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  1. Happy Labor Day everyone. I’ve been in the middle of nowhere for a few days with no access to phone or Wi-Fi and I’m just wondering if there has been any more news on cruising - like have they extended the no sail date past Nov 1st yet? Thanks!
  2. OK - she did call me back as she said she would. Super nice lady. I know none of this is her fault she is only trying to do her job. With that said, it is frustrating because you would think that this process wouldn't be that hard. Like I said - I wish they would have just cancelled our Radiance and let those who were already booked on the Breeze keep their sailings. She did find us an aft view extended balcony but it is not a handicap accessible room. They will put the shower seat in if my husband ends up needing it so that is good. We were moved up to deck 9 from our original deck 7 on the Radiance. The downfall to all this is there were no more cabins for 5 anywhere near our newly assigned cabin on deck 9. So, my kids are now going to be on deck 1 which sucks but it is what it is. Don't panic - when I say kids - they are 26, 23, 17, 15 and 7 so they will be fine. Actually the 7 year old will be staying in the balcony room with us anyway so it will all work out ok. In order to find them a room, she had to bump them up from a interior to an oceanview which is great but it didn't really matter to the kids. They had just as soon have an interior room. Her only other option was for us to have a total of 3 rooms, 2 triples and 2 double and the price would have gone up $700 which I immediately said no to. As I said before, I doubt all this matters anyway. I truly don't think we will be sailing in November anyway..... If you were scheduled on the Radiance and now the Breeze - hang in there. They are working on it for you.
  3. Hey everyone! We are booked in an aft view extended balcony handicap accessible room for our Thanksgiving sailing on the Radiance - which is now supposed to be the Breeze. I just received a phone call from Carnival (by the way it showed up as telemarketer - Miami on my cell phone) asking me some questions about the accessibility needs of my husband. Basically she is wanting to put us in a balcony room and put in a removable handicap shower seat along with some other things she said would be comparable to the original accessible cabin we had. She however could not tell me if we would still be getting a comparable aft view extended balcony cabin like we had originally booked and I'm certain paid more for than a standard balcony. I told her that I expected an aft view extended balcony cabin on the Breeze similar to the one I had booked on the Radiance. She told me that she is in the disability section but is going to call and see what cabins would be available as we have an interior cabin for our kids booked and our cabins will need to be located in close proximity. Since the Breeze is a larger ship than the Radiance, I'm not sure why they are having such a hard time doing these changes. I'm sure they are doing their best, but I'm almost to the point that I wish they had just cancelled the Radiance and left those who were already booked on the Breeze alone and let them enjoy their cruise. This way we could have gone ahead and booked something else and not had to wait to see what was going to be done. My main thing is I don't want to pay my final payment and Carnival cancel the cruise after all this changing and it take me 3 or 4 months to get my money back like it is taking so many others. I just hope they cancel it before final payment if they are going to have to cancel it. Sorry - just venting. I'm sure they are doing their best - it's just frustrating for everyone. I did want to let everyone know that is still in limbo that they are working on making the changes. I'll update as soon as she calls me back.
  4. We have been to all of them except St. Kitts. That one will be a new one for us.
  5. We are booked for the 11/21 sailing as well. Taking the entire family on a Thanksgiving cruise. I know the last report I heard was the Radiance wouldn't sail at all until 11/1 but I wonder if she does sail at the time - will she pick up the original planned sailing for 11/1 and continue on with the others as planned. I guess what I'm trying to ask is will all the sailings up until 11/1 just be cancelled and then they will pick up with the sailings from that point forward? Keeping our fingers crossed for all of us. I certainly hope a reoccurrence of this doesn't happen in the fall.
  6. Surely by September you'll be good! I hope so! It's actually my Mom - not my MIL and she is doing so much better! Still living with us but getting around better and actually helping out with a few small household chores. I'm keeping my fingers crossed she will continue to improve and will be able to go back to her own home soon. We will be going on the Radiance for Thanksgiving (I hope). Our ports are St. Maarten, St. Kitts, San Juan and Grand Turk. Thanks for reading!
