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  1. I have a May 17 Alaska sailing that leaves from Vancouver. My TA says it is still active and advises that I wait before making any changes. On their Instagram page, Celebrity responded to another scheduled Alaska passenger saying they understand the Canadian ports are closed and they are working on a Plan B. Details to come. I’m going to sit it out and see what happens.
  2. gskimmel


    If you have a Platinum American Express card, you can get $300 OBC.
  3. I have a limit, too. If a suite on Celebrity approaches the 7k mark, I look to see what Silversea or Crystal has to offer. I go with the product that offers the best product for the price. Granted, what I perceive to be the “best” differs for other people.
  4. I am on deck 12 (2121). There are five CS left: Deck 10: 1235, 1112 Deck 11: 1619, 1620, 1622
  5. out of curiosity, why would you be willing to lose the OBC for the CS? It’s the Celebrity Eclipse.
  6. The promo was with Celebrity. So it sounds like I can never upgrade my room without losing the shipboard credit.
  7. Final payment for my cruise was last week and I’d like to upgrade my sky suite to a celebrity suite. However, my TA tells me that if I upgrade, I will lose the promo given to me at time of booking. That promo is an extra $300 for Alaska sailings. Does anyone know when (if at all) I will be able to upgrade my suite without losing the shipboard credit?
  8. On our last cruise, I told the future cruise person that their prices are more expensive than Crystal or Silversea. Granted I’m comparing a sky suite on Celebrity with a balcony on the premium lines but if I am paying that amount of money, I’m going with the more premium cruise line. The person didn’t know how to respond to that.
  9. I recently received an email from Crystal informing me of the 30th anniversary promotion. It was intriguing because I would get a slight discount even though I have yet to sail with Crystal. A month or so ago, a Crystal Personal Vacation Consultant introduced himself to me via email. I wrote to him and he wrote back saying the itinerary I wanted was not part of the deal. He then proceeded in sending me a link of all the itineraries part of that promotion. I clicked on the link and the itinerary I wanted was in fact part of that promotion. I sent him a screen shot asking for confirmation but he never wrote back. I sent a couple more emails as I never heard back and all my follow up requests went unanswered. I decided to try booking on my own and my promotion applied. I have not yet made the deposit because this whole experience of being ignored has left a sour taste in my mouth. As a direct employee of Crystal, I expected better service and wonder if the lack of service is indicative of the product. Or did I just have bad luck and a crappy person was assigned to me?
  10. Just wondering if anyone did either this. I'm planning our May 2020 excursions and thought this was interesting.
  11. We were on the Silver Spirit in December and had a great time. The crew went out of their way to make us feel at home. The other passengers were also friendly. No one cared we were a couple. We enjoyed the ship so much that we decided to make the ship our destination and not the ports. We only got off the ship once and that was for a prearranged tour.
  12. I'm a bit perplexed on your comment about Silverseas. Our last cruise was on Silverseas and we did not feel it to be snobby at all. Everyone was quite friendly. Personally, we prefer the smaller ships because we prefer the smaller crowds. Except for our Holland America cruise back in 2003, we never had an issue being a gay couple on any of our cruises (NCL, Celebrity, Disney, Oceania, Azamara, and Silverseas). Our favorite cruise line is Azamara. We like that it can dock in places the larger ships cannot go, the crew are friendly, the food is good, and the other passengers are friendly, too.
  13. I just placed a deposit for an Alaskan cruise with Crystal. Although I am not much help now, I will let you know what we thought of the ship when we get back. We were going to sail on the Silver Muse but the Crystal Symphony was $2K less for similar room, itinerary, and dates. I was shocked to see how much less Crystal was and decided to give them a try. We were on the Silver Spirit in December and much of it looks like the Muse, so we wanted to try a different product.
  14. I put a deposit in October for Costa Maya. My husband enjoys running and the fitness areas look pretty nice.
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