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  1. Since this issue was touched on on one of the posts above. . . For those who rent scooters, they are not always picked up in the terminal nor always waiting inside your cabin. According to Special Needs @ Sea, it depends upon your ship. Their’s are picked up in the terminal for certain ships (Harmony and I THINK Oasis and Allure), but will be waiting in your stateroom on other ships. ( The drawback to that is there won’t be an agent to instruct the renter on operating the scooter, demonstrating it, or giving tips that might be useful. ) Not sure how they do it with re to wheelchairs. This may be different on other cruise lines. Could even vary by port (?).
  2. Thanks for the replies and info. everyone. LeeW, what you’re saying sounds so common with pricing! So many tricks to make it look like you are getting something extra or cheaper when that really isn’t the case. But then I guess that’s common in so many sales that it’s to be expected. Now and then there is a true savings in it’s nice when it happens!
  3. We tend to book most of our shore excursions independently but on rare occasions book one through the ship (no matter what line we are sailing on). I have seen posts where people have mentioned sales on excursions that are sometimes offered. Can anyone tell me what is considered a good sale with regard to discount percentage? Or about how often & how far out from the departure date these sales occur? Is 10% really considered that great of a sale? I really don’t like booking an excursion before we get on the ship anyway - just in case we change our minds and decide to do something else. I also wish Royal Caribbean was more like a few other lines where you don’t have to pay for the excursion in full as soon as you book it, no matter how far out you are booking. Regardless, just wondering what the chances are there will be a better sale. I do realize that if it’s something we REALLY want to do, waiting isn’t that wise. Just the same, I’d like to get more information about these sale offerings. Thanks for any information!
  4. I’ve never been on Holland America, however Royal Caribbean‘s newer mega ships can accommodate regular scooters in most cases. I believe the doors on most of their ships are 23 inches wide. (I would definitely check this with regard to Empress of the Seas and a few of the other older ships, though.) You must pay attention to the bed placement, however. You don’t want the beds nearer to the bathroom but on the opposite side where there would be a window if you were in an outside cabin. To be certain your Travel Scoot will fit, call Royal Caribbean and asked to speak to their accessible department. Give them the dimensions of your scooter and you can also ask them to find out where the beds are located in your cabin. They will likely have to email the ship for this info. (If you don’t get a reply in a week or so, rattle their cage again.) You can have things like small coffee tables removed from your cabin by your steward if you need to for space for your scooter. You might not have a lot of space to maneuver around your scooter to get to your bathroom, but still be able to fit it in your room and get by. You might get better info if you post the ship and the exact type of cabin (right down to the category). Try both the regular Royal Caribbean boards & the cabin question boards, where you can use your actual cabin number. If you think Royal Caribbean’s regular cabins are small, don’t ever get one on Norwegian Cruise lines!
  5. mlbcruiser

    Train tour: A bus ride always part of it?

    Thanks a bunch, paul58. I bet you are right about the cruise line having a contract with the train. (Ran into that for the first time years ago trying to book a dive/snorkel/catamaran excursion in St. Lucia.🙄) We would really be interested in the version that has the power boat trip on the return leg but didn’t see that anything offered along that line. If anyone sees this who has knowledge of that, please post! Thanks again for replying.
  6. Thinking of booking the train excursion on St. Kitts through Royal Caribbean and have some questions. Do trips on this train always include a bus ride? How comfortable/uncomfortable is the seating on the train? If anyone sees this who has done the tour through Royal Caribbean, can you recall if it was offered morning, afternoon, or both? Seems some people really enjoy it and others think it is very overpriced. I have a feeling that the ships in port that day may have a lock on most of the train seats. Besides, when I looked it up it didn’t look like we would be saving any money to try and book it on our own. Thanks for any info!
  7. mlbcruiser

    Mobility scooter in port

    My husband used a scooter last Feb. on an RCI ship. Yes you can drive the scooter off the ship. Go a bit slowly and be prepared to brake on any steepish sections of the ramp. You might inquire just inside the secured area at the end of the dock to see if there is any place they will let you leave the scooter. Probably the only way to find this out is to actually drive the scooter down there and ask. It could depend on who is manning the gate at the time. If the person using the scooter can walk a bit (at least to get off the ship) some ports have pedicabs or little trams that will drive you down the dock to where you exit the port. Although I have been to all of the ports you mentioned many times, until our last cruise I never paid attention to issues having to do with mobility equipment at ports. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will see this and can give you better answers.
  8. mlbcruiser

