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  1. I had the same thing happen. Used the Cruise Next for August Alaska cruise. It was to expire in May 2020, but used prior to that date. My other Cruise Next certificates are in my account, but not that one. I called and was told the same thing as your situation. It doesn't make sense. For people not understanding, pretend your cruise next expires next January. You use it today to book a cruise that is in March. The cruise gets cancelled in February. They say they will not give you back that credit. That is what is happening to us. The one I used I bought from another par
  2. How long does it take for Cruise Next to return to your account if you request a refund?
  3. We cancelled our early August Alaska cruise yesterday--before final payment was due. We are keeping an eye on the news and outlook. Since the airfare isn't fee free to change yet, we are hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. I still would like to go...but if we have to we will go next summer.
  4. I second Infinity Bay. We have been there twice now. The first time we had a driver from Rony's and saw the sloths at Daniel Johnson's. We asked him to take us to a beach, and that's the one he chose. Love the beautiful pool and beach. The water is sooo blue! Our friends snorkeled in December and their boat was just outside the buoys. We didn't snorkel but can see how it would be amazing. We walked down the beach and saw the other hotels/restaurants. Safe area. Lots of police presence. We took a taxi from the port. Same driver arranged time to bring us back. $20 at Inf
  5. We were on the Dawn this year. Last year we were on a Carnival cruise. Both were really fun. Large party up on deck. Both had favors for all the guests that they passed out at dinner. Both had large ice numbers and dumped the 19 into the pool and pulled out the 20. Both had DJ/Band and dancing. Really fun atmosphere with champagne flowing on both cruises. On Carnival they closed down all bars except by pool deck and it was packed, but fun. Carnival had an atrium balloon drop at 11 pm. Norwegian doesn't shut down interior bars and they had a balloon drop in atrium at the same time.
  6. On the Norwegian Dawn last weekend all wild card games were shown in O'Sheehans and they were on room tvs too.
  7. I appreciate the helpful comments--you rock! We will see how it goes. Maybe we can stream it with our friends.
  8. We are sailing out of Tampa. Two and a half years ago we could see US golf on the tvs in O'Sheehans--I only remember because it was in Kohler, WI.
  9. Where can we watch the Rose Bowl during our day at Harvest Caye? Will there be somewhere on the island that we can watch it, or will we have to go back onboard? Will they show it on a big screen somewhere onboard? We are excited to see our Wisconsin Badgers play and our two cruising Badger daughters will want to see it, too.
  10. I know you're off the ship now, but what was the general age of people on the ship? We are bringing high school/college aged kids next year.
  11. Thank you for your review. Cruising in December. Looking forward to seeing Dailies, too!
  12. Traveling on the Dawn this December. Love catching a glimpse at the Dailies. Thanks!
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