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  1. Morning all. London Marathon day, so it must be Spring! It’s a lovely sunny day here, though that nightly wind is still around All seems very calm round these parts. I have £93 in FCC (don’t ask me how - I don’t understand how the financial stuff from cancelled cruises was worked out). It’s not exactly burning a hole in my pocket, and my TA tells me it’ll stay on my account indefinitely, but I’m wondering if I should book something from the latest release? I’ll look again today
  2. Afternoon all Just checking in, though I have nothing to say - except all the best to those with medical appointments etc at the moment We’ve had quite a nice day. Bright & sunny but the strong wind has dropped. It’s still not terribly warm though
  3. Good news Jane (except for lazy Teddy, of course) @indiana123 - hope you got some sleep in your expensive hotel room. Perhaps you’re already asleep again and undergoing the procedure? Very best wishes for that. Constant pain is so terribly draining and disruptive It’s a bit drier and milder here. We’re off to the caravan for a few days, so we’ll have a change of scene, at the very least
  4. So miserable tonight. If we were at the coast I would say it was sea fret or east coast haar. Horrible A local restaurant has changed hands so we gave it a try Mixed arancini/padron peppers gnocci/asparagus risotto All very tasty (and, I notice now, veggie). Apologies for starting some before picturing
  5. All the best @indiana123 Phew! Chatty day, or what? Vaccinated with a gramophone needle as my old gran used to say! It’s lovely to see the thread so busy I’ll polish my halo and say that we led the Wednesday walk this morning, notwithstanding the rain. Intrepid band of crumblies we are🙂. 9 humans, 2 dogs today. Absence notes from 2 (and a dog) having a break in Devon, who would normally lead; 2 entertaining toddler granddaughter; 1 pleading a pulled muscle; and 2 soon to back from Fred worldie Here’s a pic. There aren’t too many thatched castles around. You can get a holiday let in this one, owned by the Landmark Trust
  6. Good news for Graham - I am pleased for you Jane - hopefully a better sleep tonight, now you are more used to the idea of something not quite right (but hopefully it can just sit there without bothering you Julie - hello and welcome
  7. Hello Welcome to the forum Your question is in danger of getting lost amongst the omnivore v restricted diet debate, so I’ve brought it back to the top I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t be able to book for 2 Have you tried it? Bookings should be open now, I think
  8. Wet and windy again *sigh* Jane - hope you’re sleeping ok after your medical news. All the best for that. And Indiana too. Our health really is the base line isn’t it? Everything depends Anybody feel like this?
  9. In retrospect, the closing of so many of the old style cottage hospitals seems to have been a really poor decision
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