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  1. grapau27

    Online Flight Check In

    Personally I would not fly on Ryanair plus I don't recall seeing them at Newcastle airport.
  2. grapau27

    Online Flight Check In

    We always pre book seats on Jet2 and on easyJet where we get speedy boarding and priority bag drop.
  3. Please send our best wishes for a speedy recovery to Laura.
  4. We are like yourself and like interesting port intensive cruises and Europe supplies that. For me cruising is seeing another port every day,if we want a theme park we will go to WDW.
  5. They could offer concessions to jewellers etc on these islands.
  6. grapau27

    Online Flight Check In

    The DL concierges have printed our airline boarding passes on a couple of occasions when sailing from Dubai. Fortunately our regular UK airlines Jet2 and easyJet let us check in up to 30 days in advance for European flights.
  7. Suites have their own personal butler or Genie's that's why gratuities are higher.JS do not have butler's.
  8. The big Suite benefits ie CK,SL are Oasis class specific and JS do get CK access. On Vision,voyager and Freedom class ships the Suite perks are much less.
  9. They have a bath and shower plus you get double C&A points.
  10. grapau27

    My Time Dining - Table for Two

    Usually the tables are only 1 foot apart so plenty of opportunities to speak to nearby diners.
  11. grapau27

    My Time Dining - Table for Two

    They ask us how many?every night we use MTD.
  12. Thanks for posting this menu showing gratuities. We only get breakfast from room service and it didn't mention gratuities on any of the several menu's left in our cabin that we hang on the outside door at night with our breakfast selections but I will check again in May on our next RC cruise.
  13. We get the hot breakfast every morning and charged $7.95. The only time it is different is from Barcelona where it was $8.48 which includes Spanish vat. I always give $2-3 cash tip to the waiter. Room service always ring 5 minutes before delivery.