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  1. Good to hear refunds are still being processed.
  2. See a guy called Andy won £500k on GMB this morning. I wonder if it is our Andy?😃
  3. It is very quiet today Wowzz although there is a big queue around Betty's. We had lunch at the White Hart Hotel and now Pauline is looking in the shops.
  4. Quite a cool day in Harrogate where we have come for a trip out today. First picture is the famous Betty's The other 2 photos are either side of the main town street
  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. Shame about your cruise but probably for the best and maybe January, February or March 2022 would be an ideal time in the Caribbean.
  6. Your park sounds wonderful. We drive 10 minutes to our local beach most days now as we love to look out at the sea and beach. Shame you can't see your caravan but hopefully you will get many opportunities in the future. I get grumpy sometimes with lockdown and no overseas holiday's and cruises and I would never judge anyone else. Enjoy your wine and half term.🥂🍹🍷🍾 Graham.
  7. Lovely photos especially of your 2 good selves.
  8. That's true although with social distancing and then mask wearing?.
  9. +1. We have loved all our cruises and if anyone asks which was your favourite I always just say Our Last Cruise.
  10. Absolutely agree. We have been a great group and opened up to each other during lockdown which has helped a lot. Graham.
  11. It's nice to chat with all our friends on here especially with no cruises in the foreseeable future.👍🤓
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