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  1. Hi, I would just like to hear views on the possibility of being a UK resident and booking through a US travel agent. The main thing i want is the price drop guarantee that i believe US travel agents offer. I've found a particular cruise i'm interested in for summer 2021 and got some quotes but am a little hesitant to book as i'm sure there's something called wave season between Jan-March time when a lot of prices tend to drop, but then again i'm after a particular cabin type so not sure whether to risk waiting or not!!! Thanks Brad
  2. Just managed to see the scan now. So, the pages on the planner are a combination of white, blue, mint green and purple. only took about 12 messages to get there!!!
  3. Just when I click the link for the newsletter scan, says the attachment is not available or may have been removed. But if someone could just tell me the colour of the paper it’s on that would be a big help. Thanks
  4. Thanks Clara but the link on that thread isn’t working for me.
  5. I’m just wondering what colour the daily news letter is on the Oasis so I know what colour highlighter to get. Such a first world problem I know!!!
  6. Sorry, I forgot to specify that it was referring to the Windjammer Buffet
  7. I was just reading a website about dining on the oasis, can't tell how up to date it is but it says....... Continental breakfast is from 6:30am to 7:30am, the full breakfast buffet is from 7:30am to 10:30am. Is this right? as in do they not serve hot breakfast until 0730 hrs? I'll be gutted if that is the case. Thanks
  8. Oh right, Thanks, i'll do that then. cheers
  9. Thanks Clarea, Was that like on a piece of paper on the table or something similar?
  10. Hi, I ordered an internet package and received confirmation email from royal. I'm just wondering how it gets activated once I'm on the ship, do i have to go to guest services or will it be an automatic thing because they obviously don't know which device i'll want to use. Thanks
  11. No worries, I'm glad you got it all sorted out. I can't wait either, I'm sure we'll pass each other at some point without even knowing it. lol
  12. Hi, I'm set to go on the Oasis on 18th August and had the same issue with my 6 yr old daughter. May or may not be the same for you but if you go onto the set sail pass screen click on your daughters name and check all the info is correct. For me it was just about having a space in between the first and second part of our post code, once I submitted it the set sail pass came up and so I printed it there and then. But same again when I go into the set sail screen......it appears as if she has now pass on the screen. I think its a glitch.
  13. Thanks for the quick replies to my question.....Yes I will have an adaptor just grabbed that image of the internet quickly. Brad
  14. hi what about these? are these multi plugs allowed to be brought onto the ship?
  15. Thanks Biker19, Just had a look and seems like we don't get it for Oasis. But yes I've printed off my setsail pass already just wanted to see if it was on the App as well......definitely wouldn't be relying on the app alone!!! Just waiting for the luggage tags to be made available now.
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