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  1. fabnfortysomething

    Not the cruise line you want to cruise with

    I keep seeing the same comment "that's what insurance is for" We always take out travel insurance-it's compulsory in UK as our NHS service does not cover medical outside UK However there are so many exclusions where the insurance company can wriggle out-we have had 2 claims rejected I don't think there is such a thing as cancel for any reason insurance in UK and if you have pre existing medical conditions it doesn't matter if you take out insurance at same time as booking you still have to pay a hefty additional premium
  2. fabnfortysomething

    Anyone use Barcelona Day Tours?

    I was the poster who had laptop stolen from supposedly secure van we had travel insurance as always but refused to pay out as electrical items such as laptops cameras etc are classed as gadgets and excluded-check the small print the issue was the driver and his attitude-shrugging his shoulders and saying "these things happen" he had no knowledge of Barcelona Day Tours website promise of personal belongings securely stored in the van whilst you enjoy a walking tour en route to eventual airport drop off we had to insist he take us to a local police station for a crime report for insurance As no one in police station spoke English and we don't speak Spanish he acted as interpretor When we got the report translated later he didn't report actual facts but tried to make excuses as to how a thief would have had to "insert his full upper body into the van" We had got together 2 other couples from roll call to share costs and he was trying to persuade us in the police station that the other couples were keen to continue with the tour when in fact they had lost any enjoyment in day and he tried to make us feel sorry for him saying he would lose money from a curtailed tour!!!!! I would hope Barcelona Day Tours have learned a lesson from our experience and stress to the drivers that they have a duty of care to their passengers
  3. fabnfortysomething

    Meet and Mingle

    completely depends upon hotel director on individual ship have hosted several where absolutely no perks others have had afternoon snacks delivered usually offered to haven guests,mini Bulgari toiletries,lunch in speciality restaurant and invite to captains party in Haven however there have been reports of feuds on roll calls over who gets to host in order to claim perks and as a result the ships are cutting back perks in other words organise a meet and greet because you enjoy it not for perceived rewards
  4. fabnfortysomething

    White Villages of Cadiz

    we used www.toursfromcadiz.com great guy Carlos who drove us all around area including Arcos,the equestrian centre and Cadiz itself He will also take photos of your party and send them to you via email as he is a keen photographer He will also tailor the day to suit you
  5. we were on the Epic transatlantic in April trivia was in atrium first day but then moved to nightclub which was a much better venue it truly was progressive as points not totalled up till last day and each daily winning team had to add a decoration to Marley the towel animal which would be taken home by overall winning team some people were very creative and it must have been double its original weight by end of cruise! there were about 20 teams regularly taking part and it was great fun however its all down to the cruise director and Andre Paul Gaffney did a great job
  6. fabnfortysomething

    Port To Airport

    when check in desks don't open till 2 hours before flight not much point in arriving before that usually 30 mins to get from cruise port to airport
  7. fabnfortysomething

    Don't Flame Me - Honest Question.

    yes the DSC is the same amount for Brits-its the same amount added in dollars to onboard account or can pre pay but now there is the all inclusive option where DSC UBP and all gratuities are included in price there is an option for basic fare with no dining or drink packages and the DSC would be payable on that although the all inclusive looks more expensive we prefer it that way as less to budget for on board as for leaving tips at bar I've never seen the point of that as 20% gratuity is already added and why would you want to carry around a load of currency when whole idea is the ship card makes it cashless on board I always fill in vacation hero cards on last night for those who have gone beyond as I understand that helps their career
  8. it is very unusual for any deposit to be required with most of private tour companies payment usually on 2nd day
  9. fabnfortysomething

    Platinum disembarkation

    the yellow luggage tags mean your bags are off ship first and in an area close to final ship disembarkation area it means you don't have to search out your bags in a large holding area you can leave the ship whenever you want we are never in a rush to get off so vacate cabin by 8.30 and have a leisurely breakfast with our carry off bags head off ship between 9.30 to 10 when mad rush is over and just pick up bags from holding area and off we go whether we get tags delivered to our cabin or pick them up from cruise next desk varies by ship there is usually a letter in cabin explaining what to do but have never had special escort off ship
  10. fabnfortysomething

    St Petersburg With A Child

    best guides seem to get good reviews for child orientated tours
  11. fabnfortysomething

    Adult vs Ultimate Beverage package

    same thing
  12. fabnfortysomething

    Question about setting up Meet & Greet

    just word of advice after NCL has changed date and venue of meet and greet twice now and only got to know when found letter in cabin as co ordinator when they bring meeting forward is very difficult to get round ask interested people to email you their cabin numbers so you can contact them on board if this happns
  13. fabnfortysomething

    Berlin excursion suggestions from Warnemunde?

    several of the St Petersburg tour operators such as SPB and TJ Tours also do tours to Berlin from Warnemunde usually in buses as getting to Berlin via scheduled trains is tricky due to time constraints the ships tours are chartered trains and you are right they are overpriced
  14. fabnfortysomething

    Eurostar luggage

    contact Eurostar special assistance for help you may not consider yourselves disabled but if you are worried about carrying luggage up onto benches this may be worth considering
  15. great that definitely works