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  1. Would you mind sharing what company you are using for this tour? We are still looking for private tours in St. Petersburg.
  2. I enjoy not having to pack formal clothing. Yes, it is important to dress nicely, but I no longer want to have to pack evening gowns, etc.
  3. I am glad to hear the dryers are strong. My hair takes a while to dry.
  4. We have only put a deposit down so far and exact date to make reservations is on our invoice.
  5. I was wondering about the strength of the hair dryers. I have thick hair and tend to bring my own dryer, but would love to leave it home if the hair dryers are good on the ship. We will be on the Marina.
  6. My invoice has the exact date at which we can make our dinner reservations.
  7. That's pretty funny. Our O rep said it would be difficult to find business class flights for less than what O was charging. We tried and he was right. We are choosing to go a day early so we don't have to worry about getting there late.
  8. That would be fantastic but I think we're there Wednesday and Thursday. Oh well.
  9. Thanks. We are looking into Alla and also Anastasia Tours.
  10. We actually are considering booking a private tour for just the two of us so we can go at our own pace.
  11. Thank you. I have also heard good things about Anastasia Travel.
  12. Thank you. We have signed up for the O Life package that includes 6 tours and will take advantage of them. We will probably book a private tour in St. Petersburg.
  13. We just booked the Renaissance of Culture cruise though the Baltics. This is our first Oceania cruise and we are really looking forward to it. Do most of you take the ship's shore excursions or book your own?
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