  7. Ugh - yes, all Pepsi products now. We were on the Ecstasy on 2/1/20 and it had already converted over to Pepsi.
  8. They do have turkey, etc. but it isn't going to be like a home cooked Thanksgiving meal. We are sailing this Thanksgiving - will be our 2nd family Thanksgiving cruise and I've already had to promise my family that we will have a traditional Thanksgiving meal sometime after or before our cruise.
  9. I would definitely reach out to a Carnival personal vacation planner to help you with cabins and then possibly make my decision on either the Ecstasy or the Liberty. Since there are 5 of you and the kids are older I would also suggest doing an OV and an Interior across the hall or even 2 Interiors if you are looking to save some money. The extra space and extra bathroom will definitely be something you will enjoy, especially if you have a child with special needs. As Bostwick girl said above, you might end up at about the same price with 2 cabins vs a suite. We were just on the Ecstasy and when we cruise adults only we like the smaller ships but out of all the ships I've sailed on, the Ecstasy is definitely my least favorite. I haven't been on the Liberty but with teens in tow, I would tend to gravitate toward a larger ship - more stuff to do and that helps keep them busy and happy! Good luck in whatever you choose and be sure to come back and let us know! Have fun - you'll be hooked just like the rest of us!
  10. I'm honored you read - love reading your reviews! Thanks for reading!
  11. Creef1014 - email me at agrant1965@gmail.com and I'll be happy to try and get them to you.
  12. Some final thoughts - I realized when I booked this cruise that the Ecstasy was far from a new ship. That is ok for me - we have grown found of the smaller ships even though they are all older. A few cosmetic issues aren't a big deal to us. I will however say that the smell was a huge deterrent to me. If I knew that they didn't get something done about that I would be very hesitant to book the Ecstasy again. The smell was very bad on embarkation day as well as several other days. It seemed to be worse around the atrium area and mid dining room area but I did smell it in other areas as well. I have seen many reviews that people complain about the smell on a ship and I have encountered it briefly on other ships when walking down a particular hall or being in a particular area but it has always passed quickly. This unfortunately was not the case with the Ecstasy. Maybe they will address it and find a solution. We waited in basically no lines for anything. There were no lines on Lido - maybe 3 or 4 minutes for an omelet in the morning or a Guy's burger for lunch. There were always seats to be found on Lido - either inside or outside. Same held true for the shows - we never had an issue with getting a seat in the main lounge nor in the aft lounge where the comedy shows were held. I don't believe the ship was sailing completely full so this could have been the reason for no lines. Either way - that was a definite plus. Our service was good everywhere we went - from our room steward to the lido to the MDR. We had no complaints there. I was pleasantly surprised that this ship offered "Blockbuster Movies". The movies showing while we cruises were Ford vs. Ferrari and Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. These movies were shown in the Starlight lounge where the comedy shows were in the evenings. Glen really wanted to see Ford vs. Ferrari but unfortunately the movies were shown at strange times - 12:00 noon, 1:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 5:00 pm and one at 8:00 one evening. I do miss the outdoor Dive In Movie experience that the larger ships have. I can't really think of anything else. We did have a wonderful time - we really needed this time away to get some rest and recharge. I do have the Fun Times and the Entertainment Schedule if anyone is interested. If you have any questions about anything I didn't touch on please feel free to ask. I hope you enjoyed the review and thanks for following along. Angela
  13. We were just there at the beginning of February and I didn't see any massages being offered. I didn't specifically look for them though.
  14. Exactly when is the first sail date scheduled for her? I'm waiting on photos too!
  15. I can just picture it now....hopefully one day soon!
  16. You can have all the dark meat - I’m a white meat person! I’ve had to promise my crew that we would have our own Thanksgiving after we get back though. The ships Thanksgiving meal just isn’t as good as one we fix at home I don’t think! I’ll have to check out the roll call! Thank you.
