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  1. Good lively thread though! Woken us from our lockdown stupor 🙂
  2. I’m not much of a bible scholar but isn’t there a phrase about “judge not, lest ye be judged”? Looks like that’s what happened. One group (excuse my shorthand) said, amongst themselves, ‘Look at those snobs’ whilst the other said ‘Look at those slobs’. Cruising really pushes different people together. I’ve learnt the best policy is to do my own thing, enjoy my cruise as I wish and leave others to do theirs
  3. I forgot to say that we treated ourselves to a shared starter of tempura prawns with chilli dip. Delicious. Plump and crispy. Like being in the Glasshouse … we’ll, that’s what we persuaded ourselves; sea view, suntanned masses, 25°C
  4. Oh dear - broken arm & scary fish! Hope you have some fond memories of Weymouth too 🙂 Rockfish is not a restaurant for the fish-phobic. The menu only has chicken burger and plant-based ‘meat’ burger as alternatives. For pescaphiles (I’ve probably just made that word up), it’s heaven! Another hot night but there is definitely a bit of freshness in the air now and potential extreme rain/thunderstorms for the weekend. Hopefully that might clear things and leave us with a more normal and more liveable 20-22° for the foreseeable Dog and I enjoyed a refreshing walk just after 6. We’ll take a leisurely stroll to the cricket field and return via the fish van in a little while. Tuna, for a Niçoise, hopefully
  5. Lovely beach Graham - and tons of space It’s busy down on the sunny south coast. We saw folk today who looked as though they had enjoyed 2 weeks inSpain or Greece Thirsty work though. The pup enjoyed the dregs of my half-pint from a local brewery
  6. We’re continuing to enjoy access to a seaside property. This is, in effect, a holiday for us. Lots of eating out; lots of shore access. Very relaxing Whole oven cooked plaice (enormous!) with garlic butter for Brian to salivate over
  7. Exactly! Been there, Done that. Take care of yourself first - otherwise how can you look out for the needs of others
  8. Absolutely no problem Yes we’ve had a nice day thanks Busy, busy round these parts Lots of traffic
  9. Thanks Jane btw I’m a girlie Eddie. Confusing times, eh? My pronouns are she/her, as I believe the younger people sometimes add to their bio’s. 🤔 😋 Hot, hot, hot again today. We we’re out for a little stroll at 6.30 and it felt like that might be the most comfortable part of the day Those people who are taking a UK break - hope you continue to enjoy Everyone - have a good day!
  10. Did I read that Scarlet Lady has a tattoo parlour? 😳 Haven’t we all been lucky with the weather (especially if you look at Belgium and Germany, poor things)? Plus, it’s cooling and freshening a little now, so hopefully comfortable for sleep What a shame Sue & John didn’t bump into Graham & Pauline - wouldn’t that have been a thing
  11. Thanks! I splashed the cash and had her done laparoscopically (keyhole surgery). She just has 2 tiny wounds, each closed with one internal stitch and just glue for the skin closure. She doesn’t seem uncomfortable, just a bit ‘spaced out’ - and no cone of shame, so that’s a bonus
  12. Oh maybe I’ll scout round the www to see if I can find an image … Yup - that’s her. Coconut for you Wowzz 🥥. Well done! Not very pretty from the outside, is she?
  13. It’s good to read everyone’s news and I’m pleased to see it’s generally positive. Our pup has been spayed today, so it was a bit nail-biting till we got the call to say it was done & dusted and she was fine. We went to Rockfish for lunch to take our minds off things surgical. Hake grilled on the ‘plancher’ with romesco sauce. Lovely. Pic for Brian! 4 cruisers in the bay today. One Marcella/TUI livery in Portland harbour and 3 on t’other side. Anybody know what the big/dark livery one is? I couldn’t make it out Very hot and very busy, tho’ the forecast full sun didn’t appear. Hotter still tomorrow. Phew!
  14. Your holiday; your choice It’s difficult to counsel caution without sounding like someone from the Temperance movement but I think the huge majority of posters here would say that you simply don’t get your money’s worth with the P&O package. At P&O prices, £40 per day is a lot of drinking, even factoring in luxury teas & coffees and mocktails Remember that you’re hoping to be ashore on port days, so that’s lots of hours you won’t be indulging on board Have you seen these exclusions? Any drink over £6.95 as listed on our menus Bottles of wine, spirits, or any items from our on-board shops Large bottles of water (750ml & 1.5L), canned and bottled premium soft drinks, juices and smoothies Drinks from room service, mini-bar, self-service or vending machines Any drinks featured in other programmes or promotions (on-board specials, events such as wine tastings, cocktail masterclasses, buckets of beer, buy one get one free offers etc) Double measures of spirits All in all, over the course of a 7 or 14 day holiday, I think the majority of passengers would not gain a financial advantage with the package and might well feel frustrated at the restrictions, like no premium soft drinks or juices - so mixers from the “gun” only Your choice though. Enjoy your holiday, whatever you decide
  15. Good news Josy but you really shouldn’t have had that hassle Enjoy your cruise, heaven knows you’ve earned it 🚢
  16. I’m not participating much - life goes on much the same as for the last year and a half. If I started giving my views on ‘the current position’ I’d get suspended, so I’ll just wish everyone well and say to Harry, and those in a similar position, I really feel angry for you. If I, healthy but ancient, double jabbed, feel like I’m just a human lab rat in a mad Frankenstein experiment what on earth is the scale of your rage and despair? Take care. Look after yourselves
  17. There was always an interesting range of biographies/autobiographies
  18. The library was really not too bad, January/February 2020, so almost Ventura’s last sailing. I was going to elaborate on the types of work available … but then I realised - they won’t reopen it at the moment, will they? The computers can be wiped down between users but the pages of the books can’t Are public libraries operating just now? I don’t think I will be borrowing in the near future, though I suppose they have sufficient stock and space to quarantine items between borrowings
  19. Be relaxed but please don’t take the … proverbial P&O used to have no limit on what you could take - but people abused the policy. So, the current limits were imposed and passengers are trusted to act reasonably and responsibly.
  20. P&Os Twitter a/c (lots of young people who know how to start a ‘movement’) and the other social media site of which we may not speak? Bang the drums! Make a fuss!
  21. I’m so sorry to read this Josy. It is 100% the opposite of what should happen. You should be welcomed on board with a pipe band and be allowed to wear a crown, if you wish! Are you up for a bit of publicity? I think the media should be involved in this; it is so unfair As an aside, I’m dubious as to whether all the planned cruises will go ahead. Cunard have just cancelled some because of an outbreak among crew, before any pax even boarded. The planned changed for 19 July are liable to bring more and more cases and potentially remove the relative freedom we are enjoying now (all imo)
  22. Anybody remember when there was just one member of staff at Southampton who sorted out all the OBC requests, usually on the same day, sometimes taking as long as 24 hours, no fuss, and who ended her confirmatory email with “Enjoy your cruise”?
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