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  1. I think we saw crocodiles lurking under built edges of the canal, at the edges of the locks Lots of egrets too - in the open, not lurking under canal edges One fascinating thing we saw was a long banner with Happy 40th Birthday Chris. This was 2011, our second only cruise. I guess that was one of the very first *internet arranged* events - some well connected person way back then had somehow made internet contact with someone in Panama and sorted it all out. What a thrill for Chris, and what a way to spend your 40th birthday!
  2. I think it’s done at the online check-in stage They took £1 from us, and refunded it in the onboard statement/bill
  3. I think the latest, or one of the latest, version/s of Covid gives gastric symptoms? Can be tested for in a stool sample using a regular LFT I’ll never understand some people’s reluctance to carry out basic hygiene measures 🤷‍♂️
  4. Lovely day We’ve walked 16,000+ steps! - making the most of it before the rain returns
  5. Bravo! Hope it’s totally wonderful for you both I was thinking of you out on our walk this morning 🙄 Do you think this long lasting painful throat could be a lpr/silent reflux issue, potentially exacerbated by *living high on the hog* on the cruise? Anyway, good to hear that you think it might be abating. Research the reflux if not Back to the canal. You’ve no doubt hear the palindrome A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama
  6. Thanks again Selbourne I hope today goes as you anticipate and you have a good experience in the canal If it’s any consolation for yesterday, we found the tourist boat experience very poor. Too many people, too few viewing points, too many fumes from it and other boats As an aside, P&O could refine the excursion experience by copying their sister company. Princess describe what you will get in minute detail, by time and steps - eg “Board excursion bus (3 steps) for 15 minute journey to xyz. Enter visitor centre (20 yards) for 10 minute introductory talk. Rest room available. Guided walk (40 minutes) over rough terrain, with some steep inclines. Unsuitable for guests with mobility difficulties … etc” You really feel that the author has been there/done that, and has written with the benefit of experience … and I don’t remember being taken to the tour guides cousin’s alabaster shop at church or equivalent, with Princes
  7. It’s a beautiful morning here too. Long walk planned - with pub pit stop. Looks like the rain will return later in the week, so we’ll make the most of it now. Hope Michelle’s mum makes the surgery list today. There may have been urgent admissions over the weekend which push her down the list, but, today or tomorrow, I’m sure the pacemaker will work wonders Have a good day everyone
  8. Get better soon Selbourne! That’s an order, not a suggestion This is a suggestion - have you tried chewing gum? Just to keep everything moist (between honey & lemon drinks) Colon (pronounced as we pronounce Cologne) held no charms for us. A really down at heel area near the cruise dock - but it is the gateway to the canal, so needs must. I’m sure you will find the canal fascinating; it’s difficult to imagine anyone being bored or indifferent to the engineering. Enjoy!
