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  1. We’re all in the local area. My parents live on the farm which has been in the family since 1873 - 6 generations. We’re unlikely to move!
  2. This hanging around with the speaker on is ok if you’re retired or working from home. It’s simply impossible for many people who are out at work and it’s just not good enough.
  3. I agree. Little or no difference on Aurora/Oceana and then Ventura/Azura/Britannia, and for me, that includes the school holidays too!
  4. All terminals on Queen Mary, Britannia, Oceana, Aurora, Ventura, Azura etc. We possibly have missed the queues after the initial rush but it’s always been very quick. Through the gate, waved through, no waiting,. Sounds as if the initial rush is just that, a rush and as we’re never in a rush, then we’ve probably missed the waiting.
  5. Varied but mostly in time for a late lunch. Later on a few occasions when accompanied by family. We’ve always driven in and never had to wait more than 5 mins.
  6. We must have been lucky then because we’ve never seen that and we must have used CPS about 20 times.
  7. Your photos are great and you look very happy. But it would be my idea of hell! Don’t like hot weather, don’t like beaches, don’t like sitting on the ground without proper seating and my husband and I would have gone stir crazy in 6 minutes let alone 6 hours! I like your idea of sitting in the car better - I could cope with that.
  8. I agree with you and thought I was the only one who doesn’t like bulky, heavy and fluffy towels. I don’t mind the size as such, but they are very heavy in a confined space. We use bath towels at home, not bath sheets.
  9. Not nice for you but the outcome is good - get those carers in asap!
  10. I feel for you, it’s such a difficult situation. My late MIL didn’t want carers but we insisted as we were both working full time and our children were teenagers who needed running to school and all sorts of activities. We still visited every evening after work and sorted her shopping and all appointments etc but the carer who came first thing and then again at lunch time was a big help with personal needs etc. Once we had set it all up, she was happy enough and enjoyed their visits. This might sound harsh, but what would happen if something happened to you? I’m seeing now with my own parents
  11. I wasn’t terribly impressed with Berrettini’s game two years ago - it was based on raw power compared to Dan Evans and his delightful old-fashioned flair. But he’s developed massively since then and as you say, a very engaging young man.
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