  17. Be sure you do! We didn’t leave any extra because the service just didn’t really warrant it.
  18. We attended the first one - which was Motor City. We have seen it several times but it was still good. We didn’t go to the other one which was America Rocks I believe. We’ve seen it before and it’s really good too.
  19. Thanks for reading - Mom is hanging in there. Dialysis days are really hard on her - doing 3 times a week and were hoping to cut that down to 2 a week but it isn’t promising looking yet. Thank you for asking. My DH has mobility issues as well and he did fine with the walk there. You could always stop and rest if needed but it wasn’t a bad walk at all. Not even bad that afternoon when it was warmer.
  20. This is good to hear - I always enjoy a good CD. I don't know anything about him though - I'll have to check him out! Gosh - I wish we were sailing with you two - I'd love to meet you and Patti!
  21. Debarkation - We arrived really early in Jacksonville - probably 6:30 or so. I woke up about the time to see us sail under the bridge. We showered, dressed and finished packing up our last minute items and headed to breakfast. We ate quickly so we could get back to the cabin to collect our luggage and be ready to debark. We always do self assist debark because we drive to the port and when vacation is over, I'm just ready to head home. As I said at the beginning of the review we specifically booked the Empress deck because we knew that was the embark and debark deck. Our cabin steward was itching for us to leave our room so we headed on up the hallway about 7:50 or so and waited with some others who were doing self assist debark. Since we are Platinum we could have met in the aft lounge on deck 9 and debarked with all the other Platinum and Diamond passengers but we opted to not do that since Michael and Donna aren't Platinum yet. Lucky for us though - there was a staff member in the hallway where we were and when he saw we were Platinum he allowed all 4 of us to go ahead and debark before the others in the hallway got to leave. It made it a little less difficult for Glen since he has some mobility issues. We sure were glad that it was all downhill on the ramp to leave! We were steered to the Passport line at customs and Michael and Donna had to go to the other line because Michael only cruises with his birth certificate. They ended up getting out and to the car about 5 minutes before we did! Not sure why our line was so slow - I thought having a passport would make it faster. We were in the loaded and in the car to leave at 8:30! I'll be back tomorrow morning with some final thoughts. If you have any questions, ask away.
  22. Wednesday - last sea day We slept in a little later than usual and when I woke up I was worried I wouldn't be able to get a good seat in the Serenity area. I always tend to lean toward the Serenity area when we cruise adults only because I've left my kids home and I prefer to just enjoy the peace and quiet that the Serenity area offers. I love kids - having 6 of my own and being a foster parent for close to 15 years, we have had more than 30 foster children come through our home. I'm definitely not one of these people who cringe at the sight of children on a cruise - heck they need to have fun too and as parents who bring ours along sometimes it upsets me to see someone snarl their nose at children on a cruise. Anyway, I regress. If we have our kids with us, our youngest being 6 and 5, I always hang with them so they can slide and swim and play - this cruise was for R and R though. I made my way up to Serenity and found plenty of loungers left right on the front row with a wonderful view of the ocean so I chose one and sat and ready and enjoyed the warm morning sunshine for an hour or so. I had told Glen to give me a little time and meet me on Lido deck and we would have breakfast. Met him and we eat and he came and hung out with me for a little while and then retreated back to the room. He was actually having some symptoms of a kidney stone (he has had many before so we know all the signs) and was just trying to play it cool in hopes that the pain wouldn't get so bad that he would end up at the medical center. So I let him rest and chill and I stayed situated on Serenity with my book and sunshine. I napped, read, napped, read - well you get the picture. Later on it was time for lunch - can't miss a meal while cruising you know so we met back on Lido for lunch. I think I had a taco and a burrito bowl from Blue Iguana today - love the chicken ones! They were also having the chocolate extravaganza on Lido so I tried a couple pieces of chocolate cake. One was to die for - but I don't remember the name of it. Gosh, it was so good - I wish I could remember the name of it. The others were just ok to me. I pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon up on Serenity and Glen went back to the cabin again. Earlier in the week we had each