  9. … and a final thank you from me I enjoyed sailing along with you before, during, and after my regulation 2 week holiday We’re 2 weeks back, and I think we now feel confident in saying that we have come through unscathed. However, we also deliberately avoided some situations and activities we would normally have enjoyed. Swings and roundabouts… So, get well soon and continue your planning for action replays in 2025 and 2026. You have so much information to help you make the most of it - down to the need for French mustard
  10. Best wishes for your Mum Michelle Try not to worry too much, or to overthink, though I know it’s much easier to say than do do
  11. I like Welshcakes too. Haven’t had one for ages, and would probably need to get cooking to get a good one. Plus Easter biscuits. Our local baker makes nice ones - I should look out as I expect they’ll be around soon Try not to worry too much about your health (so easy to say; so hard to do!). It is so frustrating being in a “What if, what if?” situation whilst you wait for test results, or more tests, or a specialist opinion, and we let our imagination run riot. Hopefully all will be resolved soon
  12. Difficult, isn’t it, pleasing all of the people all of the time? Longer cruises pose a conundrum. Do we really want to eat for 9 week, or even 3 months for a worldie, like we eat for 2 or 3 weeks on a regular length holiday? So maybe that’s where the plainer, more homely, menus or choices would work? Cottage pie sounds fine to me, and I might well go for it after, say, 25 days of elaborate or off-piste sauces and accompaniments. I think they offer fish & chips and steak and chips. Assorted pies pop up. What else is missing from the *home cooking* repertoire? Stews and casseroles? They appear. Roasts? They appear. Fish? Always on the menu, isn’t it? Pasta dishes? Maybe they could expand these? I’m sounding like a P&O apologist, which wasn’t my intent. I’m just thinking it’s hard to please everyone. I’m also thinking I’m not sure I could ever fully enjoy a world cruise. I’d hate to return from all that time, and all that money, saying ‘Meh’, or, worse, ‘Never again’
  13. I looked them up yesterday A yeast-risen pancake? They sound, and look, delicious. I don’t know how I’d get to try them without travelling? Make my own maybe? As I googled yesterday I noticed on of those picture ads, at the top of the screen, from Waitrose, with a picture showing what looked like flatbread/pancake type offerings in a plastic wrap. I’ll follow that up. I don’t remember ever seeing them on the shelves - but I’ve never looked. I know they have a good assortment of breads & near-breads Scottish oatcakes are lovely things too, but best with a bit of tasty cheese on top, as a quick snack or as an end to a nice meal
  14. Get some decent probiotics, from the pharmacy, and take one about 2 hours after each a/b dose. Helps restock your gut with *friendly bugs* Fermented food is good too - kefir, kimchi, unpasteurised sauerkraut Hope your good sleep will really do you good Teeth eh? We’d be better off with a nice sturdy beak! 🙄
  15. Good news about your Mum, Sue She’ll be calling it home soon - which is correct. It is her new home, with added extras like company and care - and maracas! What a wet morning! It’s a while since we’ve had this volume of rain, and it’s undone all the mud-drying that’s gone on over the last few weeks. Pah! Haircut for me this afternoon - thank goodness I’m not spending a fortune on anything exotic, as I will no doubt look like a drowned rat by the time I get home
  16. Hurrah! A great day! Lovely pics The ABC islands. - Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao - have a reputation as among the best Caribbean calls. Let’s hope Aruba is good for you too. I think I’ve only been there once, and found it a bit Disney, a lot US. However, I’m hoping that, as well as the commercialisation, there will be easy access for you and Lady S. I have no memory of kerb heights etc. Lots of iguanas, and an apartment or hotel complex where you can sail your yacht straight in Enjoy today and Get Well Soon!
  17. Goodness me Snow Hill You don’t do things by halves Get well soon 🤒
  18. +1 I’ve refrained from off-topicking Selbourne’s thread, but I feel it’s time to offer my sympathy and hope you get completely better very soon, Megabear
  19. Have a lovely cruise! It’s always nice we someone comes back to say problems have been resolved and to say Thanks to those who helped
  20. 10° and breezy here Meeting with my sister & brother in law for a dog walk and pub lunch. They have a new pupster, who I haven’t met yet, so I’m looking forward to seeing them all. 4 people, 3 dogs - what could possibly go wrong?
  21. Time for a visit to the medical centre? It’s what your insurance is for. It must be worth taking the time to go, and paying whatever excess you have on your policy, to get your health sorted out to really enjoy the remainder of your trip. Plus - you need to be fit to help Lady S get the best from the cruise Lecture, or gentle prodding, over. Enjoy Curaçao. It’s so beautiful. I hope everything goes well for you today
  22. Michelle - lovely pics The *4 generations* ones are very special. I am lucky enough to have them with both of my childrens’ grannies. Memories Nice pics from kalos Good that Snow Hill is starting appropriate treatment - what problems our teeth bring us Our day at the coast turned into a day at home doing odd jobs, as the weather turned drizzly and miserable, though still pretty mild
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