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  1. Do you use a cane with a drop down seat or do you know anyone who does? I am looking for a recommendation for a brand/type of cane that has a seat that could work for a taller person. My husband has a mobility issue and while he uses a folding traveler scooter, there are places on a ship where he prefers to walk, such as inside a casino or along a buffet line and elsewhere. A year and a half before getting the scooter, I brought home a cane with a very small seat that flipped down. Ended up taking it back because the seat was really tiny and also very low to the ground. I had gotten the idea because we were on a ship the year before and met someone that had a cane with a seat. I’m certain it was larger than the one I found in a local store that sold accessibility equipment. DH is 6‘3“ tall and weighs about 185. Thanks for any recommendations.
  2. Strange. As I understand it, the captain calls the shots regarding how things are done on his or her ship. Everything from aspects of customer service to whether or not he will open the bar for two hours free because the ship is going to get to port four hours late, & many other issues. Not sure if you just happen to get the wrong crew member or if what you Experienced is Standard procedure on explorer. I think I would’ve requested that’s a crewmember call his superior or take me to the guest services desk. That goes for NCL, mentioned above, or any other line.How do you just stayed right where he left you, I’m pretty certain another crew member would have ventured past and you could have ask that person if they could get you some assistance. I think it would be worth registering an official complaint with the cruise line.
  3. If the poster above meant Royal Caribbean, I wonder why they were deposited 20 feet inside the gangway? I just got a Pride folding mobility scooter for my husband which we received about a week before A cruise on Symphony OTS in March. Prior to that, in may and February of last year we also did well Caribbean cruises. Both times my husband was delivered to our cabin via wheelchair. timing was around noon to 1 PM. No stops in the buffet or anything so he was able to get his scooter right away. Prior to that the first time he rented one was for a princess cruise out of Vancouver. That time the scooter was waiting in the area of the gangway, outside the ship. By the way, the scooter we bought worked out great! A breeze to open & close (this one is not an auto fold) and even though I am a 5’5”, 68 years old female I am able to lift it into a car trunk and so on. Makes a big difference because finding accessible transportation is not necessary with this type of scooter. Which ever way you go, I think you will really enjoy having scooter at your disposal.
  4. I don’t think most people in a wheelchair or using it for that reason. I’m glad your mom is tough but I had to force my husband to use a wheelchair. It was dangerous for him not to. I know others who have had to do the same thing with their mobility impaired loved ones. Having to deal with a wheelchair, or even a scooter for that matter, with the loading and unloading at such, does not make travel easier. Standing in line is better than having to do that.
  5. Your 98-year-old mom probably is impaired enough that it is noticeable. In that case, she would be allowed in that line I am sure. It is not the TSA nor anyone else’s fault if she doesn’t enter that line. She does not need to be a martyr or hero and stand in a long line if it is difficult for her. The point to my story was they were TSA agents goofing around to a great extent who seemed like they just didn’t want to bother with helping those in the wheelchair or my husband in a scooter. Hopefully that doesn’t happen a lot but those impaired need to allow a little extra time at the airport even though they will likely go through a quicker line.
  6. We have completed our recent trip which included a flight to Miami, several days in Fort Lauderdale, a cruise out of Miami, then drove from Miami to Tampa for a few days and flew from TPA back home. This will be long so consider yourself warned if you decide to keep reading: No problem inthe airport security lines except in Tampa, exactly one week ago today. It isn’t that they didn’t have a special line for people with impaired mobility. It’s just that although there were plenty of TSA security agents, many seem to be walking around kind of like the Keystone Cops. Sort of milling around, looking confused as to what they should do, or socializing With others workers. Of course some TSAs were actually working as people went through the scanners etc. They were four or five people in wheelchairs lined up in front of a scanning/X-ray booth. Security lines on either side of them for people with no mobility issues. There was another line or two with another cray booth also open for non-mobility impaired people. Those in the line on either side of those in wheelchairs kept being directed to merge in front of the wheelchair line, and on through that scanner while those I. Wheelchairs had to just sit there waiting. My husband was at the end of the wheelchair line on a scooter. I was next to him as I was directed to go with him by the person checking our boarding passes upon entry to the area. After just standing there for 10 to 15 minutes with not even one person in a wheelchair being assisted through security, I asked a security worker if anyone was going to assist those in our line. I was told yes, in a minute. After another five minutes or so went by with no assistance, I walked right into one of the lines being allowed to go In front of the wheelchair line and went through the scanner myself. When I got to the other side I asked the TSA agent there (who was assisting with pat downs or giving clearance) if anyone was going to help those in wheelchairs. Again I was told yes, in a minute. I stood off to the side for a couple of minutes, not really looking at the wheelchair line. Finally I turned around and noticed my husband being spoken to by a security agent and driving behind him toward another line, but he and that agent immediately returned and my husband was put back into the same place he had been waiting. No one was assisting him. He was just sitting on the scooter, waiting. So I pointed this out to the “pat down” security agent and he mumbled something about a particular agent was supposed to have been the one assisting my husband. I asked if I could go have my husband walk through the scanner while I brought the scooter through and was told no. OK, I can understand this. He then went