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  1. Kim, Great review as always. I enjoy each of your cruises as you review them. Thank you for taking the time. Bruce...
  2. I have the same question, thought there was a November cruise being planned. Kim is the only reason I check in from time to time. Bruce
  3. Kim, Great review, as always. I enjoy all of your travels. Hope the rest of the family comes along on the next one. Your children add a lot of laughs to your reviews. With you staying a few extra days after your cruise, I never considered this. Arriving a few days early is wonderful but for some reason, I want to get home once the cruise is over. Not sure why. bruce....
  4. Kim: Looking forward to the review. Running our of fresh NCL/Carnival ships to cruise on? :):) Any new ports for you and your family? I hope your extended family is joining. Always adds something to your review. Bruce...
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