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  1. Don't hold your breath. I even wrote to Carnival to tell them that there is a market for single/solo travelers and suggested that they build a fewer smaller cabins in their new ships to accommodate them but never got an answer. There is a market out there and one of the cruise lines will latch on to it. NCL has studio/solo cabins and I have been in them but the final costs come out to the same as an inside cabin.
  2. Being that you are Platinum, it doesn't make any difference for you. You can board at any time that you want.
  3. With FTTF, you can arrive at any time that you want. That's one of the perks.
  4. So glad to hear that. I haven't gotten scrambled eggs on cruises after the first cruise as they were too wet and I didn't like them. Thank you giving that info. Going on another cruise in 27 days and will definitely try that station.
  5. You won't be able to select your Check-in time until 90 days prior to sailing.
  6. I agree. I am not interested in those mega ships. They lose the intimacy. Looks beautiful, but I love the smaller to mid size ships. Hope Carnival doesn't get carried away like RCCL did. Bigger is not always better.
  7. Printed out my luggage tags in July when I could and they have the FTTF logo on them. It is also plainly visible at the top of my Boarding Pass as well.
  8. 9 or 10 Carnival cruises and I have never seen any bad behavior of any sort. Of course, there are cases where there are problems and they are the ones that are always publicized. Wouldn't hesitate to go on a Carnival cruise at any time. In fact, 40 days to go for my next one.
  9. How many days do they charge you for an 8 day cruise? Sounds dumb but if you park on Sat and come home on Sunday a week later, that would be 9 days. Or do they not charge for disembarkation day?
  10. I was wondering the same thing. Sailing on Oct 27 to Bermuda on the Conquest.
  11. I know no reason for not discussing the shows on here. I have been on 9 Carnival cruises and the shows have always been fantastic. I will be on the same cruise that you are going on and, I am sure, that we won't be disappointed. There is always the Welcoming show on the first night and then the big show usually the second night and smaller versions as the cruise progresses. Being an 8 day cruise, there might even be 2 big shows. Hope you (and I) have a great time.
  12. 9/11 is kind of the benchmark for all things securitywise nowadays. Perfectly understandable.
  13. I know that the itinerary was changed. But, my concern is getting to and from The Bahamas without going thru the storm. By leaving Baltimore and sailing south, the ship, looks to me, would have to sail right thru the storm as The Bahamas and the Caribbean islands are south of where the storm is coming across. I would be very interested in seeing the route that the ship takes. They may be OK travelling south and get thru it before it hits but coming back north, I think, would be a rough sail. I hope that they have a good and safe trip.
  14. Can someone explain to me exactly what Cruise Cash is? I see the term frequently and see others asking questions about it. I don't understand the concept. I have an upcoming cruise in Oct. I have almost $300 OBC and my credit card on file should I need to have to use it. What is the advantage of purchasing Cruise Cash? I am just curious as to what that advantage is.
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