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  1. From my perspective, as long as Celebrity and Azamara continue to have a co-mingled point system, a Celebrity power point program = Azamara power point program.
  2. Last week, I called Azamara about lifting and shifting from April 2021 to April 2022. The itinerary was nearly the same - had the same number of days and the ports were the same except for one. When I made the request, I was placed on hold for a few minutes because the rep wanted to talk to her supervisor. When she returned, she said that although my reservation did not qualify for lift & shift they were still going to process the request for me. I thought it was odd when she said I didn't qualify because I booked it in July but I didn't question it because they were doing what I wanted them to do anyway.
  3. gskimmel

    Summer/Fall 2022

    As I want to see about doing a lift and switch for our April 2021 to April 2022, I gave Azamara call about 2022 itineraries. I was told that they will be releasing them tomorrow (Sept 16)
  4. It's been awhile since we were on Celebrity but are they placing wall dispensers in their suites? I thought they were only doing it in their non-suite cabins.
  5. I honestly can’t remember because formal nights don’t bother me too much. On our 10 day cruise, I think we only had one or two formal nights. At night, the buffet area turned into an Italian restaurant and the outside grill area turned into a hot stone restaurant (you are given a hot stone and the food is cooked on that). We are in our mid 40s and were by far the youngest.
  6. Every “cabin” is a suite with a butler. Fewer people. Food is outstanding. There are formal nights. Azamara is still our preferred line but Silversea is a close second.
  7. I wish they would refund deposits. I keep moving my sailing to a future one.
  8. Age is just a mindset. I know plenty of 70+ year olds that are "younger" than people I know in their 20s and 30s.
  9. I had a $200FCC for a cruise I cancelled earlier this year and I was able to apply it to cover our $200 deposit.
  10. Did the lower suites used to have free access to the spa area?
  11. I was wondering the same thing as I got the email, too. When I looked at the cruise price for my sailing, the price is the same as it was before. Has anyone noticed a difference?
  12. No code. It's the promo going on now where they are also giving shipboard credit. My cruise leaves Feb 2021 and final payment is due end of Aug.
  13. Actually, a Viking agent told me something similar. I am a first time Viking cruiser and am taking advantage of a promotion where final payment is due 5 months before sailing. When we were talking, I mentioned that the final payment schedule was a deterrent when I considered Viking in the past. I was told that since I will be a Viking cruiser, any future sailing can have a more flexible payment schedule.
  14. I have a May 17 Alaska sailing that leaves from Vancouver. My TA says it is still active and advises that I wait before making any changes. On their Instagram page, Celebrity responded to another scheduled Alaska passenger saying they understand the Canadian ports are closed and they are working on a Plan B. Details to come. I’m going to sit it out and see what happens.
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