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  1. fabnfortysomething

    Sailing on Epic, a few questions

    speculation as to why not allowed to carry on water or cans any more to minimise alcohol smuggling in innocuous soft drink packaging listed as a safety issue following airline restrictions of fluids carried on board actual reason-who knows
  2. fabnfortysomething

    Setting up Excursions

    unless its a tender port you are usually able to walk off ship very soon after posted disembarkation time private tour guide usually waiting for us at end of pier with our name on a placard you can trust them to know what time they expect you to get off ship
  3. actually we were on NCL Breakaway last July there were constant shuttle buses leaving from 7.30 and filled up very quickly Are you thinking of the complaints about the HOHO sightseeing bus that refused to leave until was full and in the end had to leave half full due to passenger pressure and the driver eventually realised he wasn't going to get a full bus as most people did journey into Stockholm by train or NCL Shuttle/tour buses? we booked the trip when still advertised as docking in Stockholm and when changed to tender in Nynashamn we got free transfer tickets on the shuttle bus I thought the cost to buy them individually was nearer $30 than $50 but may be wrong
  4. fabnfortysomething

    Shore excursions when visiting Iceland

    not a problem was just a friendly heads up to avoid you getting post removed by moderators it's a common novice mistake especially as it seems some tour companies ask you to put a review on cruisecritic I was looking for the guideline-bit more difficult to find since new set up-it used to be a "sticky" ie permanent post at top of this ports of call forum-its still at top of British Isles one
  5. fabnfortysomething

    Motorized Scooters and ports

    what islands? is mobility scooter full size or a travel one that breaks down into pieces forget Santorini as requires tenderboat-even if staff prepared to lift it on board theres a gap and wave motion to contend with Mykonos can be either tender-again forget it or dock by ferry boat may be possible if scooter breaks down to fit in boot of shuttle bus to go along road to Mykonos town
  6. fabnfortysomething

    Shore excursions when visiting Iceland

    just a heads up you are breaking cruise critic forum rules by recommending a tour company you haven't travelled with yet you can share the info on your roll call
  7. the Hermitage has wheelchairs available to lend-however if both of you need them may need a "pusher" as I remember the one for my husband was not self propelled I would definitely go for a private tour as smaller group will be better you may be able to put together a group from your roll call looking for people who also want a slow pace we had a group of 5 with TJ tours and it was fantastic and still around $300pp
  8. my husband has walking difficulties he had absolutely no problem getting from dock to very close railway station just be aware it is a high step up from platform to train carriage try to sit on left hand side on way up and right for return for best views also get on a mid carriage -the half way stop at waterfall where you can get off for photo[and spoiler alert performance by sexy female/troll] book same train up and back with the 10 minute break at Myrdal station at top believe me you don't need any longer there as no facilities! the ships tours usually include a stop at penultimate station at a hotel for waffles there were a lot of shivering passengers on the platform as we stopped there on ascent they weren't allowed to get on the train as had to wait till we were on the descent hope the waffles were worth it for the extra they paid on top of our independent tour
  9. we usually avoid ships tours but this would be easiest in this case with Nynashamn its about an hour away to Stockholm and buses drop you off in central Stockholm with same pick up point returns are supposed to be at a particular time but in reality the buses run on continual loop and leave when full train on the other hand involves a walk to rail station and reliance on schedules Nynashamn is usually listed as a tender port but last year they utilised floating bridge which meant effectively a floating dock so easy to get on/off ship
  10. fabnfortysomething

    13 hour layover in Dublin....need lots of help!

    the other British Isles port specify the actual port eg Edinburgh [Newhaven] Dublin just says Dublin so not sure There will be 4 of us so taxi may be best Sorry didn't mean to hijack the thread but hopefully OP finds this useful
  11. fabnfortysomething

    13 hour layover in Dublin....need lots of help!

    lol I'd heard so much about the DART servce I assumed it would link to the airport! we will have an overnight stop on British Isles cruise in July-do you recommend Leap card for transport between cruiseport and city?
  12. fabnfortysomething

    Alaska Excursions on NCL Bliss

    that 2 hours before crops up all the time and causes major confusion the only time you need to be on board 2 hours before departure is the embarkation port other ports it is usually 30 mins prior and unless a tender port you will be able to step ashore very soon after posted arrival time no surprise you were given wrong advice when you rang NCL The call centre reps are notorious for giving mis information
  13. fabnfortysomething

    13 hour layover in Dublin....need lots of help!

    I'd suggest HOHO bus round Dublin there are several companies and they do a circuit around main sites including Guiness factory try to get on one with a live commentary rather than pre recorded with jet lag that would be my suggestion getting to Dublin centre from airport I believe the DART[Dublin Area Regional Transport] train services that route more convenient and more expensive is a taxi-how many are you?
  14. fabnfortysomething

    Need Tour Operators for a Group of 25 People in Italy and Greece

    viator is a 3rd party operator therefore if they offer group tours there will be a local company offering the same
  15. fabnfortysomething

    Private Tour Reliability

    no problem