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  1. YEAH...I just checked again for the second time today and our credit is there! Canceled on April 14th Sail date was to be June 1, 2020 72 days and received our full credit Good luck everyone! Utahtea
  2. To me with Covid 19 throwing a wrench in things these are extraordinary circumstances. It's not just HAL but the WHOLE travel industry thrown into a world of chaos. I personally don't hold HAL responsible. They did cancel cruises, they are issuing refunds and I can see it's going to take some time to get all those refunds done. Utahtea
  3. We were suppose to have left Vancouver on June 1st for our 14 day Alaska Cruise and our cruise would have been over yesterday. We cancelled on April 14th and no refund on our credit card yet. There are others on our roll call that haven't received credit either. I have seen on this thread that the date people are getting refunds seems to be related to when they canceled and saw March 30 so far. I guess we have another couple of weeks to wait! Utahtea
  4. We also canceled on 4/14 our cruise for 6/1/20 but we went for the full refund and have not received it either. It does seem very sad that we didn't receive our refunds and the cruises would have been over. 😞
  5. I've worked on the back end of message boards and was a Community Manager for some big companies and I agree with Donald. Companies want to know what's being said about them on forums. It could be HAL &/or CC &/or a third party moderator but you can bet they are giving feedback to the company. Utahtea
  6. Were you booked directly though HAL or somewhere else. We also have a Maasdam 14 day Alaska for June 1st booked though HAL and haven’t received an email yet. We knew that we would be canceled after Canada closed the cruise ports....just waiting to get officially canceled. utahtea
  7. We paid one day before the due date...we couldn't wait any longer. We only canceled the excursions so far and waiting for HAL to cancel our June 1st cruise to get all our money back. I guess we won't be seeing that any time soon! Utahtea
  8. We're waiting for HAL to cancel our cruise to Alaska but we did cancel the excursions on March 25th and have not received the refund on our charge cards yet. Utahtea
  9. We are booked and past final payment on our June Alaska cruise. Holland has mentioned that they will be updating the website and as you can imagine....they are very busy at this moment. I'm sure HAL is working first on the people who are within the 30 day total cancelation policy and that's a LOT of people and plans....then they will work on ours. I don't see how any cruise line (not just HAL) can get around not being able to port in Canada since they need a foreign port so even departing from Seattle isn't going to work for the Alaska cruise. But that's just my though.
  10. We were on the Zuiderdam last spring for a transatlantic, the Baltic and Highlands. We had the unlimited package for 40 days and it was pretty good in most places we were at. It's much better than years ago! There were times it would slow down, but usually wasn't an issue.
  11. WOW....you had so much better weather than we did in 2016! Loved the pictures.
  12. I'm sorry I didn't get back to this in a timely manner. My Mom hasn't been well. I did hear back from JennK Senior Community Support Specialist back in early December and here is what she emailed me: "Hi there! The number of lines has been set to unlimited Pictures are limited to 3" I just updated my signature and all went well! Utahtea
  13. Just out of curiosity, do they list all your other excursions? I ask, because when we booked a year in advance for our New Zealand cruise there were no excursions listed until 6 months out. I don't know about Alaska because we've never booked one of those that far out. Utahtea
  14. I so wanted to do that 21 day Alaska cruise last summer because it looked so interesting and SF departure would have been a local port for us BUT we were already booked on a 40 day B2B Transatlantic Europe cruise and didn't want to give that up! We're going to miss Kodiak and Sitka this cruise! Utahtea
  15. Like Ruth, when we did a 7 day Alaska cruise in 2010 we had the option of doing the Catamaran from the ship in Tracy Arm and we did it. It was our very first cruise and I had no idea what to expect and I was SO happy we did the tour because otherwise that year we would not have seen Sawyer Glacier. Like Ruth we ended up meeting our ship in Juneau after the tour. On the last two 14 day Alaska cruises we did in 2014 & 2018, we were NOT offered the option for the catamaran tour in Tracy Arm or Hubbard Glacier but we did get pretty close to both glacier areas those years.
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