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  1. Damp here too, though not as heavy as forecast and due to clear mi-morning. That almost sounds like a win, with the weather we’ve been having
  2. That was smashing! Thanks very much I’ll look out for your reports from your future cruises
  3. My sleep, or my perception of my sleep, has changed dramatically since Santa brought me a FitBit. I didn’t want it to monitor my sleep - just to be with me all the time and monitor my exercise and give me a heads-up when I have been inactive for a while Anyway - it monitors sleep and gives a read-out in the morning I’ve been really surprised at how much I’m getting in “mini-sleeps”, even when I know I’ve looked at the clock and found it to be 2.30am, or even when I’ve spent some time listening to the radio Always the sceptic, I tried to research the accuracy, and it appears there may be an over-estimate of up to 10%. Even allowing for that, it appears to show me getting reasonable sleep and (here’s the good bit) allows me to feel much more relaxed about it and, guess what, I’m sleeping better and longer as the weeks go on
  4. So, that’s it, and you’re home with your memories and your washing? The disembarkation sounds pretty near perfect, even allowing for an over-brisk breakfast waiter. I hope you both slept well last night No mention of your throat, so fingers crossed that a couple of days of good, old fashioned, iffy, British spring weather and outside air will confirm that all is OK It’s been a long time. Several of us have taken fortnights holidays which are now but a distant memory. MrsGoggins has sailed to the Caribbean and back for 35 nights. There have been babies born and heart pacemakers fitted. A cold snap, interminable rain, daffodils & primroses, a Budget (🙄) - you’ve been there every morning, with your unfailingly interesting reports, and have gone above and beyond with additional snippets and daily menu posts Thank you 🎖
  5. Safe journey I’ve enjoyed your accounts. Your satisfaction with the local tours you’ve taken is evident. It seems you’ve experienced more than by going with the P&O tours - and probably paid less, too Thanks again for taking the time out to post. I hope you got the packing done on time!
  6. Fascinating, isn’t it? There’s a scary statistic about the estimated number of Dads who aren’t actually biological fathers (and Mums who’re keeping very mum) ETA (I’ve looked it up - 4% apparently)
  7. Hope you have a lovely break It’s very windy at the coast. It’s driven us back from our caravan, after an enjoyable few days away. We’ll be there again soon, hopefully with a bit more sun and a lot less wind
  8. @brian1 Yes - that’s a bit of a minefield, isn’t it? I’m sure he wasn’t thinking of *his* children, just facilitating families for others, and, as you say, getting beer money for a few minutes with a dirty mag
  9. It’s not the end of the road - it’s just a new route! I hope it all works out well and that you adjust quickly
  10. @brian1 I was only thinking of you and your quest to learn more of your history a couple of weeks ago. I meant to ask whether there had been progress … well, there certainly has! These family stories are so interesting, even to we who are just bystanders. Davina McColl, or the BBC series with Stacey somebody - always fascinating. There was something a while ago with people born as a result of wartime liaisons with GIs from ”coloured battalions”, many of whom had extra difficult childhoods. Did you see the one-off programme about Sir Paul Nurse, Nobel Laureate, former Chief Scientific Officer & goodness knows what else? He’s another whose (considerably) older “sister” is actually his mother? She has passed away but the half-siblings and cousins he has found are all delighting in his appearance. We look back and think of everything prim & proper, white gloves, church on Sunday, Two way Family Favourites, suburban families with 2.4 children, nothing naughty ever going on, but people are people, hormones are hormones, and nature is determined that species continue Ooh, sorry. I’ve gone on a bit! Anyway - hope the meet-up is fantastic
  11. So that’s nearly it …? Well, there are a lot of us who will miss starting our day to your latest instalment. It’s very windy this morning; I hope that doesn’t make your final hours onboard uncomfortable. 🤞for smooth seas, easy disembarkation and a good journey home. (Is your car parked at Southampton? It will have missed you!) Interim thanks for now - I look forward to your up-summing 🚢
  12. Ouch! We’re hoping to just take the hit at the outset and go for the package. It’ll save my blood pressure being affected by the 15%
  13. Sounds lovely The Cunard prices aren’t bad. Remember the daily gratuity charge and 15% on every purchase though
  14. It’s all sounding pretty damn good! Who wouldn’t enjoy a fortnight in the Caribbean just now? Hope St Marteen is good for you too. Stay away from those jewellery shops 🙂. Expensive hobby!
  15. Much better than wasting food - why would you do that? We breakfasted out - outside! In the sun! - sossidge sandwiches! 😋
  16. Oh - sorry both! Durr - concentrate Eddie99 *embarrassed smiley*
  17. Ouch Mrs kalos but fear not - Mr Eddie99 has ITB problems but they’re totally resolvable with the right exercises I foresee gym membership and a couple of visits a week. That’ll probably help with the other issue too - though I confess I know nothing about it 🙄
  18. I’ve just booked Cunard 2026 on launch No OBC but 10% off the standard price which kicks in ?May/June?15% deposit It’s probably best to just do what you think fits you best, and - as a wise cruiser often said - if you get a deal you like, book it and don’t look at prices again!
  19. I’ll look forward to that. Our next cruise -11 months away! - is Cunard.
  20. Lovely photos from your last port of call. I’m glad you had a nice day Here’s hoping for a smooth passage back to Southampton
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