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  1. Dear Valued Guests We would like to advise you of an important update to your cruise itinerary aboard Riviera on November 7, 2021. Please note the cruise will depart from Marseille, France. Additionally, the scheduled call to Barcelona has been replaced with Palma de Mallorca. The revised portion of the itinerary is included below for your reference: DATE DAY PORT ARRIVAL DEPARTURE ORIGINAL PORT 7-Nov-21 SUN PROVENCE (MARSEILLE), FRANCE 11:00 PM MONTE CARLO, MONACO 8-Nov-21 MON TOULON, FRANCE 8:30 AM 6:00 PM 9-Nov-21 TUE PALMA DE MALLORCA, SPAIN 12:00 PM 8:00 PM BARCELONA, SPAIN 10-Nov-21 WED CARTAGENA, SPAIN 12:00 PM 8:00 PM 11-Nov-21 THU MELILLA, SPAIN 8:00 AM 6:00 PM 12-Nov-21 FRI ALICANTE, SPAIN 8:00 AM 5:00 PM 13-Nov-21 SAT CRUISING THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA 14-Nov-21 SUN VALLETTA, MALTA 11:00 AM 8:00 PM 15-Nov-21 MON CATANIA (SICILY), ITALY 8:00 AM 6:00 PM 16-Nov-21 TUE NAPLES/POMPEII, ITALY 8:00 AM 6:00 PM 17-Nov-21 WED ROME (CIVITAVECCHIA), ITALY 6:00 AM 6:00 PM
  2. That's interesting. I've never seen that info before. It's pretty casual. I am guessing they don't want flip flops, although I have some nice flip flops I do wear. I've never seen anyone turned away because they weren't dressed correctly. You will see a range of the interpretation of 'casual'. My husband has a couple pair of travel pants (yes the kind with the big pockets) and he wears them to dinner every night. They look nice enough with a casual untucked shirt. It's one of the things we love about O!!
  3. More info from our awesome TA. Rules can be different, for FP's, for different ships!! No wonder we can't keep track of it all!! She is working hard to see if she can get some inside info for us. Stay tuned. Kim
  4. True, but our November 7 is 26 days to Miami. Our TA also said that the cut off for these FP changes are cruises leaving after October 31. If they leave before this date the FP is 60 days regardless of length. I guess we are all just getting a bit nervous if we have paid our FP. Things were very different, virus wise, 2 months ago. So disappointed that things have declined and so many folks are still at risk!
  5. I think it is supposed to depend upon cruise length. I do have my TA snooping around to find out what the story is as it seems they aren't consistent.
  6. But, it does sound like mauibabes, Gerry, was offered 60 days for a cruise leaving November7? Gerry my TA has hit a wall, even with the supervisors. She asked if I could get the last name or booking number for anyone who was offered 60 day FP. If you are comfortable with emailing me that would be awesome. kimhuselid@gmail.com Thank you!!
  7. Thank you Gerry. We had to pay our final in June for that November 7 sailing. Our TA did call and talked to them more than once and the answer was no! I think it also had something to do with when the cruise was booked. Ours wasn't booked until May so that might be the difference. BUT I will have her call and push again! Thanks!
  8. Gerry, Did they change your FP for the IST to Miami to August? Ours was split into to 2 and we had to pay the MC to Miami leg in June. Were you able to make it one cruise with a final of 60 days? Just wondering if we have any leeway here for canceling.....just in case. Thanks!
  9. We found the coffee in the self serve machines was actually pretty good. Have never been a fan of the brewed stuff they serve in the restaurants or room service. We've given them that feedback multiple times. We have also had luck ordering espresso in room service. Just gotta learn the tricks!! Horizons and the Terraces have the machines 24/7.
  10. I am curious to know what the dates are for that cancellation policy? I know they had more liberal policies at some point, but ours for our October cruise is just the standard one. I could be wrong but I think Cruise with Confidence is Princess?
  11. Yes, we did Norway in a Nutshell several years ago. Got off the ship on the West side and back on on the East. It was so fun!
  12. Hi all, I am trying to get my brother and SIL hooked on Oceania. We have not cruised with them before and all they have done is RCL. They mentioned wanting to see Norway (land of our people). We have done Montreal to London via Greenland, Iceland, Norway etc.....I am sure they wouldn't want one that long so thinking of 14 days or so. I see 2022 is totally booked. Someone mentioned (gasp) that Viking actually does an excellent job with Norway.....however I do want to share Oceania with them. Would prefer not to do the Baltic again. What are your favorite Iceland/Norway itineraries on O? I see I may have to wait until the 2023 schedule shows up. Thanks all!! Kim
  13. I asked the is question of O months ago and the answer was unfortunately, no. Some corporate speak I don't really understand. I surely empathize with the decision you are trying to make though. We went ahead and paid the final on our November cruise.....there is no way, it seems, to be completely sure of anything now so I suppose it is a matter of individual risk tolerance. I am thinking if it becomes really unsafe or unworkable O will cancel. Best to you in your decision making!!
  14. Hi all, Our favorite line is Oceania but their full transit Canal itineraries are somewhat truncated for some reason (unless we want to do a longer cruise from SA). Which line includes more interesting ports on the gulf side, like Cozumel? We want the full transit and not that interested in ports on the western side. We've done quite a few cruises but never the Canal. We are 65 and 70 fairly active and would love something that explores the history of the area and the canal. Someone mentioned a train that runs along the canal?? Look forward to your responses and thanks!!
  15. I am not sure about the mechanisms, but yes the ac turns off if you open the balcony doors. If you want your ac to stay on don’t open the doors. I don’t know, but would imagine, that this only impacts your cabin?
  16. Hi Laszlo, My husband just wears travel pants, the ones with pockets that look pretty nice. He has a tan pair and a gray pair and thats it, along with a few easy traveling button down shirts (no tucking). You will see a range of clothing. Comfort is key.
  17. Thank you all. We did book at the Sirkecki. It looks lovely and the transport from the airport is so reasonable.
  18. I believe in A cabins it’s standard now to get some freebies concerning having your laundry done. It does take 3 days to get it returned but with some planning it’s a pretty nice perk.
  19. Just to clarify I am not against o’s cancellation policy for longer sailings. I too have gladly paid months ahead of time for a longer cruise. The travel assurance program expires on October 31, before that one can cancel any cruise 15 days before sailing because of the pandemic. I have no intention of cancelling but if there is an outbreak that makes it feel less safe to sail, and O decides to go anyway, there could be lots of dollars to lose. It does seem that things are heading in a positive direction virus wise, but a lot can happen in 5 months! I’m not that anxious about it, if I was I wouldn’t have booked. I just wondered how others were handling his uncertainty.
  20. Last time we were the we stayed in Sultanahmet. That would be fine, just prefer to walk everywhere if we can.
  21. We are thrilled to, hopefully, be returning to Istanbul in October and want to stay a few nights pre-cruise. Many years ago we stayed at the Ada Hotel. Would like to try something new this time and would love your recommendations. Looks like prices are pretty good everywhere. Looking forward to your ideas. Thanks, Kim
  22. Now that would be so awesome! I'll keep an ear to the ground!
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