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  1. Anybody remember when there was just one member of staff at Southampton who sorted out all the OBC requests, usually on the same day, sometimes taking as long as 24 hours, no fuss, and who ended her confirmatory email with “Enjoy your cruise”?
  2. I’m sorry your experience wasn’t the greatest i think the loss of wine waiters started pre-Covid. I hate to sound a Philistine but, personally, I’m happy to order food and wine from one waiter and, in my experience, to be sitting relaxing with a glass of wine rather than looking left, right, ahead and behind to try to attract the attention of a dedicated wine waiter, is a better start to a meal. I believe there is at least one expert sommelier per dining room, to whom specific questions can be directed
  3. Indeed. Of course you’ve got the “benefit” (not) of it being just you. Two passengers bring the fare down to £160pp, as it were.
  4. I think Barbara has ruled out this suggestion and there’s no reason for me to try to twist her arm but, for future reference in case anyone else is asking the same question, another benefit of somebody else driving is … just that! A professional driver doing the 200 or whatever miles at a time of year when the roads and weather might be simply appalling. Feels a better, more relaxed, start and end to a wonderful winter holiday than driving yourself.
  5. Is it worth checking a local taxi/private hire? All the convenience & comfort of car travel, without actually doing the driving, and no parking issues. We find it best for airport travel these days, all things considered. If your cruise normally “starts” (in your head) as soon as CPS take your car, then a taxi means your holiday starts as soon as you close your front door
  6. Good idea kalos - enjoy your lie-in tomorrow. Thanks for the smiles; see you soon
  7. Oh Sue - I hope it works out better than the forecasts. Grab the best of it
  8. Hasn’t it been a nice day? Lovely pics from our day-trippers Our walking tally for today is 18000+ steps. 14km 😮 Think I earned my lovely Tuna Niçoise I tried to get a pic f the pup running in the flowers, as she looked quite sweet, but wasn’t quick enough. Lots of attempts which resulted in just an ear or just her tail! Anyway, here she is
  9. Have a safe trip. Enjoy it as you think best. A change of scene is a bit of a boost … so enjoy the dentist, Kalos! 🦷 If the forecasts are correct this is our last totally dry day for a while (shame for people arriving here for their holiday tomorrow) so we’ve done the early dog walk and shall soon be setting off for a walk over the fields to a classy sort of country pub for a long indulgent lunch. Hope they’ve moved the skittish young beef stock who were in one of the fields when we last walked the footpath. They were far too interested in the little dog 😬 Enjoy your day, everyone, even kalos 🙂
  10. Lovely Graham. Looks like you are doing the same as us and ‘holidaying from home’ - a genuine staycation. Himself met a friend for coffee & cake this morning and we walked along the river to our favourite local hostelry for a late lunch/early supper. Just back in time to watch the TV cricket. Chicken & bacon pie for me today. Very nice and light and I didn’t have to shop, cook, plate up or wash up - just eat! And we got our 10000 steps in The local swan family have five babes this year. Here they are in a rather cool looking pic
  11. Bargain! 👍 I did a nice monkfish thing with black olive tapenade. I’ll look for the recipe & post a link.* Lemon sole I’d just grill brushed with olive oil Yum *Edit here it is Jamie Oliver lovely jubbly https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/fish-recipes/grilled-or-roasted-monkfish-with-black-olive-sauce-and-lemon-mash/ Here’s yesterday’s menu Seafood Platter looks a bit of an experience! Settle in with a bottle of fizz, a bottle of Chablis and say goodbye to the next 3 hours (and don’t drive home!)
  12. One thing I would like, which wouldn’t cost a penny, is for a change in atmosphere among the staff. I was going to use the word relaxation but thought that might be misinterpreted as the whole ship becoming more casual, which I don’t want. It always feels to me that public-facing staff are looking over their shoulder to ensure their manager is happy, and managers are watching their crew, ready to pounce. Roles and tasks are strictly defined - no blurring, even when it would be to the pax’ advantage. I like on other lines where I see white-clad officers stacking and clearing buffet tables. I hate it on P&O when I’m taking an early stroll on deck and I see a ‘middle manager’ walk past discarded cocktail glasses which some scruffy pax has left. I pick the bloody things up myself! I’d take for ever to describe this properly but I wonder if anyone agrees with what I am trying to describe?
  13. Morning all. Been absent for a few days on lovely family things so haven’t posted. Have caught up on news though It feels like home-based holidays are booming. Really difficult finding a lunchtime table yesterday - though we did and here’s the salmon & caper fish cakes for Brian. Home made chips too - just glorious There appeared to be lots of people 30s, 40s, 50, happy to spend out on eating. I wonder if they would normally be in Spain, Greece, on a cruise etc? You don’t have to walk far to find tranquility though. Have a tranquil day, everyone. Enjoy the tennis, if that’s your thing
  14. but from now on….? People reading this & hearing other reports & deciding to give it a go? Who knows?
  15. Am I misreading or does this imply that there could (stress: could) be unvaccinated pax on board?
  16. Oh dear That’s not very reassuring for the cruise-hesitant is it?
  17. Josy - do you think it’s because men, generally, have less medical “interactions” until they start to decline in old age? Women, particularly women who have, or want, children, seem to spend much more time around ‘res medica’ and are less fazed by invasive procedures (!) of all sorts I’ve only ever seen men faint or ‘come over queer’ at blood donation sessions too Finnan Haddy during my childhood too. Don’t call it that now, but do love it in my kedgeree
  18. Go! Intrepid trailblazers I hope you have a lovely time once you are on board & settled. Hopefully the Channel will be kind to you - though no sunbathing today! Looking forward to your reports and pics Enjoy!
  19. Have a good day Sue I agree about the weather- it’s our son’s birthday today and it tends to be good weather. I remember when he was little & we’d watch the approaching weather at the end of June with dread, in case the planned party had to be relocated from garden to indoors. A houseful of excited small boys? Eek! 😱😀
  20. You’re in good form for this early on a Sunday kalos! 🙂 Yes, Sunday roast will be the most exciting thing to happen in this house today. It’s going to be a wet day, there’s even a warning for heavy rain 🌧 Ho hum Enjoy your day everyone, whatever you’re doing. Is it the first Staycation today? Exciting for them. Let’s hope it all goes smoothly
  21. Good stuff Harry My optician told me I have cataracts developing in both eyes at my recent routine appointment but she said they weren’t a problem yet, so we’re just on wait & watch. When the time comes and surgery is appropriate I hope it will be as swift and efficient as you experienced Still health related, the vaccination hub at our GP centre has started up again, after about a 10 day break. I guess they were awaiting stock of Pfizer or Moderna because the people in the queue were So Young! 👀 Very heartening. I note some areas are inviting 18+ to no-booking Jab & Go clinics. Let’s hope the vaccination programme can outrun the variant spread (having laboriously tapped that out, I wonder if I have fallen foul of the new guidelines … hope not. If I have - sorry Mods 😕)
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