    Mobility scooter from ship to town

    I will say that when there are a lot of cruise ships in port, Front St., especially, can get packed with people. Much more crowded tha the videos above look. Guess it depends on time of year (slow or busy cruise season) and time of day. Therefore maneuvering on a scooter might be frustrating & require extra patience and vigillance. Now the wide boardwalk sidewalk along the beach would be much easier. Perhaps you could check out Front St., etc., while your mom waits by the beach/boardwalk with a cool drink to see if you think driving a scooter on Front St. will work for her. My husband used a scooter on a ship last February for the first time. He is able to walk for short periods of time and we did consider taking it down town. However we ended up renting a car near the ship’s dock instead. If you want to shop there, there are dozens of stores. Many of them are branches of the very same ones that are downtown. So if your mom does not end up leaving the boardwalk area, you can do a little shopping buy the port. (Actually, perhaps you already know or someone else on this thread does, but can scooters be brought onto the ferries into town?) I am only going to mention this next part because many ships that have St. Maarten on their itinerary also call at San Juan. San Juan has accessible curbs at pretty much every corner. While going up steep hills on the narrow, busy streets or narrow, uneven sidewalks might not work for your mom, lower boulevards near the water and I believe even the sidewalks leading up to the grounds of El Morro, can be managed on a scooter.
  9. mlbcruiser

    Great Day! Port and Orient Beach

    Very glad I read this post. We were there at the end of February last year. Have rented a car & driven around the circumference of the island a number of times and did so again. Everyone said Orient Beach was still pretty messed up and had nothing going on. Got into a huge MESS of a traffic jam at Marigot and would have missed our ship had we taken the time to stop there or stop check out Orient for ourselves. Greyfeathers, I agree that you do not see full nudity at beaches other than Orient Beach. Even then, it is not really that shocking like some might think. The few people nude that we have seen up where the cruise tourists are dropped off . . well, trying to put it nicely. . . were not bodies most people would want to see nude, if you get my drift! Years ago the Dutch side beaches were not topless. It was allowed on the French beaches and still is, while in recent years one might see it a bit at some Dutch side beaches by Mullet Bay and Maho, for instance. So no matter what beach you go to on the island, you might encounter it.
  10. mlbcruiser

    ?s Re: Shows on Adventure OTS?

    I agree that the ice shows are enjoyable. We do always make sure to see them.
  11. mlbcruiser

    ?s Re: Shows on Adventure OTS?

    Thanks Clarea!
  12. I don’t think the Adventure OTS has the stage play/musicals such as Grease or Mamma Mia. However, I am wondering if the ship still offers nightly early and late seating entertainment and headliner shows in the large show room that do not require advance reservations? Also, can anyone tell me what the performances have been on this ship lately? Thanks for any info.
  13. I can’t say this is accurate for every single RCI cruise but I just booked one a few days ago and found the fees involved in cancellation issues on the RCI cruises we were considering were pretty much a wash no matter which type of booking we would have chosen – noncancelable or a higher priced cancelable booking. The prices were running about $100 pp less for a non-cancelable booking than for those that were cancelable. So it was pay RCI $100 per person more for a cancelable booking or lose $100 per person for cancelling a non-cancelable booking. These are charges levied by Royal Caribbean. There may be additional cancellation fees charged by the agency you booked with for either type of booking. Taking that into account, There really isn’t anything saved by paying that cancelable higher price. However there is a chance that a cancelable booking will save a little money if you don’t end up canceling it. (if I am missing something with this reasoning, someone please set me straight.) Either way a cruise must be canceled prior to the final payment date. If it could be canceled all the way up until a few days before the cruise, the cancelable rate would be be more attractive.
  14. Actually the date we are looking at is a few months away but it is always nice to make new cruise friends! Have fun on your cruise!
  15. Thank you! I wouldn’t think there would be too awful of sn issue on such a low deck but who knows?