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  1. fabnfortysomething

    Question about train from London to Edinburgh

    depends what you mean about keeping your suitcase with you the overhead luggage racks are only big enough for cabin size bggage larger cases to be stored on racks at either end of compartment and you may not be able to keep an eye on them from your seat if you can even find room that's why I suggested using guards compartment as they have responsibility for them
  2. fabnfortysomething

    Question about train from London to Edinburgh

    LNER are the actual train operator between London ans Scotland on the East coast rail line best prices usually bookable 12 weeks out if you buy advance fares ie for a particular train with free seat reservations travel time about 5 hours from London Kings cross to Edinburgh Waverley scenery varies along route-some countryside and other times long stretches of travelling between cut out areas with nothing to see but high hedges however the coastal route around Berwick is well worth seeing sometimes the first class fares are very little more than standard class depending on your travel time and that includes wider seats and free drinks and meals luggage storage at each end of train compartment can be limited but you can arrange online to have your luggage stored on guards compartment -useful if you have large cases
  3. fabnfortysomething

    Jade 2020 British Isles cruise - question for experts

    las weekend in May is a UK bank holiday and also school half term break prices always soar for all types of holiday during school holdays
  4. fabnfortysomething

    Helsinki in Summer 2019

    a very weird attraction is very close to cruise port on way into Helsinki centre stop no 2 on HOHO route known as the peeing man its a 20 ft statue of a child like sculpture of an amorphic pink figure with a hosepipe in a strategic place which makes it look like peeing into nearby bushes check it out
  5. fabnfortysomething

    Change airports in London flying home

    are the London airports Gatwick and Heathrow? what are the flight times? there is a shuttle between both but allow at least 1 hour transport time-more at peak hours Gatwick express and Heathrow express trains connect to central London if you have enough time it could work out booking central London hotel and taking express next day as long as you allow the 3 hours from airport for check in for international flight
  6. fabnfortysomething

    No so Epic Cruise...

    NCL is freestyle dining which means you don't share a table with others unless you ask[and often no one else will join you anyway] I agree service is main dining rooms can take too long for us it helps if you stress at time of sitting down you want to be out to catch a show at a particular time
  7. fabnfortysomething

    Bath robes in cabin on the Bliss?

    yu can request bathrobes from your steward if not already provided however no slippers
  8. fabnfortysomething

    Gibraltar and St. Michael Caves: NCL ship excursion

    the big tour buses cant get up to the very top because of the narrow winding roads a taxi tour is best option IMO
  9. fabnfortysomething

    Planning my first North Europe cruise

    we have done 2 NCL Baltics cruises-Sun a smaller ship and Breakaway a mega ship Sun was billed from start as Nynashamn an hour from Stockholm this years cruise on Breakaway was originally docking in Stockholm but a few months pre cruise was changed to Nynashamn lots of confusion re promised transfers and angry people at guest services over it St Peterburg did private tour both times and a must first time round did private tour to Berlin from Wanemunde-long day but good overview second time stayed a few days in Berlin pre cruise to explore fully and got train from Berlin to Warnemunde via Rostock to embark ship there
  10. fabnfortysomething

    AI (UK) specialist coffee

    good tip
  11. fabnfortysomething

    AI (UK) specialist coffee

    my personal opinion this offering of speciality coffee post meal not a good perk I don't drink coffee in evenings and like a latte mid morning I have suggested in guest feedback that instead of the awful sparkling wine provided to past cruisers a voucher for a speciality coffee from atrium would be better received!
  12. fabnfortysomething

    Cape Sounion or Ancient Corinth?

    we travelled with PK and enjoyed Corinth canal viewed from bridge above and then a tour around ancient Corinth we had used same company a few years earlier to do sites of Athens
  13. fabnfortysomething

    Considering Escape for Baltic Cruise in 2020 - questions...

    gratuities of about 18% of value of beverage package and dining are payable on the value of these so make sure you don't pick beverge package perk if you don't drink
  14. fabnfortysomething

    HoHo bus lines

    yes you can buy them on the bus in most places and they take credit cards there can be several companies but city sightseeing offer a 10% discount if you show your ticket from another city as eurocruiser says they can be good in some places and poor value in others where are you thinking of?
  15. great review and your partners blog too we did the Eastern TA on Epic April this year Andre was also the cruise director and a really entertaining guy[originally from South Shields] his progressive trivia was hilarious as each daily winning team got to add a decoration to Marley the towel animal who ended up becoming Marlene by the end did he do the same this cruise?