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  1. Yes, I know Those pleading brown eyes, you know … She only had it for a couple of minutes. No crunching! Good reminder though
  2. She approves of rib of beef for Sunday roast too! (All eyes on ensuring she doesn’t actually eat any of the bone, just the gristly leftovers)
  3. Maybe you’re a Diamond Geezer already? 🤷‍♂️
  4. 😱 *Adult Content Warning*😱 Thanks for letting us share your, and your lasses, special holiday TigerB What a lovely little community this part of the forum is ❤️
  5. No ads here, I’m pleased to say (iPad - it’s all too teeny on my phone) Graham - you have a new medal for your avatar! Do we have to pay a pound to speak to you now? 🤣🤣🤣 Diamond Class sounds very impressive🙂 What benefits will you get?
  6. Morning Its a beautiful bright morning but very cold. There’s lots of frost on the cars. It’ll be very pleasant for our walk later Rib of beef for Sunday roast. Rare, in both senses of the word
  7. Welcome home TigerB and Welcome Home to CoCo. Poor soul. Left whilst you go gallivanting. No doubt you’ll be getting the cold shoulder - or the full back-turn - for a day or two I look forward to the remainder of your report. Thanks so much for doing it Newspaper sales will soar once you’ve done, and Selbourne is home and our Donkey friend on Arvia finishes his holiday. We’ll need something to read in the mornings
  8. We had that crazy hailstorm yesterday too. Eek! Hands up who sympathises with this 🙂
  9. What is the home-cooked meal you are most looking forward to when you get back Selbourne? There must be something you have missed whilst you’ve been board
  10. Good news of Michelle’s mum. A quiet day here, but as least it will be (mostly) dry
  11. Enjoying the read - and trying to imagine the sunshine! Hope St Lucia was a lovely day for you
  12. Great resource Red Leicester! Stockholm is so beautiful, and the sail in and out are almost a cruise in themselves (Hi to Harold - who raises the resource from great to excellent 🙂)
  13. Really heavy TV advertising for the Arvia Caribbean 2 weeks from £1099 - that must surely make a good number of people who’ve never cruise sit up and take notice?
  14. I fink you need ta be from the Sarf-East to easily appreciate it. I thought it was very good once the penny dropped Thanks again Selbourne for making your trials and tribulations such amusing breakfast reading
  15. Morning all Oh to be in Sydney! After a day of very heavy rain yesterday, we’ve had strong winds all night, due to continue today and swing due north later. Brrr 🥶 Enjoy your day, however it goes. Stay warm
  16. @brian1 - we lived in/around Cheltenham/Gloucester for 25years until 2002. Son is still there. It’s a nice base for Cotswolds, Forest of Dean, 3 Counties (choir or wine), etc. If I can help - give a shout What a filthy day! We managed to get out with the dog and get back before the worst of the weather. It’s been awful since. So much heavy rain. I’m glad we had already booked for Côte The Alpine menu Tartiflette and accompaniments Pear frangipane tart, ice cream and blueberry compôte Bottle of house pink Job done! Who cares about the rain?
  17. That’s not a bad call I think I might buy a drinks package and spend a fortnight toasting CCL for the OBC and dividends (remember them?) which have more than covered my original £22/share. They say All Good Things Come To An End. Let’s hope not, but …
  18. We were on that one. It was lovely I’d go again every year if we hadn’t acquired a lockdown pup - now an established house doggo. 5 weeks is too long to leave imo
  19. I don’t know a lot about The Markets, but I imagine the effect of many shareholding cruisers cashing in would not be positive
  20. Great news Michelle. I’m very happy for you The weather has joined in with the mood and is bright and sunny, though cooler than of late
  21. 🤞 for you. Soooo terribly frustrating How do people with, apparently, no people skills decide they want to take the most people-focused of all careers?
  22. 🎶 It’s Raining All Over The World 😕 I think we’re planning taking ourselves out for a pizza tonight, to make amends for dismal weather and wet dog walks Michelle - best wishes to your Mum. It must come hard to her - one minute being fit and fine, the next being really incapacitated. She must feel like she has aged 20 years overnight. Poor thing Have the best day you can everybody. Only one more week of February to go. At least March sounds like it should be Spring
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