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  1. They were just a passing phase zap - soared skywards for just an hour or so before falling back to earth with a damp pfftt Enjoy your cruise ?tomorrow? 🚢
  2. Brian, this got lost a bit amongst impending birthdays, cruises and weddings It’s really serious, isn’t it, in so many places on the Continent? I see the original games site, at Olympus, is threatened, so that means my favourite Greek cruise stop at Katakolon must be in danger too I’ll shut up because I don’t want to get too heavy. I hope your property will be alright, and all your good neighbours out there
  3. That all sounds wonderful Have a great time. 🤞for ☀️
  4. Have a great time, you poor old geriatric you 😉 You certainly deserve it Happy Birthday for Sunday 🥂 🎂 I’m sure the girls will be blown away by MSC bling 🤞for sunny intervals, at the very least. Lots of ☀️ would be better
  5. Dull morning has turned into a thoroughly wet afternoon. I feel so sorry for the obvious holidaymakers, traipsing about in their parkas. Hopefully better tomorrow. We’ve just had an enjoyable lunch with my sis and b-i-l. 45 minute drive, to meet in a good pub halfway between us. Feels like going halfway round the world, compared with our usual maximum 20 minutes - or our even more usual, just walk Hope the day is panning out well for everyone
  6. Post count (rounded) speech bubble, date of joining, and location are visible under the avatar on my iPad. Not on the iPhone though I took this on my phone this morning. Wednesday walk. Very nice, followed by pub lunch - salmon mornay with duchesse potatoes and every type of veg you can think of. Also very nice. We have a poor forecast for tomorrow, unfortunately
  7. … and mittens put on top of the teapot, under the cosy, so your hands could at least be warm as you left the house Ah. All Our Yesterdays!
  8. But the count is imprecise now and sits next to a grey speech bubble 💬 So yours, zapp, says 💬 4k terrierjohn has 8.6k, I have 1.7k and Graham beats us all into a c0cked hat with 💬 23.1k As if it matters at all … Shows what our lockdown lives have become 😋
  9. Ha! No rockets now but what I I presume is a post count has appeared, under our avatar/initial. (That is new, isn’t it?) Watch this space for the next exciting development 🙄
  10. Quick - get a drink inside you and all will seem normal 🤣
  11. If this tiny bit of vid works you can even get a bit of sea sounds, just to make you even more nostalgic for the water A0704DE3-F603-4262-A488-AE8FCC77C7C8.MOV
  12. … and now the rockets have disappeared 🤷‍♀️
  13. Beat me too it! I know the site has been down this afternoon - I guess that might have been to make us all rocket-powered? 🙂
  14. Who can see Moley waving? Good that he (I’ve always thought of Moley as male ) got the captain to park up on the Bowleaze side of the bay so I could get a good look. Pictures aren’t great - there was a bit of heat haze, plus they’re a long way away and I only had my phone. Nevertheless, here goes. Doesn’t she look huge compared with the others? (Yes, they were further away but we’re not in Father Ted/Father Douglas territory here! 🙂) Nice and warm. I hope everyone who wants to enjoy the open decks finds a space
  15. Will you wave to me? I’ll be walking on the western side of the bay. You’ll recognise my little white dog 🙂 btw - there’s a big firework event at Weymouth at 9.30 tonight. Will you be there to see it?
  16. Smooth seas Moley Thanks for the pics Enjoy yourself
  17. The whole situation is so uncertain I can’t find any pleasure in researching or anticipating cruises at the moment. We have three booked; who knows whether we’ll go? Probably not. Two were booked with very small deposits, which I’m treating more as ‘options’ and I will give them up without a thought. Life has changed so much in the last eighteen months. Cruising used to take a lot of my thoughts. Now, apart from checking in here, it barely enters my head.
  18. Happy Yorkshire Day to all our Yorkies Is it true that county bigwigs weren’t sure how the celebrations might pan out, so they called a summat meeting?
  19. Bravo! That was an enjoyable read I’m sure your blog is a valuable resource for fellow gluten-avoiders I’m fortunate in eating pretty much everything but have often found myself on tables with people needing special diets. I think the specialists coming round each evening with the next day’s menus work really hard to make sure everyone can enjoy their food aboard. That’s all in “normal times” of course - everything is still a bit difficult now.
  20. Evert can’t be averted? Strong winds, true enough, but still nice Hope the roof is glued down well
  21. The roads are very busy here too. We took the bus Busy day beside the seaside, though it appeared that the eateries etc were quieter. I wonder if that is due to families picnicking on the beach mid-day and having their main meal in their accommodation later. It would be an expensive business eating out with a family every day. There are still places which can’t find enough staff to operate 7 days a week. It seems ridiculous that places are closed a couple of days a week in the height of the season Anyway, it was a lovely summer day, warm but airy. None of that thundery oppression
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