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  1. Answering the question, nothing more............ No! Could you need one in certain situations, YES!.
  2. Charles, Thank you for correcting me!! I have a REAL ID drivers license, which with my BC is acceptable port entry WHTI. The REAL ID is finally compliant with the US latest effort for US air travel. Not all states have gotten REAL IDs.
  3. I have a Virginia EDL. It has a star in the upper right corner to make recognition of the EDL easier. Canada is part of the WHTI, therefore they do accept these docs for cruise passengers. HAL will allow me to board without a passport. It is not an issue of a few dollars saved as far as me buying a passport; I can buy an airplane, I just have no use for one!!
  4. An EDL, drivers license and BC, or a passport card.
  5. No you do not HAVE to have a passport based on OP's scenario. Should one need to fly from Canada to the US, he/she would have problems. Is a passport a good idea for most? Absolutely Does everyone need one? Absolutely not!!!! Again this is for the cruise proposed by OP. I have been on 8 cruises, never had a passport. Never needed one. I am doing a Seattle rt to Alaska in September, no intention of paying for a passport.
  6. I snail mailed mine to Carnival. After 3 weeks with no reply or post on my account, I called and asked what was up. 4 days later I got an email saying my OBC had been approved and applied. I also did the same for my upcoming HAL cruise, mailed it, the same day, and have not heard anything (5 weeks since mailing).
  7. Heres the link to krazy lobster. The beaches are all right next to each other, most have a bar and/or restaurant just off the beach. The loungers and umbrellas are complimentary as well. Cant say one is better than the other, but the owner is right there greeting everyone and making sure they are taken care of. http://www.thekrazylobstercostamaya.com/
  8. Check out the Krazy Lobster. Its a nice not perfect beach, but they take care of you, free internet, a free drink of some sort(non drinker here), a great price on a bucket of beers, and I have read reviews about really good food. Its a $3pp open air ride to the area, and a $2 pp taxi ride back, and there is no shortage of rides. We have been twice. Google it. Just a quick FYI, the beaches there all can have bad days with sea weed, depending on the winds and currents, but they do a great job or raking and cleaning the beaches early each day to minimize. In my photo, you can see a few pieces in the water
  9. Our family is on the March 31, 2019 sailing of the Pride. Within a few weeks of booking our obstructed view balcony on deck 5, one cabin for 3, the other for 4 passengers, we got an email from Carnival. They offered both cabins to be upsold to a Cat 8k extended balcony for a $20 bill, for each cabin. SOLD! First time on a balcony. It was also from the front part of the ship, to the middle.
  10. The Carnival shareholder PDF says it must be submitted 3 weeks prior to sailing. The same PDF says the benefit is only available on cruises thru July 31, 2019; so I am surprised to see others mention already receiving OBC for their sailings in 2020. I have a HAL cruise booked for Sept. to Alaska, and have held off submitting it until they extend the offer. I called Carnival and asked, they said a new extension should be issued this month.
  11. Drydock is scheduled for Feb 3 to Feb 16
  12. I am wrong. Since I have my passport card, I do not need both. Forgive my hardheaded me!
  13. Sorry that is incorrect info. I suggest anyone with concerns confirm with HAL, too many on these forums put out incorrect info.
  14. Yes I have! My travel agent of 30+yrs and the HAL document web page confirm that you or I nor millions of other US citizens, do not need a passport to take a closed loop cruise, leaving from the USA, that returns to the same port. It is recommended, but not required by HAL or the USA! My Alaska cruise confirmation has the same info.
  15. You are most welcome! And to the comment posted by homassasa after yours, they are incorrect. I called HAL as soon as I saw their post, and HAL rep told me what I told you. It is best to have one, especially in emergency, since you do need one to fly home if something happened in another country. I just don't believe the added expense to rush to renew is worth it.
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