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  1. grapau27


    I wonder if the tip envelopes will appear again after May for exceptional service?.
  2. grapau27


    We got £100 obc for a Suite for 2 nights on Oceana.
  3. grapau27


    We have obc for August 2019.
  4. grapau27

    Central Park.... bees?

    That is really good advice.
  5. grapau27

    Currency Areas

    I wonder if cabin stewards and waiters will have their own card reading machine for tips when people don't have currency?.
  6. grapau27

    Barcelona 2020 cruises

    I heard possibly December 17th. Barcelona is a main European departure port so expect you will have plenty of choice.
  7. grapau27

    Anytime dining query

    We always get a table for 2 but most tables for 2 are very close to other tables so it is easy to talk to neighbouring tables. Sorry to hear about your husband's heart attack but it is marvellous he made a miraculous recovery.
  8. grapau27

    Bottled Water in Checked Luggage

    Barcelona is a fantastic city. Hopefully Katie is with you for a long time though. Oasis is doing 7 night cruises from there from May 5th-September 15th 2019. Brilliance and Vision also are doing several cruises from there next summer.
  9. grapau27

    Central Park.... bees?

    We sailed once on Allure and 3 times on Harmony and Central Park was our favourite area of the ship where we spent several hours a day, breakfast,lunch and dinner time and never once saw any bees or wasps. There was a couple of mosquitoes,fly's and birds on our ocean view balcony.
  10. grapau27

    Bottled Water in Checked Luggage

    Hi Pat. Pauline likes a bottle of sparkling water a day and I have 2 bottles of still or sparkling water a day. Barcelona is our main departure port and I always buy a case of sparkling water in the terminal. We never bring wine on board but I used to buy a 6 pack of San Miguel beer in the terminal until they stopped us bringing beer onboard.
  11. grapau27

    Anytime dining query

    The Beach house is open on a night time and is at the right hand side only of the buffet restaurant and it is part of the buffet up to 7pm. We just got off a 2 night Oceana cruise and Cafe Jardin was the same menu each night. They had 2 menus on the board but only 1 was available to us.
  12. grapau27

    Bottled Water in Checked Luggage

    Pauline prefers sparkling water and I usually buy 6 bottles in Barcelona terminal. I hope you are both having a fantastic cruise
  13. grapau27

    Bottled Water in Checked Luggage

    On our independence cruise in October among our D+ C&A cabin drinks was 8 bottles of still spring water plus a bottle of champagne and a bottle of grapefruit juice. I can understand restrictions on alcohol but water???.
  14. I met opposition on another thread when I suggested making DL a loyalty lounge for D+ and P during cocktail hours only and giving D members extra drinks vouchers but still allow them access to the lounge after cocktail hours for coffee.
  15. We are D+ but have 1 Princess 15 night,1 P&O 7 night and 1 RC 3 night cruises booked for next year so I do empathise to a degree with you