (sob) instead of in a caravan at Milford on Sea, I changed the booking from freedom to fixed dining, table of eight. All academic now, of course
  7. I haven’t been on Aurora, other than a ship’s visit, so can’t comment on her. I have been on Arcadia twice, and QV (built on the same last, I believe) twice. I like the layout and the standard balcony cabins One word of warning if you like freedom dining - Arcadia doesn’t do it well. Queue, queues and more queues, even when willing to share. Of course, that was all Pre-C ... I guess there will be significant changes/no sharing etc.
  8. It’s a beautiful day here on the South Coast. Warm and sunny. We saw at least 4, probably 6 cruise ships anchored but they were too far away to get a decent pic on the phone. Here’s an unexciting pic of me and Hattie in the sunshine. It was too hot in my jacket but I didn’t have enough hands to cope with pup, 30’ training lead and a coat, so I just sweltered!
  9. ‘The Oldie’ magazine has an advert for cruising in England by englishholidaycruises dot co dot uk (haven’t put a direct link for fear of offending CC rules) 4* hotel boat covid secure world class tours traditional meals ensuite cabins low deposit covid insurable it says “Take a Serene and Secure Staycation” ABTA member i haven’t got as far as looking at the website but have posted in case it might suit anyone
  10. ... and, very sadly, cruising cannot return in anything like its previous iteration for the foreseeable future 😢
  11. Polio is doing well but not eradicated Pockets in eg Pakistan & Afghanistan Smallpox is eradicated apart from samples in a few very bio-secure labs. No cases ‘in the wild’. How many years since Jenner, and the shy Dorset pioneer, Benjamin Jestey, pioneered vaccination? (About 200) I do hope this thing can be hammered down. In the meantime I don’t think any of us can be cavalier with other people’s health. Be reckless/make a judgement for yourself - fine. Be reckless & endanger others? No. That’s like drink driving etc
  12. The leisure and tourism industry worldwide, and particularly cruising, are in such a difficult position. I feel sorry for those planning for the future - I think they are fighting for their lives/livelihood. This article, saying Covid-19 will never be eradicated, isn’t very joyful but all parts of society will need to adapt. Personally, I think it’s health workers who need the greatest protection; if they’re not safe how can they look after others.? If they can be protected, by testing, or prototype vaccines, or specialised treatments, then everyone else can make their own decisions about the risks they are prepared to take, and cruising, restricted or not, might be one of those risks. Heres the article. It’s not jolly. Sorry https://news.sky.com/story/coronavirus-disease-not-likely-to-be-eradicated-sage-scientist-says-12110135
  13. Here we are in the caravan. It was a beautiful day yesterday but Storm Barbara has arrived with a vengeance this morning. However, we are warm & cosy, so it looks like a morning of books & radio, with fingers crossed that we’ll be able to get out mid afternoon This is a nice site, with the coast only a short walk away
  14. Is it just me, looking quickly, or are there a lot of sea days there?
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