gotten a invitation to the VIFP Diamond and Platinum Gathering. We were excited that it said that we could each bring a guest - this meant Michael and Donna could tag along with us - they haven't quite reached Platinum level yet. Since the party started at 5:15 I had to come in earlier than I really wanted to. I wish they didn't have it so early, especially on the last sea day when you're trying to soak up all the fun and sun you can on your last day. I realize they have to do it around that time for those who have early dinner though. We got ready and headed to the party around 5:20 or so. The lounge was already hopping with people - they must have started earlier. We found a seat and were served drinks immediately. They had some kind of vodka and punch drink I think already made up and were also taking orders for anything else you might want. There were waiters and waitresses going around with different appetizers as well. The booze was flowing - I think at one time between the 4 of us there were like 12 or 13 drinks sitting on our table. They left all of us 2 each of the punch drinks and then brought Glen 2 beer (he only requested 1). I was really amazed - didn't think they would serve them so freely. Michael and Donna are more likely to drink than Glen and I are, but I think we probably all had a slight buzz going by the time we left there. We hung out in there until they ran us out and then we sat our in the area where the Alchemy bar was. They had already cleared the majority of them away - but here is a picture of all the drinks. After we recovered just little we headed on to the MDR for our last dinner aboard the ship. Once again, there was no wait. We were seated in a different area right in the middle of the dining room tonight and had good seats for the final song - Leaving a Cruise ship! Michael had been ordering off the additional $ Steakhouse Menu for several nights getting the filet. There wasn't really anything that caught my eye on the menu tonight so I decided to order the filet as well. Oh my goodness, it was delicious! At one point I didn't even realize it and I was cutting it with my table knife instead of my steak knife. It was well worth the extra $20 in my opinion. We usually do the steakhouse one night when we cruise adults only but since the Ecstasy doesn't have a steakhouse we weren't able to do that this trip. To be honest, I think I enjoyed that filet for $20 as much as I do going to the steakhouse when we go and it was definitely cheaper. After dinner we made our way back to the atrium so we could watch the fun farewell music trivia party with Cam. Once again, he was great. It was all a lot of fun and one of the things I don't mind doing each time they have one because it's a little different each time. We strolled around a little after the trivia and then headed back to the cabin. I did the rest of our packing and then took my book back up to the Serenity area to read and enjoy the stars and water before turning in for the last night of our cruise.
  23. Once back on board from Princess Cay I decided I would have an afternoon nap. There wasn't anything exciting going on that we wanted to do after dinner so we weren't in a big hurry to go to dinner. Nap time over, we got dressed and ready for dinner. Once again there was absolutely no wait for the YTD which was great. We ended up sitting in the same area for dinner several nights so we had the same wait staff. It was Henry, Edy and Wonshim. Henry was a nut - he asked us if we had a nice day in Princess Cay and of course we said we did. I asked him if he had a nice day and he smiled really big and said that he had gone swimming with a mermaid lol! I kind of doubt that but it was so funny the way he said it and the expressions that he had. I believe I had the lasagna tonight and it was really good - way too much to eat though. As we were coming out of dinner, we caught a little big of the 90's music trivia party that was going on in the atrium. Once again, Cam didn't disappoint. He was making it fun and interesting for everyone! We decided against going to the playlist production of America Rocks because we have seen it multiple times. We just strolled around the Promenade, maybe visited the casino and eventually ended up on deck 11 in a comfy chair to watch the deck party. We didn't hang out there long - we were tired and decided to head back to the cabin. Once back in the cabin I decided I would get a head start on that dreaded chore of packing and packed everything up that I knew we wouldn't need for our last sea day and night. I hate packing - that means this vacation that you have anticipated for so long is coming to a close and you have to go back home to the "real" world...kids, work, bills, cooking, cleaning - you get the picture. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and I did miss them and my Mom but it just went by so fast! Got that horrible chore finished and headed to bed.
