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  1. All this optimistic/realistic/pessimistic debate reminds me of having to give predicted grades to GCSE and A level students. I could have given a wildly optimistic grade but that wouldn’t have helped anyone in the long run. Short term feel good factor but a huge let down later on. Much better to set a realistic prediction, based on prior achievement, current assessment results with the proviso that the predicted grade could even be exceeded with hard graft. Telling young people (and their parents) what they ‘need’ to hear rather than what they would like to hear.
  2. And I suppose most health secretaries were born in hospital so that probably makes them experts too!
  3. I’ve given up trying to work out the basis for rolling out the vaccine in this area. As I said before, my father has to make a 60 mile round trip for his, but my mother is having hers done in her surgery, same day (despite the fact that my dad is the vulnerable one and over 80). My eldest daughter just told me now that her boyfriend’s grandparents (both over 80 but living at home, about 30 miles from here in the other direction) were both vaccinated at home yesterday. An ambulance car just landed on the farmyard with no warning at all and it was all done in 15 mins! It’s all very bewildering.
  4. I really feel for you. It’s very disheartening. Wales isn’t doing too well either and the Welsh health minister has got himself into yet another pickle today.
  5. I have good news! My father (82j received his appointment for the first jab by post this morning. It’s 30 miles away and will take place on the 29th and I’ll drive him there. He will have to make an appointment for his second jab there too. Then just before lunch, the local surgery phoned my mother (75-80 group) to make an appointment for her first jab on the ..... 29th! But hers will be done at the local surgery. She was also given a date for her second jab - second week of April. When she asked if my father could also have his done there, the answer was no as they’re doing all the over 80s i
  6. I’m in no hurry to retire either. I am employed but work from home and can work hours to suit me which is lovely after over 30 years teaching. Very flexible conditions so can take time off with only 3 wks notice. Having said that, I’ve only had one weekend off since last March but I love what I do! And I might do the odd day of supply once I feel that it’s safe to do so.
  7. I’ve often wondered why they don’t have multibuy offers.
  8. It’s dreary weather here too. On this date last year we were sailing through the Panama Canal!
  9. I agree with the second part of your post, but see nothing wrong with the media highlighting the differences across the UK. My 82 year old father has been officially told to shield, and is still waiting for his appointment for his first jab like others in the area. He’s not complaining because he can’t go anywhere anyway, but it’s hard for him to be patient when some over 80s have had their second jab, and the over 70 group is being called up in some areas now.
  10. Possibly in terms of the environment but no comfort at all to the Welsh ports and their workers. The same Welsh ports who were reassured by the Welsh Secretary in 2019 (i.e the Welsh Secretary at Westminster) that the UK govt would ensure that they could continue to operate seamlessly.
  11. Local news in North Wales is a bit depressing today. Apart from the vaccine delays, there’s worrying news that hauliers are bypassing Welsh ports. Brexit: Irish hauliers 'bypassing Welsh ports', say bosses https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-55682597
  12. More delays reported in North Wales today. GPs in north Wales are being advised to consider delaying Covid-19 vaccine appointments early next week due to a hold-up affecting about 26,000 doses.
  13. I would hope so too but we’re well behind. A friend works in the local surgery and says that they’re ready to administer the vaccine but probably won’t get any before the end of the month.
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