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  1. My comment was intended to be tongue in cheek. We have been told ad nauseam that you cannot compare the efficacy of vaccines. Saying some people "only" have the J&J vaccine because its "only" 65% effective is a bit disingenuous. That why I asked at what exactly. You quoted the wrong person. I was replying to @BirdTravels implication that the J&J vaccine is on par with not being vaccinated.
  2. If that is correct I think people with J&J vaccine should not be considered vaccinated! Just so I understand - 65% effective at what exactly?
  3. I was banking on my cruise getting cancelled and already made other plans. 2 adults and 2 small kids. Crossing my fingers they offer us something nice to cancel or move.
  4. Just like covid you can have the flu and be asymptomatic. Spread it without even knowing it. I have no issue with anyone declining a vaccine but how can you know for sure that you have not had the flu?
  5. Just curious how you know that you have not had to flu in 10 years? Is there a flu antibody test that you take annually?
  6. Vaccines are available to out of state residents only if they are essential works in NYS. If you live in NJ but have a nonessential job in NYS you will not qualify even if you qualify under something else like preexisting conditions.
  7. That's the point. There is a reason Murphy put a pause on any further reopening. I highly doubt cruising is currently on the governments radar in NJ.
  8. We went to Great Adventure last week and it felt like what I imagine florida and Texas to be right now. Unfortunately, until they get their own citizens under control I doubt they will open up to cruises.
  9. I booked a new reservation this past Wednesday Oasis 9/6/20 KSF. Moved the reservation on Friday to Oasis 8/22/21 and kept all promotions. So got to do lift and shift on a new reservation and keep KSF.
  10. @Ourusualbeach Can I reach out to you directly with a question?
  11. If you go directly to Kosherica they coordinate sailings on most of the major cruise lines. I believe they setup their own dining room and you have to book directly through them to eat there.
  12. Does Royal Caribbean release a daily schedule specific to kids? TIA
  13. Does anyone know if there is still a Cartier store downtown? According to Google Maps its permanently closed and the only location listed on the Cartier web site is at Baha Mar.
  14. Im not seeing an outdoor smoking area on deck 5, do you know where it is? We are currently booked in 6272.
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