  24. We are booked on the Radiance for Thanksgiving week this year. I really haven't seen a lot of information yet on the Radiance unless I've just missed it. Anyone have any information they want to share here? Looking forward to this cruise - we will be going to St. Kitts this trip which is our first time there.
  25. Tuesday - Princess Cay We arrived in Princess Cay early. We knew we had the entire day so we didn't get up extra early, but early enough that we would have time for breakfast and to get off the ship by 8:30 or 9:00. Princess Cay is a tender port so it takes a little longer than just walking off the ship and being there. We were lucky though - there were 2 tenders loading when we headed off the ship at around 9:00 or so and we got a seat on one of those. It wasn't long before we were on our way to the island. It was gorgeous day and the water was absolutely beautiful. After the short ride from the ship to the island we got off and walked down the beach a little ways - down past where lunch is served. We found some loungers under a tree so we would have some shade and some sun (once again for Glen and Michael who aren't sun worshippers). It was a warm day today. I couldn't wait to check out the water and see what the temperature of it was. It was a little warmer than Nassau, but not a lot. Michael and Donna did some exploring, but Glen and I were lazy and just lounged at our chairs. It was crowded but it wasn't too crowded. It wasn't long before we could smell the grilling smells coming from the lunch areas where they were preparing the food for the day. I believe the lunch was served from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. After smelling those wonderful smells we decided to head to lunch about 11:45 or so. Lines were a little long but it was all in the shade so not a bad wait. They had the standard island fare - burgers, hot dogs, jerk chicken, slaw, potato salad and all the fixins. Although I like my burger done, it was a little too done on the outside. All in all the food was good though. They did have brownies, cookies and all kinds of fruit as well. The brownies were delicious! After lunch Donna and I decided we wanted to snorkel. We had brought our own masks and had been hearing some people sitting next to us talk about all the fish they were seeing just a little ways out so we decided we would brave the cooler water and go check it out. The water was cold! I'm sure it probably wasn't for those who live in colder climates, but it was cold to me. Donna wasn't wanting to get in and I finally persuaded her to just take the plunge and do it. After you got all in it really wasn't that bad, you adjust pretty quickly. Initially though, it was cold. I'm so glad we went in though because the fish were everywhere. The water was crystal clear and there were schools of all different kinds of fish swimming everywhere. I loved the fact that there were rocks right off the pier that you could stand on and let the fish swim around you. I'm sure it helped that people were feeding them bread or whatever from the pier but they were everywhere. There were some different kind that I hadn't seen snorkeling in other places that we've been. We ended up staying out there quite a while and then reluctantly headed back to the shore. Now, I had heard where Princess Cay was not a favorite of some people because of the rocks in the water. This was somewhat of an issue getting in and out but you could almost step around them and avoid most of them. It isn't like Half Moon Cay for sure where there are basically no rocks at all in the water. This is what I came back to after snorkeling - Glen was taking him an afternoon siesta. Exactly what vacation if for though.... It wasn't long before Michael and Donna decided they wanted to head back to the ship. Glen decided he would tag along with them because he had been out in the sun enough and wanted to cool down some. I wanted to stay and relax and read and soak up a little more sun so I told them I would head back to the ship a little later. It did get really warm and the sun was really strong so I opted to move from the loungers we had to a different spot so at least some of me would be in the shade. The sun had moved across the sky and our chairs were no longer in any kind of shade. I stayed about an hour and then headed back to the ship as well. Here are a couple of pictures I took as I headed back to the tender. We had a good day in Princess Cay. I have to say other than the rocks in the water, I think I like Princess Cay better than Half Moon Cay.
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