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  1. I am a bit surprised there isn’t much official information about such a major change taking place so soon. We only have two sources: a single news article that says the start date is July 26 and the news section of the Iceland government website that says the start date is July 27. I checked Delta’s website and they say we just need to show proof of vaccination (we fly out on July 25). I checked Iceland Air to see if they mention anything but I didn’t see anything there either. I spent the entire day looking for testing options for us as it seems not all tests are the same. Some tests go
  2. I hope Iceland posts something official soon because the article contradicts itself. In the beginning of the article, it states they will accept PCR or Antigen test results but in the second to the last paragraph it reports the minister of health saying visitors need to present a negative PCR test. Although upon second read this might mean unvaccinated visitors will need PCR tests and vaccinated can have PCR or Antigen.
  3. This is confusing. We depart July 25th but arrive in Iceland on July 26th AM. Not sure if we are required as our plane departs before this starts but it lands on the day it starts. But I guess it doesn't hurt to get tested to just to confirm.
  4. I have a similar policy. A few years ago, I went to CVS a few days before going on a cruise and someone was coughing and sneezing in the same aisle I was. Three days later, I had a 103 degree fever on the ship. Spent most of the cruise in bed. Ever since, I isolate myself as much possible a week before I go on vacation. We are now 10 days away from sailing so I won't go to the gym and if I go outside and/or am in public, I wear a mask.
  5. They responded to me right away. I was told they cater these tours for cruise ship passengers. When you book your tour, they ask for the name of your ship. If the ship is late, they will wait for you. I ended up booking two trips with them and got a 5% discount.
  6. We are flying in the day before and are going to Sky Lagoon. It is brand new and from what I hear, the locals love the place.
  7. Is anyone familiar with Arctic Shorex? They are offering the Elves/Puffin tour at half the cost of Viking (minus the lunch) and they are offering Dynjandi, which Viking is sold out completely (and half the cost of Viking, too). I contacted them and was told they tailored the tours for our ship and our ship will be the only ship in port. Seems almost to be too good, which is causing me to hesitate in canceling the Elves Viking trip and rebooking everything with Artic Shorex. (This is for the July 27 Viking Jupiter itinerary)
  8. I asked about the July 27th sailing this morning and was told we are still restricted to Viking only excursions and cannot explore on our own. Hope this changes by the time we sail.
  9. I've seen this question posted but no answers (unless I missed it). Does anyone have any details on the Footsteps of the Elves excursion? Just wondering what exactly it is given the length and cost of the excursion.
  10. The Enterprise website said that although the port location is closed, cars can still be dropped off there. Unless I misread it.
  11. I”’d be interested in what you learn. We also have a car booked with them. We are arriving a day early and figured it might be nice to have a car to take us around, park at the hotel and then drop off at the port on day of sailing.
  12. I keep getting payment failed but it actually gets charged successfully to my credit card
  13. System crashed when I went to pay. Now I’m locked out
  14. I get page not found or no shore excursions available for that day
  15. I looked at when we are supposed to leave port and arranged by that. Did the same for spa appointments.
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