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  1. To be fair, we didn't have any late departures on days there would be a drill and all the drills I've been to have been around 4 - 4:30 when we have 5 pm departure times. Original poster has posted that there will have late departures. My question is do they have the drills after everyone is on board or is it always at a set time in the day.
  2. We have done a continuation cruise which had people embarking and disembarking 3 times during the 39 day cruise in 2016 and this year we did a B2B of 40 days which also had 3 different embarking and disembarking. One drill both times on our first embarkation day. We even received notices that we did not have to attend the other drills but we made sure to stay in our cabins to avoid the crowds since all those days we had to be back on the ship early. Different ships and different captains. Utahtea
  3. We just did a 44 day B2B cruise on the Zuiderdam in April-May. The first 26 day segment was a transatlantic crossing with a lot of sea days so we wanted to be able to keep in contact with my Mom who has been ill. Let me tell you that EVEN the Holland America Computer expert on board the ship don't know whats what! We wanted to get the 25 day unlimited surf package for $199.99 and he said no problem but the computer wouldn't let him do that. The only package the computer would let him give us was the 26 - 30 day Internet Surf plan for $259.99...which he said would end after the first 26 day segment of our cruise BUT it didn't! It went the 30 days. When the 30 days was over we were so happy with how the internet had worked and we had so much OBC we decided to take advantage of a $99 internet surf plan they had for the remaining 14 days. DH likes to get his email and keep an eye on our banking. I could keep in touch with my Mom, family and friends though Facebook and had no problem uploading a lot of pictures to Facebook. We didn't have a problem with the internet in our cabin or anywhere on the ship. There were a few times it was very slow which was usually very late when the crew was off work and using the internet. It was a lot faster than the previous times we've been on HAL....which was painfully slow! DH and I only had one account for the computer, ipad and our two phones and that's something you can do BUT only ONE device can be logged in at a time. When you are logged into your account to use it they always offer you the better plan at a prorated cost as the days onboard go by. utahtea
  4. We used Flight-ease for the first time and was very happy! The airline we wanted because it was a direct flight home in premium economy from Copenhagen to SFO on the day we wanted was half the price though Flight-ease! We got to choose our seats and I love the fact that if we had to cancel before final booking we didn't lose anything. Utahtea
  5. On our upcoming cruise I saw one price increase of $20 per person on a tour from the published Excursion Brochure to the online price we booked at. It might have just been a price mistake in the Brochure. It's the first time I've seen a price increase on HAL over 6 cruises. Utahtea
  6. There's a lot of talk where they are putting the Zuiderdam in Amsterdam! According to my research besides the Celebrity Solsticew there will also be the Costa Mediterranea. We booked a HAL tour so I'll let them worry about that! We're doing a B2B and will be in Amsterdam again with only 1 other ship. 😉 Utahtea
  7. Roy, I’m curious if your still scheduled for Ponta Delgada, Azores on April 29th. We were supposed to be there the same day as you but HAL just recently changed our port to Praia di Victoria. We can still wave in France, Belgium and Amsterdam! Utahtea
  8. Hey Roy, We're going to have several of the same ports on the same day....we will be waving a lot! 😉 Utahtea
  9. We will be on the Zuiderdam when she leaves for Europe! So excited!! utahtea
  10. We were on the Westerdam over Passover too and I don't remember anything. I went back and looked at my the Daily Explorers and didn't see anything but maybe I missed it. In 2016 we were on the Noordam over Rosh Hashanah and there were services with a Rabbi for that holiday. Utahtea
  11. We were on the Westerdam on a Panama Canal cruise in 2013 over Easter and they did a little decorating. I think if you got to the Lido early enough they had some candy. We are embarking on a cruise on Easter Sunday on the Zuiderdam so it will be interesting to see if they have any decorations. Utahtea
  12. We were on the Zaandam last June and my magnets didn't stick to the wall. I had a large map and was able to hang it with magnets on the ceiling. Had to do that on the Amsterdam too. Both were Alaska cruises and liked having my big Alaska Map. What I use for cabins that are not magnetic, I get removable hanging putty. Works great for putting my calendar and other info on the walls. Utahtea
  13. Besides April also look for late September departures from Vancouver. In 2016 we did the repositioning on the Noordam but we boarded in San Diego for 39 days. We had a lot of our roll call start in Vancouver. It was a fantastic cruise! We were worried about all those sea days but we LOVED them and was never bored. They had a lot of guest speakers and great shows. Utahtea
  14. So happy to hear I’m not the only one that over packs! Whenever we can we’ll drive to a port. We even drive from California up to Vancouver, Canada which means I really over pack! Our upcoming cruise starts in Ft. Lauderdale so that means we’re flying and we’re really going to try and cut out one suitcase this time. Wish me luck! We’re going to make 4 star during our upcoming B2B cruise. By the time we start the second part we will have our fee laundry and the other perks! We’re so excited! Our very first cruise was on the Zuiderdam so it’s fitting that we will make 4 * and get to reap the benefits on her as well! Utahtea
  15. Just be aware that the VF and some VE cabins on deck 8 are under the aft pool and you can hear the noise of the chairs scrapping in your cabin. On the Westerdam you had to be careful while at the rail of your balcony that people didn't drop things on you from above. Utahtea
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