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  1. Another vote for Skara Brae -- it was amazing!
  2. They also usually have NA Wine too. As your TA to confirm that as well if you want it.
  3. Not luxury -- but Princess is doing Northern Lights cruises. Two weeks RT out of Southampton. A Princess suite isn't true luxury, but it is a nice experience.
  4. You can can do it before. It’s always offered in the excursion list. And you can do it on board. I’ve always come with the list of things we want to see. Then I work with destinations when on board to get the right guide (lots of knowledge of history) and confirm everything.
  5. I’ve done privates both thru Regent and on my own but not in No or Australia. Regent is always more expensive, sometimes significantly. The pros to a Regent private The guides are outstanding. The drop off pick up at the gangway is super nice If you want something really off the beaten path that requires advance booking, it can’t be done. You get “the ship won’t leave without you” guarantee.
  6. I've picked a different airport to come home to then I was leaving from by just changing the default in EZAir. I don't see why you can't do that on the other end.... If all else fails, ask your TA to help.
  7. Pour Regent Alaska cruise was our first cruise. We went to a great deal of trouble to be on the ”correct” side of the ship. As many others noted, it didn’t end up making a difference.
  8. We used Smith’s last year twice and were very happy with the service. We tend to over pack and used the “estate car” (station wagon) option. They were also willing to swing us by our hotel to drop bags and then continue on to where we were sightseeing for the day.
  9. Yea craft beers 🍺 ! May there be some porters and stouts in the mix!
  10. I’ll echo others. Do the one where you want to see the city! (Assuming you have time to stay) otherwise i I say focus on easiest, cheapest flights.
  11. From a cruiser who is Regent Gold and Princess Elite. I have a few comments. The most overall comparable experience is to get a Suite on Princess. Then you get free unlimited laundry and club class dining and you can get anything on the main menu for room service. This can be important because there can be a significant line to anytime dinning on princess. But you aren’t considering that. So let’s talk about what I notice as differences. Getting around. The ship is significantly bigger. Be prepared for more walking to just get anywhere when on board. Shows The theater isn’t big enough for everyone to get a seat. There will be two shows a night. There is always a line for a seat at the early show and getting in line as much as 30 minutes before a popular show can be required for a seat. Spa. This isn’t canyon ranch. Many fewer services offered. But the folks do tend to be good Up side, services are cheaper because it isn’t canyon ranch. Staffing. The staff to passenger ratio is not as high. It’s rare to see someone coming around on the pool deck to take drink orders. I find it easier to stop at the bar, then find a seat. Drinks. The “coffee” in the buffet is lousy. If you like coffee, get a package. Soda is crazy expensive. If you like soda, get a package. But... package is from the jet and doesn’t include cans. Specialty dining. You know it isn’t included. We rarely find a night where we don’t like something on the main menu and thus rarely spend the money. Of particular note... they are not serving USDA Prime beef in the steak house. And the portions will not be nearly as large as in Prime 7. For me that’s fine as I can’t eat a full meal in Prime 7. Shuttles. Big ship equals more likely to be docked at a commercial port outside of town and require the shuttle. Generally the shuttles are not free. I generally splurge on a taxi as it’s just more flexible Trip and Port T-shirt’s. Princess generally has T-shirt’s with the itinerary And specific ports on sale towards the spend for $10 or so. They make great souvenirs. Roll calls. More people means you’re more likely to actually have an active roll call excursions. So much better! Not included. Another reason folks tend to be on the roll call setting up privates. Princess has way More options on times for excursions and you really will be able to take two short ones in a single day if you want. Also the tickets are in your room when you arrive. So no lines or waiting in the theater. If you have any other questions, let me know.
  12. You need to be planning to leaving in the AM with your stuff. The whole goal is to get everyone and their stuff off the ship so they can board the next group of folks. Even as a B2B person, I've had to formally exist the ship and reenter (but could leave stuff). If you have an overnight the last night, I've known folks to leave early. The usual option is to do a private or ship excursion with your luggage that ends at the airport.
  13. We've sailed with Club Class. We love the true anytime dining without a wait. However, we've never been able to share a table. Because there are so few folks with club class the odds of walking the same time as someone else who wants to share. Plus as others pointed out, you can't dine with friends and family who are staying in lower class cabin unless you go to regular anytime dining.
  14. Same here. Just told hubby and he said just wait till we retire!
  15. Oh Bill -- if you have to ask, yes you did...… Enjoy your cruise
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