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  1. GeorgiaMomof4

    Best Place to Chill at Port Canaveral

    Depending on what time you arrive versus what time your check in is I doubt you will have to chill very long. In my experience they don't usually go by the check in times very closely anyway. Might be able to just drop your luggage and go on inside to check in!
  2. GeorgiaMomof4

    Are Sunshine O.V.cabins on Deck 5 noisy ?

    You are going to love your deck 5 cabin! Our first time sailing on the Sunshine we booked like within 15 or so days of sailing and did a TBA cabin. We were assigned an OV on deck 5 and our PVP said we had hit the jackpot! I didn't know it at the time but we actually did. We intentionally booked an OV on deck 5 for a Thanksgiving cruise the next year and we have an aft balcony on deck 5 for our February cruise (our first aft balcony and I'm so excited). I have never noticed a lot more motion or noise on deck 5 but we normally always stay in aft cabins so I may just not have much to compare it to.
  3. GeorgiaMomof4

    Formal Night on Carnival Sunshine

    Interested to know this as well as we will be doing this same itinerary on the Sunshine in February. Tell me, have you been to Aruba and Curacao before? What do you plan on doing in those ports? We are having a hard time trying to decide - especially since we don't arrive into Aruba until 1 pm.
  4. GeorgiaMomof4

    How many cruises have you been on?

    Be prepared - it WILL happen! Addiction is almost a guarantee! Have fun!
  5. GeorgiaMomof4

    Have I made a mistake

    I think you will be making a mistake changing. All ships are going to be crowded at some point or the other. We are taking our 3rd cruise on the Sunshine in February and are looking forward to it. We have actually found that the larger ships seem more crowded to us. My husband doesn't do well with crowds either and hasn't had any issues on the Sunshine. You can always make your plans to stay away from the places that you know will be crowded at certain times - kind of like avoiding Atlanta during rush hour lol! You didn't say where your cabin was located but we have always stayed aft and we go right up the stairs or elevator to the lido, waterworks and dinner and have had no issues. Good luck in whatever you decide but I'm thinking you should give it a try - you never know til you do. You might be missing what would turn out to be your favorite ship.
  6. GeorgiaMomof4

    Family Member Death -- need advice

    First off, let me say I'm very sorry for your loss. I know your family's lives have been turned upside down but as others have said, as time goes by it will be easier. Now, about the cruise. You didn't say whether your MIL booked direct, with a travel agent or with a PVP. If you booked with a PVP and he (or she) is as awesome as mine is, I would definitely reach out to them and explain the situation. Your PVP may be able to give you options that you haven't even thought of and sometimes has some leeway in things they can do or at least mine has been able to work magic in some strange situations that we have encountered in the past. I'm thinking that it would be best to let them know of your FIL's passing now and go ahead and cancel him since it's prior to final payment. As time goes by maybe your MIL will change her mind and decide to go. We all know that now more than ever she needs to be around people who love her and can be there to support her. If she does decide to go, at that point she could invite a friend or you could do as you said and move a grandchild into her room to help absorb some of the cost (even if on paper only, they don't care who sleeps where once you're on the ship). I would think if she can decide and has decided prior to final payment it would certainly make any changes easier and if you're cruising in March I'm assuming your final payment is sometime in January. All any of us here can do is guess. Call whoever you booked with and check with the insurance co that she purchased. You'll then be able to talk to her and have all the information you need so she can make a decision. Please ask her not to make one in haste though - give it some time. Good luck and God Bless.
  7. We stopped in Freeport a few years ago and did a resort for a day. Took a taxi over and had a wonderful day. It was gorgeous. It wasn't all inclusive, I don't even remember if they offered that but we don't drink so we wouldn't have been interested in that anyway. The resort did have a casino but I honestly can't remember the name of it. I might be able to go back and find it if you are interested.
  8. GeorgiaMomof4

    Sunshine's Behind the Fun tours

    Thanks everyone! I think we have definitely decided to do the Behind the Fun tour this cruise since we won't have any kids with us this trip and we've never done it. I'm looking forward to it - even though it is on the last sea day - ugh!
  9. Looking at maybe doing a Behind the Fun tour on our Sunshine sailing in February. This will be my Platinum cruise and I think it's time to see the inner workings of the ship. Has anyone done this on the Sunshine? Is it worth the time and the money? I really don't want to spend my last sea day doing it - had much rather do it earlier in the week. Does anyone know if they only do them on the last day or do they do them other days as well? I know I've read if there is great interest, they might add another one. Thanks in advance for your answers!
  10. First off, let me say that I'm very happy you've recovered from your medical issues and are back to cruising. Thank you sooo much for posting these menus. Husband and I are sailing this same itinerary in February and would like to do the steakhouse and this helps us to pick the night we want to go. This will be our 3rd time on the Sunshine so we know pretty much all there is to know about the ship but we know virtually nothing about Aruba or Curacao. I certainly hope you are going to give us an idea of what you two did in those ports. Once again, thanks for taking the time to do your review - I know they are very time consuming!
  11. Us too! February 15th sailing?
  12. GeorgiaMomof4

    Sunshine - YTD - which dining room

    Awesome - would you maybe be able to save me your Funtimes so I can see what's going on and try to do some planning? I'm envious of you - Mikey will be your CD and he is awesome - we've had him on the Fantasy a few times. I think he goes on vacation right before we get on in February. Any tips you can provide for Aruba and Curacao? We've never been to those ports and don't really know what we are going to do yet. My husband has some mobility issues so I'm thinking we would like to do a little sightseeing and then maybe beach time. I'm not all that excited about not getting into Aruba until 1 pm though!
  13. GeorgiaMomof4

    Sunshine - YTD - which dining room

    Thank you! I see you've sailed the Sunshine a few times - ever done the Southern itinerary?
  14. GeorgiaMomof4

    What did you learn on your last Carnival cruise?

    Marshhawk - Love this thread - great idea! On my last cruise I learned that I can have just as good of a time in an oceanview as in a suite! We (me, oldest daughter and middle daughter) were cruising for my oldest daughter's college graduation and about 5 days before we were to sail I received the upsell call to go from an OV to a grand suite on the Fantasy. At the time there was going to be 4 of us going (my best friend as well) so we decided to take it because we knew it would be better with all 4 of us trying to get ready and make it a surprise for my daughters. She ended up not being able to go due to a grandchild being born and even though it was very nice - the cabin was 2X the size of a regular cabin, the bathroom was large with a huge tub, walk in closet and the balcony was a lot larger as well - we just weren't in the cabin enough to justify the extra money spent. Oh well, at least now I can say I've cruised in a suite and cross that off my bucket list!
  15. GeorgiaMomof4

    What did you learn on your last Carnival cruise?

    We are having our first aft balcony in February doing the southern itinerary. Tell me, what did you like about your aft balcony? I'm so excited to have my first one!