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  1. Thanks; Ill try to get my fill of BT. What about higher proof for cocktails like a WT101? I've heard Trellis bar is a good spot to go.
  2. I leave in 14 days to head to Galveston to board on the 26th. Kind of a Whisk(e)y centric question, any insight on which bars were stocked better than others?
  3. It might, however wait until it does before cancelling your current package. It would really suck if you cancel now and it goes higher and you end up buying it anyways. I purchased the Deluxe package the other day myself, and it was $7 higher than the lowest I have seen it for my cruise (a.k.a. 1 Beer a Day lower, lol). I can manage.
  4. Just purchased this morning for my Allure cruise next month. $85 last night, and now it is $75. Cheapest price I have seen it in the last 2 months was $68.
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