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  1. I've been cruising since 2003. I've taken more than 25 cruises and used a TA for 5 of them. The jury is still out on the agent for my 2022 cruises since they haven't happened yet. After my first cruise where I was helped to choose a cruise and cabin by the agency, the other agents I used (in Massachusetts, FL) saved me no money, got me no perks, and basically booked the cruise I researched and the cabins I chose. They provided no useful advice that I couldn't get from my online research. "Bad agent" who cancelled my Mariner cabins has me booked on a river cruise in 2022 that I'm supposedly get
  2. You are correct that my TA screwed up. However, when the backup agent informed RCL about the mistaken cancellation, it was within their power to reinstate my reservations and they refused. Right from the start when all those Mariner bookings were cancelled, my TA never received email from Royal about it. It was me noticing that it said cancelled in the cruise planner that started the subsequent actions on my TA's part.
  3. Here's a new mess I'm experiencing related to this. I started a new thread in the Ask a Cruise Question forum. Basically my travel agent screwed up and cancelled my two cabins on the Dec. 13th sailing on April 1st. She then left the country on a vacation and never told me she cancelled them! I found out from a backup agent when RCL refused to give me any information about why the cruise disappeared from my cruise account, saying I had to deal with the TA. The backup agent spoke with 5 people at RCL and they refused to reverse the incorrect cancellation. So my price protection is lost and I'm
  4. Demanding is getting me nowhere. Bad agent is out of the country on a vacation and is hiding behind "spotty internet" and foisting this off on another agent from the national franchise company. This is a general question forum and my question has less to do specifically with RCL and more to do with travel agent mistakes and what recourse the client has. Based on all of the replies I have no protection from travel agent mistakes. I'm exhausted from the emails, texts, and phone calls already spent on this mess.
  5. The "bad agent" and the stand-in agent are home-based sole proprietors working as franchisees (is that the right term for it?) for a huge national travel company (HNTC). I had already called the HNTC this afternoon when I got no satisfaction calling the RCCL Crown & Anchor desk, and was told I had to wait to hear from the "bad agent" who was out of the US on vacation or her "backup" person. So calling the headquarters of the franchise did me no good. Is this another lesson to take away -- do not use home-based sole proprietor/LLC franchise agents? I am sure some are good at their job
  6. Exactly the problem, the price protection is lost and we all know the prices are rising constantly and have done for the Dec. 9th cruise I was supposed to be moved to. And to answer @LHT28, we no longer have the original FCCs because they were "redeemed" for the Dec. 13th cruise. When I looked them up online they said they were already used. And RCCL has not reissued them yet since the "bad agent" cancelled the cruise on 4/1. Bad agent's stand-in is now arguing with RCCL on my behalf trying to straighten out the mess.
  7. Thanks. I can try. Earlier today (before I found out the agent had cancelled them), Royal refused to give me any info at all. I spoke with a supervisor then who also stonewalled me. I regret ever using a travel agent! Learned my lesson.
  8. I am curious what my options might be in this scenario: contrary to my instructions via email my travel agent (according to Royal Caribbean) called them on 4-1-21 and cancelled the two cabins I had booked on Mariner of the Seas for Dec.13, 2021. I requested no such thing. I was expecting that Royal would move us to a different sailing in December as they had announced in March. My two cabins were booked using an FCC from March 2020. So now I no longer have the price protection afforded by the policy to move passengers to a different date. My TA went on vacation on 4-2-21 and I am right now dea
  9. Has anyone had a successful auto-change to whichever date Royal said they would automatically book you on? My Dec. 13th booking has disappeared from my cruise planner but the re-book has not shown up. My TA went on vacation on 4/2 and I'm unable to see if we had our 2 cabins rebooked or not. No contact from my TA who said she thought her internet would be spotty.
  10. My travel agent has still not received the letter from Royal telling her our Dec. 13, 2021 cruise has been cancelled. I noticed it myself yesterday when I went to my account online and saw it listed as CANCELLED. My concern is that my family had 2 handicap accessible cabins booked for Dev. 13th but the Dec. 9th automatic switch needs to be again in 2 handicapped cabins. When I contacted my TA and she called them yesterday they said no HC cabins are available. *****? If they are auto-switching why not to the exact same cabins? Any guesses?
  11. Thanks! I'll look there.
  12. Does anyone know what I should use as search terms to find a hotel near Port Everglades that also provides parking while you're cruising and a shuttle to the port? I guess the shuttle part is optional if a taxi ride won't be too expensive. Apologies if this topic is covered elsewhere.
  13. I just booked a cruise out of Amsterdam for August 2022. I loved the sound of the Banks Mansion in your post above so I went online to book it for 19 months from now. Eek -- it says no rooms available. I wonder if it's just too far in the future to book and it's not really full. Thoughts?
  14. Unfortunately, it's still an issue. I was looking at Allure yesterday and the error is still there. It was also happening when I was searching for Mariner HC cabins.
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