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  1. Wishing you smooth seas to Southampton (forecast), trouble-free disembarkation (sorry - that was poor for us on the corresponding journey. The excuse? Pax had bought too much stuff, so the luggage took longer to unload), and an easy journey home Thank you for your blog. I enjoyed it very much
  2. Well done Graham I don’t weigh myself but, judging by my waistband, any cruise-related gain in bulk has now gone Back to normal eating, no drinking (dry February, as an antidote to the free drinks package!) and lots of healthy walking with this one F106AADF-CD78-4CE0-B66D-87DCAC6154FD.MOV
  3. It’s beginning to sound a bit like the Ancient Mariner, or African Queen, with the broken air conditioning. Joking aside - that is poor; it reduces your options to sit in comfort My memories of Martinique are favourable. The area near the dock is conspicuously affluent, with high rise waterfront apartments. When we were there “yachts” had been arriving from a transAtlantic race. Lovely looking vessels. There was a huge marquee with *smooth jazz* emerging, which seemed to be “race control”. We briefly contemplated blagging our way in, then came down to earth and realised that there was no way our French was up to that. We could only have managed the Gallic shrug 🤷‍♂️ It’s easy to get out of the terminal; I’m sorry I can’t remember how the roads/kerbs/pavements were. I do remember a pleasant French vibe Hope your day is good, and that the air-con gets sorted
  4. I hope you’ve woken up having seen off that cold Selbourne - you don’t want to feel iffy in this exciting sector of your trip
  5. But you’d only fly outward and then you’d have your days in the Caribbean and the return sail home to relax! The *coach back to the airport* operation is very smooth
  6. Ah, thank you I must be particularly dense today 🫤 In that case it’s pretty much swings and roundabouts - no blanket surcharge for 70+ but if you want extra cruise cover you need to purchase trip by trip, etc etc
  7. The document I linked to sets out the differences between UK Insurance and Aviva It has ‘traffic light’ indicators of whether the change is bad for journalists (red), better for you (green) or neutral (grey)
  8. I’ve read this through twice and the only (old) age reference I can see is that the automatic supplement for 70+ is removed It says nothing about an upper age limit for cover? (Double click to open)
  9. Really? (I’m not doubting you - just saying Really?). Do you know if it affects everyone, including existing policy-holders, or just new accounts? Can you give me a link or a hint where to find this in black and white, so I can accept the new situation & make alternative plans? Thanks in advance
  10. True! My husband likes the fish/fruit thing in Madeira, and always has it when we visit Funchal Lovely spring-like weather here. Weak sun all day yesterday (plus the Sahara enhanced sunrise and sunset) and the birds were singing like crazy. Loads of snowdrops and catkins We had a long walk and a pub lunch. Liver & bacon isn’t everyone’s favourite but this hearty plateful certainly hit the spot
  11. Thanks Selbourne. What a great day you had! The pics show it as a very authentic location - but plenty of sunshine I don’t know if you have plans for St Vincent but I don’t think you and Lady S will find life easy outside the terminal. High kerbs, deep gutters and stalls which narrow the roads and pavements Enjoy the sun
  12. Yes I think it’s much more our problem than theirs
  13. Poor boy Could you think about a muzzle for walkies? We know two dog-friends now who wear muzzles - a lab and a spaniel. We were surprised when we first met them and said Surely you’re not fierce? Their mums said Not at all, they’re big softies but they are terrible scavengers and both of them had ended up on a drip because they got so sick and dehydrated. So, it didn’t take very long at all for them to get used to being muzzled, and now everyone can relax and enjoy their walk
  14. That was a nice read. So glad you enjoyed it. Shame about the iffy weather. There’s always the likelihood of a tropical shower (liquid sunshine!) but feeling cold? 😳😱 You still have some ‘must-do’s’ for next time, but you can also be a bit more relaxed in some of the ports; do your own thing or brave a local bus tour or taxi Welcome back!
  15. Morning Wednesday walk with the group today, so I shall have a very happy doggy Hope that Ted will be fine, once he’s had his sleep and his bath. A little bit of natural yoghurt or Yakult would probably help him build up his good gut bacteria again - though I know you should starve a sick/squitty pet for 24 hours Have a good day everyone
  16. It is, indeed, Selbourne’s buggers muddle 🤣 (I wonder why the software is happy with what is, indisputably, a *rude* word? Probably because it’s not commonly used in the US. It’s everywhere, and multi-use, where I come from in Somerset. Bit like in Alice in Wonderland it can mean whatever you want it to mean Bad Good Bad person Good person Good thing Bad thing Bad situation ”I’ve hit my thumb with a hammer” and many more, including the legal one, which only lawyers use) ”
  17. I suddenly feel the urge to sing from West Side Story 🎶 I think I'll go back to San Juan I know a boat you can get on 🎶
  18. The drinks packages come with a *buy for an adult, get a kids’ package for free*, which would make it a much more attractive proposition for a 2 adult/2 children group I could never justify the expense - for which my liver probably thanks me
  19. This is an impossibility, as we would have behaved quite differently had we not unexpectedly received that wet windfall. £1540 worth! 130% the cost of one of us for the cruise itself 😳 Without it we would have used our fairly generous OBC for more modest alcohol and been much more restrained over paid-for dining. The Glass House would not have become our go-to. We would not have purchased any Costa beverages. I think we might have ended up with a nett bill, once we’d used OBC, of between zero and £150 - that’s what I had budgeted in my head OH and I tried to work something out as we walked the dog just now. His reckoning is that, between coffee, water, soft drinks and alcohol, we each averaged 5/6 drinks/day, factoring port v sea days. He averaged them at £10, seeing as some were ginger beer/coffee and much less expensive, and some were large glasses of wine, or large G&Ts at £16 or so 😱. So, looks like we fit the P&O bean counters identikit exactly. 5.5 drinks/day @ £10 … oh look, that’s the cost of the deluxe package, £55/day. Heavy drinkers ought to be quids in As I said somewhere in the account, whilst not complaining, the gift has left us perplexed about our cruise/holiday future. We don’t have the 2024 base line we were thinking we would have, and 2020, pre-C, is too much of ‘another world’ to base any planning on P&O drink prices have certainly risen since 2020
  20. Do you have an estimate for completion date Michelle? Whatever, this is a one and done and will be great for you
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