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  1. They give you a phone when you sign your kids up and they will call you on that if you are needed
  2. You can go on boarding day to the camp to sign up. There is usually a time listed in your fun times
  3. We used them and had a great time. The boat they used to get us to the snorkeling area was a speed boat with a small sheltered area. Some people in the sun others not. The guides give you a history as you go and are really nice Snorkeling was great and lots of fun. We found cay caulker to be a bit boring but we had lunch and walked around a bit. It was very very hot. So just finding a shaded spot was the goal
  4. Does anyone know how you book these? I’m 10 months away from my cruise, will they pop up on the excursion options on carnival at some point or do I book somewhere else Thanks
  5. @cclarke12 @JMKreno A few people I’ve seen post they booked this cabin
  6. Anyone have experience here. It’s a harbor cove balcony. On the inaugural cruise I saw someone mention 2408, next door, had terrible pipe noise. I’m wondering if this has been addressed and if the room is better now. I know it is below the galley but hoping it’s in a “good spot” Thanks
  7. I agree with st Lucia. Cosol tours. The absolute best
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