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  1. Is it possible to get Hibachi at a non Hibachi table? I prefer sushi only and my DH prefers Hibachi. Not sure how to book this.
  2. Will be in that room in September! Second time in a CLS. Love the ocean views and people watching when docked and a great view of the ports.
  3. Sorry to post in the wrong thread. :-0 Ship is Harmony. We did the sushi class on Oasis and he gave me his creations, but I couldn't eat it all in one sitting. They were nice enough to allow me to take it out, but it's not the norm.
  4. I was afraid of that. Hubby doesn't eat seafood and sushi is my favorite! Trying to find a way to order from there and hubby get something else he likes.
  5. Does anyone know if we can order lunch room service from Izumi?
  6. If you win a bid for a 2BR ATS and there are just two in the room, can you add two guests to your booking?
  7. I used to be in Dunedin. The guy in your photo is not named Denny by chance? That would be a small world!
  8. Me too, please! I'm learning Excel, but want to get things on it sooner! mbrauer2010@gmail.com Thank you!
  9. Well, dang. I'm not a rebel so I won't bring it. Very disappointed, though. Thanks for posting the rules.
  10. Wow. Then maybe they should take down all the advertisements showing a lady on a pool float in the Lagoon pool. Personally, standing around in a pool is not my idea of relaxation. I don't see why a small blow up float is not allowed. I have one that is only blown up at the head and foot, the rest is a hammock. I guess I'll be prepared to deflate if asked.
  11. Good point. We do like the convenience to the Suite Lounge and Coastal Kitchen, especially when we are not cruising with family/friends.
  12. Trying to decide if I want to Royal Up if offered from CL to OS. I love the CL but have not been in OS. Anyone been in both? Thoughts?
  13. Are you allowed to use the floating loungers in the pool? If not, I'm going to cancel it because we will be hanging by the pool.
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