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  1. Happy Labor Day everyone. I’ve been in the middle of nowhere for a few days with no access to phone or Wi-Fi and I’m just wondering if there has been any more news on cruising - like have they extended the no sail date past Nov 1st yet? Thanks!
  2. OK - she did call me back as she said she would. Super nice lady. I know none of this is her fault she is only trying to do her job. With that said, it is frustrating because you would think that this process wouldn't be that hard. Like I said - I wish they would have just cancelled our Radiance and let those who were already booked on the Breeze keep their sailings. She did find us an aft view extended balcony but it is not a handicap accessible room. They will put the shower seat in if my husband ends up needing it so that is good. We were moved up
  3. Hey everyone! We are booked in an aft view extended balcony handicap accessible room for our Thanksgiving sailing on the Radiance - which is now supposed to be the Breeze. I just received a phone call from Carnival (by the way it showed up as telemarketer - Miami on my cell phone) asking me some questions about the accessibility needs of my husband. Basically she is wanting to put us in a balcony room and put in a removable handicap shower seat along with some other things she said would be comparable to the original accessible cabin we had.
  4. We have been to all of them except St. Kitts. That one will be a new one for us.
  5. We are booked for the 11/21 sailing as well. Taking the entire family on a Thanksgiving cruise. I know the last report I heard was the Radiance wouldn't sail at all until 11/1 but I wonder if she does sail at the time - will she pick up the original planned sailing for 11/1 and continue on with the others as planned. I guess what I'm trying to ask is will all the sailings up until 11/1 just be cancelled and then they will pick up with the sailings from that point forward? Keeping our fingers crossed for all of us. I certainly hope a reoccurrence of thi
  6. Surely by September you'll be good! I hope so! It's actually my Mom - not my MIL and she is doing so much better! Still living with us but getting around better and actually helping out with a few small household chores. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she will continue to improve and will be able to go back to her own home soon. We will be going on the Radiance for Thanksgiving (I hope). Our ports are St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan and Grand Turk. Thanks for reading!
  7. Ugh - yes, all Pepsi products now. We were on the Ecstasy on 2/1/20 and it had already converted over to Pepsi.
  8. They do have turkey, etc. but it isn't going to be like a home cooked Thanksgiving meal. We are sailing this Thanksgiving - will be our 2nd family Thanksgiving cruise and I've already had to promise my family that we will have a traditional Thanksgiving meal sometime after or before our cruise.
  9. I would definitely reach out to a Carnival personal vacation planner to help you with cabins and then possibly make my decision on either the Ecstasy or the Liberty. Since there are 5 of you and the kids are older I would also suggest doing an OV and an Interior across the hall or even 2 Interiors if you are looking to save some money. The extra space and extra bathroom will definitely be something you will enjoy, especially if you have a child with special needs. As Bostwick girl said above, you might end up at about the same price with 2 cabins vs a suite.
  10. I'm honored you read - love reading your reviews! Thanks for reading!
  11. Creef1014 - email me at agrant1965@gmail.com and I'll be happy to try and get them to you.
  12. Some final thoughts - I realized when I booked this cruise that the Ecstasy was far from a new ship. That is ok for me - we have grown found of the smaller ships even though they are all older. A few cosmetic issues aren't a big deal to us. I will however say that the smell was a huge deterrent to me. If I knew that they didn't get something done about that I would be very hesitant to book the Ecstasy again. The smell was very bad on embarkation day as well as several other days. It seemed to be worse around the atrium area and mid dining
  13. We were just there at the beginning of February and I didn't see any massages being offered. I didn't specifically look for them though.
  14. Exactly when is the first sail date scheduled for her? I'm waiting on photos too!
  15. I can just picture it now....hopefully one day soon!
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