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  1. I, too, am thankful you asked this question. I have a black gotten, and some sparkly separates. I think I Will feel comfortable in each of them!
  2. Very useful and appreciated! Well done! I have noted some areas as a must sea/see during my upcoming voyage. Bless you and thank you!
  3. Anyone found the Valor's? I'm cruising her in less than the weeks.
  4. This sounds like it's still there! WONDERFUL to know!! We'll be there in December and with new cruisers, I want to show them this tour!! Someone told me it's $5... so maybe that's what it is!
  5. Do they still do the double-decker bus tour in Progreso? I apologize if this has been asked, before. I haven't been since 2014, and will be there in December. It was such a fun tour! Especially on the top! (We even ducked for the telephone wires.) But those wires are what has me wondering, is it done anymore? I haven't seen new reports or reviews on this tour, that is locally offered, not by the ships.
  6. Thank you to EVERYONE!! I have chuckled my way through this thread!! And, in pantomime, practiced each and every process mentioned! At the end of April, I'll board on a voyage to NYC -- and I can't wait to have a Tea Time and just watch everyone!!! I may not have time to eat...
  7. HELP... I don't understand how to know what themes are on a particular voyage. I'm cruising West Bound, from Southampton to NYC on 4/28/19. Where do I go to find the theme night(s) for this voyage?
  8. To everyone, THANK YOU! I appreciate all the information y'all provided.
  9. Are the QM2 door keys, key cards? I apologize if this has been asked before. I am taking my maiden voyage on the QM2 in April and have cruise Royal and Carnival before. I'm wanting to know if the cards are used, and if many wear lanyards to hold their cards? I wear the bead lanyard, coordinated with my outfits or theme of the cruise, and am wondering if I should make them for this TA? I know some ships are using bracelets or other options... But being in the Cunard family, I'm wondering which the QM2 uses. Any other tips or ideas or suggestions are welcomed.
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