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  1. Thank you for your best wishes and nice words Jane. Graham x.
  2. On previous cruises I have always used the gym and we do chill out most of the time in the shade. Pauline will read a book and we always get off the ship in every port as that is a big attraction for us. We do like the bigger selection of shops,bars and restaurants on the bigger ships. Our balcony is well used as we always get a hot room service breakfast and sit outside for some time with a coffee and hot chocolate before bed. Graham.
  3. We did a Baltic's cruise out of Copenhagen in May 2015 on Serenade and also need to get on Radiance to complete the set.
  4. Thank you Gill. Sending hugs back to you off us both. Graham x.
  5. Thanks Sue and hugs back to you from Pauline and me.
  6. They are the glass ships. We have been on Brilliance a few times which is a sister ship to Jewel and it was nice to have outside views in the lifts and they are aesthetically the prettiest of the RC classes of ships.
  7. Pleased for you Sue. We are taking our Sarah out for a meal tomorrow and we will all be hugging each other. Sadly both our parents are no longer with us which affects Pauline badly.
  8. Hi Wowzz. I said smaller ships were Less profitable not that they are not profitable. A lot of the cruiselines profits are onboard sales and if you have 6000 passengers as opposed to 1000 passengers on board it is easy to see why the mega ships are mega profitable compared to the smaller ships. FWIW I love all cruise ships large or small. Graham.
  9. Your SIL has been very unlucky in losing her husband and being in a coma all these years. Your DH is a true brother to her visiting her facility regularly to try to help her recover. Hopefully one day she will wake up and be with you both again. I hope things are quieter in Israel Dani and you are all safe. Take care.
  10. Ruth has regular episodes and carries an epi pen and was very wary but fortunately she was fine with both jabs just a bit pain in her arm.
  11. Pauline had a few goes on the Carousel and she loved it. Central Park has the Park Cafe during the day for snacks and 3 speciality restaurants and a wine bar and Trellis bar at night time. Most of the activities we don't use but lots of people do and seem to love it. P&O with their new big ships and selling Oceana see this as the way forward as do most lines who are disposing of the older,smaller and less profitable ships. There are still behind the scenes tours of the galley,bridge and theatre,wine tasting,Bingo,dance classes,line dancing,daily films shown,cooking les
  12. Sorry to hear about your dad. It must have been special for you when he woke up and you both had a long chat and it is something which will always be in your memory.
  13. This is a heartwarming story Debbie and we are delighted to hear how your friend is recovering. This is proof that miracles happen and I'm sure we all wish HBEs dear wife a similar recovery.
  14. Paulines cousin is in her 70s and has an epi pen and has had both vaccines now with minimal side effects. Graham.
  15. All of the Royal Caribbean ships have great features but the Oasis class is the best by far.
  16. Good luck with the bowls this afternoon Josy. Well done for helping with the Covid stewarding too. Graham.
  17. Hi HBE4. That must have been an absolute nightmare for you both on Easter morning. Your wife sounds very resilient and I pray for her that she wakes and still has brain function. You have been brilliant keeping everyone informed and we both send you our warmest wishes and our hopes for good news for you both. Graham & Pauline
  18. That must have been great for your husband to actually sit in a spitfire Sue.
  19. Thank you and well done for your good work for others Pete
  20. Personally we could sit all day looking out to sea. We also sit on our ship balcony with a hot chocolate and a coffee every night. We love the ships facilities but looking out to sea is one of our favourite pastimes hence all the daily beach photos I have previously posted.
  21. Thank you Jane. You deserve to have nice cruises to look forward to. Best wishes to you Jane from both of us x.
  22. We were due to be on Iona in February 2021 for a 14 night Canary Islands cruise from Southampton but sadly covid19 put paid to that.
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