to the unsecure side and told someone to assist my husband. When my husband finally got through the scanner, the TSA agent who had found assistance for my husband to come through, gave him the most thorough patdown I have ever seen! My husband’s humerus is broken and he is in a sling. I don’t think the agent was trying to be mean but it was difficult for my husband to get the sling off and empty his pockets without my assistance. The agent would not allow me to assist. My husband put all of things from my dh’s pockets on a folding chair. Dh pulled his wallet out to hand to me, but I was told to keep back as I was not allowed to take it. I was OK with that as well. Rules are rules. Meanwhile I noticed my husband’s shoes had come on the security scanner belt. I got his shoes and stood by. I was really amazed at just how long and how thorough my husband was being patted down! He’s a 71-year-ild man who even normally has difficulty holding his arms in the air due to a stroke several years ago. Near the end he asked me where his belt was and I went back to the conveyor belt and spotted his belt in a dish. So, getting through the security line in a speedy manner didn’t occur in the Tampa airport. Having lived in Tampa at one time and appreciating their usually wonderful airport, I was very annoyed. As we were getting off the plane when we returned home, my husband realized he did not have the key to our car. It had quite a large key ring with no other keys attached. One way or the other, the key ended up never leaving security with him. Our car was parked at an off airport site the entire time we were gone but there was no way we could drive it home! It was getting late (flight detour due to weather took longer by almost an hr) So we ended up not only with our parking fee to pay the next day when we went back to the lot to get our car, we ended up having to pay $70 for an Uber ride home. It will cost $120 to get a regular, plain key made for the car. We are lucky enough to have another vehicle at home and also have one spare key for the other car. As I have mentioned, normally I think Tampa airport is a great airport. I just don’t understand the very confused and bumbling, seemingly somewhat lazy, TSA staff on duty that day! Certainly Florida is extra used to mobility impaired people with all of the elderly people that visit and live in Florida. I am not complaining just for my husband. I felt very annoyed for all of the people sitting there so long in wheelchairs. A couple of them looked in pretty bad shape and should not have been kept waiting so long. I’ve seen much much heavier traffic at Florida airports in season with not as many TSA agents yet things went more smoothly. Keep in mind there wasn’t yet such a huge coronavirus response taking place or anything. Nor any word of heightened security. it any rate, no doubt this is not that common of an occurrence for a disabled person to have to wait so very long but I wanted to post it as a warning Because even if a disabled person expects to go to the front of the line, that doesn’t necessarily ensure you are going to get through it as quickly as you should be able to.
  7. Thanks a bunch. The thing is, since we can fit our stuff in a Toyota Corolla that is several years old, I don’t really think we will need a van. At least not as long as the Uber driver allowed us to put one suitcase in the backseat along with one of us. I appreciate all the information.
  8. Thanks for the info. I just did a search online for UberXL and only came up with Uber X.. Is that the same thing? Explanation for it did not have any details. Sounded like it was the same, 1 to 4 people and that is all that was mentioned. And do you reach it through the usual Uber app? (Will need to download the app as lost it when my phone broke a couple of weeks ago. Only ever used it about 3 times in as many yrs.)
  9. We will be disembarking at Port of Miami and have a car reserved at Sixt Car Rental's MIA location on 25th St. I haven't seen mention of Sixt with regard to a free shuttle to MIA. Is this Sixt location at the airport, in the building with numerous other rental agencies or by itself off site? Is there a free shuttle from the port to Sixt? If not, I'm wondering what the cheapest transportation would be from the port to the Sixt location? One issue is that we will have a folded up travel mobility scooter with us (about the size of a medium rolling suitcase and it fits into most average sized car trunks), plus 2 suitcases. I'm guessing Uber would be a bit less than a cab.. Hoping for some info. and/or ideas!
  10. I can’t remember. I don’t think it was a post actually. I think it was an article talking about the restaurants on one of the Royal Caribbean megaships. I came across it doing a search to see which restaurants are on symphony of the seas. It was an article and included a couple of other ships in it. No matter. I’ll find out for myself soon. Thanks.
  11. Now I am totally confused. What I read that prompted my original query said 18% is added to the restaurant fee as a tip, plus 10% more as a service fee. Ok, the 18?is already built in to the restaurant charge when you precook a reservation. Seems like replies to my question differ. Or I am just not understanding. - ? Let us only consider sailing out of the US to the Caribbean and back.
  12. Yes I realize that the gratuity covers more individuals. Increasing since 1972. Spoke to crewmembers on various chips when automatic gratuity’s first began appearing on the cruise bill. Just the same, there are crewmembers to deliver much more personalized service to you then other crewmembers. So we prefer to tip those additionally.
  13. OK then that isn’t so bad. icsys, Having cruise in Europe for about five or six years but don’t remember a VAT affecting us there. Perhaps we stopped in a non-VA tea place. So with the Brexit changes…? Just kidding because I really just wanted to know about what I had read and apparently it’s not going to apply in our case. At least not for this cruise. Thanks to everybody who replied!
  14. So if we pre book a specialty restaurant, are not cruising in the UK (or other VAT location), the 18% is included in the dining fee. Good to know. Thanks so much for the info.
  15. My dh has always parked the rental scooter and walked into the DR. Twice we were assigned tables unsatisfactory for us, much smaller than requested, right in front of the entry. I realize the cruise line was trying to be helpful but both times we had to get switched. Different strokes for different folks and each case is different, I guess.
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