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  1. Thanks. i didn’t know there had been changes Didn’t want anyone missing out!
  2. You do know that you can increase your pension substantially if you defer for a year or two - or even more if you want? I’ll leave you to look up details but I do remember when it was my time to decide it was reckoned that I only had to live 18 months beyond my statutory pension date to firstly break even and then “win” from that point onwards https://www.gov.uk/deferring-state-pension I expect everyone knows this but I’m sure I was unaware until very close to the actual pension date
  3. That’s what you call a mixed day Jane. Anyway, the hair will give you a long-lasting boost. I’ll bet it was expensive. My c&bd was £41 😮. I’m sure it was £29 last time, sometime last summer Well, I’m now fully vaxxed, until they decide boosters are in order. It’s a good feeling. OH is just off to get his done and then a long walk in the bright sun (but nippy temperature) is in order
  4. Another lovely sunrise here. I’ve got my 2nd jab at 8; had my hair cut yesterday; will see my grandchildren tomorrow. Things are looking up! Enjoy your day everyone
  5. ... and you’ve mentioned your DH, so that means there are two of you to sit and enjoy the quiet of the balcony. If you had been a solo cruiser then I would have asked if you’d prefer quietude on your balcony or whether you would rather spend time on the open decks, interacting with other travellers As others have said - pay your money/take your choice. It would be a balcony for me, every time. If in couldn’t afford then I’d rather get an inside cabin and use it simply for sleeping, showering and storage and spend my spare cash in alternative venues - coffee shops, bars, whatever
  6. Your lunch looks good Graham. Slightly more salubrious than our surroundings, perhaps, but we walked by the river to ours and were thus able to have 2 drinks, in celebration Pup was a good girl, so she’s starting her pub training early. She had a little bit of fat off OH’s steak, once we had finished eating, so is hopefully learning that it pays to lay low and quiet Ohmygoodness it was so nice to do NORMAL things
  7. Hair appointment for me too - 9am, so not long to wait. A couple of click&collects to pick up on the way back, then guess what? Table outside at our regular country pub at noon. It’s a 40 minute walk there, along the river, so the pup will enjoythe going & returning and hopefully will wait quietly under the table whilst we eat or drink (haven’t decided; we’ll see how comfortable we are. The front courtyard is in the sun so 🤞). These lockdown pups have gained a lot by having virtual 24/7 company at home but they’ve missed out on human activities outside the home and learning the ap
  8. Another hand up for smart casual here - though I accept different people have all sorts of interpretations of that phrase 🙄
  9. It’s a lovely day here. We’ve been out for a long walk in the sun. Nearly 2 hours. We’ve restored ourselves with a cuppa and a slice of cinnamon toast, pup is 💤 ing. Our fortnightly group walks resume tomorrow. It will be lovely to meet up again and chat as we walk. My daughter is getting her first jab today. There’s a way to make you feel old, when your child qualifies on age grounds! I was a child bride, of course 😄. My second jab on Friday. I must say the NHS are doing really well on the vaccinations. I guess they will need to stay slick, if we’re all going to need regular bo
  10. Hello & Welcome Your post is in danger of slipping down the page and getting lost. It’s a pity because there are a lot of helpful solos here who, I’m sure, would be happy to chat about cruising alone. So, I’ve just chipped in to try to raise its profile. Good luck. Happy cruising
  11. I hope the optimists are right I remember the low case and death numbers early autumn. I look around the world at the near continent and India and Brazil. There are still potential pratfalls It is wonderful that we have vaccines and ongoing vaccine developments but I still think a degree of caution is required. That’s how I’ll operate for the foreseeable future anyway.
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