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  1. Thanks so much! Steve sounds like he knows the ropes so I’m Sure things will get worked out. 👍
  2. oaktreerb, I applaud your patience. I would be fuming by now. I definitely think you should contact the insurance commissioner.(I wants had to do that for my mom in Florida over an issue. Void that start the wheels cranking fast! Wasn’t the same kind of insurance, but still…) from what you have said however I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else has reported them. One thing that I have read over many years on Cruise critic was never to buy cruise insurance that is sold or backed by the cruise line itself. I’m sure you’ve probably heard this but the reason is in case the line goes bankrupt, th
  3. Thank you! I was trying to avoid having to contact the moderators, thinking I could just do it quickly. Reposted in right forum.
  4. Booked a cruise for next year last week. Since there was a 10 day look back period in which I can cancel the policy, I went ahead and accepted the insurance. Once I finally received the terms on the policy (4 days later), There appeared to be a couple of things different about it than what I was told by the travel agent. Therefore I tried to reach the company via the phone numbers presented in the email I received from them to gat some clarity on the coverage. Tried about half of the options on their recording to get to a human being. I have tried every option on their recording from purchas
  5. I think there is a way to move a post from one form to another but I am not sure how to do it. I posted a question on a board that would probably garner more replies if it were posted on a different board. Please help!
  6. I got my husband a lightweight Pride Gigi folding travel scooter in February 2021. You are correct in that there is no place to attach a basket. However, we frequently stuffed bags with things in them kind of between the battery and the seat, or set a bag on the floor of the scooter, just in front of the seat. My husband is 6‘3“ tall and even though it isn’t a real large scooter, he Is easily able to use it and it is really pretty steady. Didn’t ever tip over on a turn or anything. It moves along somewhat like a rolling suitcase and is easy to fold and unfold. You’ve probably seen the video
  7. Wow, I sure didn’t recognize your screen name! Yes, I was thinking just yesterday about how long ago that was. (?) Of course I knew exactly who posted. I’m going to send you a text right now.
  8. Deedee, I’m glad to see others getting something out of this thread. That’s why this site is so great. People are always willing to help and you can get so much information from others! Hope you get your bookings renewed and end up on the cruise or cruises you most desire.
  9. In the past, before they made the more recent changes to the website, it always seems like I only had five, maybe 10 at the most, minutes to edit a post. I know when I was unable to edit yesterday and went to the help section of the site, I couldn’t find the information. When I did an online search asking about editing on CC, many comments from CC came up about the topic of editing and deleting posts. Different posters mentioned different time allowances to edit. I know I did see that someone said 20 minutes, but in my experience I’ve never had that length of time on here to edit. Perhap
  10. GUT2407, thanks for responding about how to edit. I just clicked on the three little dots when I did my last post just to see if I could have edit it had I wanted to. Sure enough, the edit option came up. Oddly enough, when I tried it a couple of times yesterday all I got was Report or Share (?). Thanks so much for your help!
  11. Sounds like the Princess’s Easy Air program works out really well. Especially if something goes wrong. So you all do make a good case for it. Royal Caribbean has something called Air2Sea, I think it is called. You basically use some interactive site they have and pick your own flights etc. I don’t know if there is any savings but somehow they work it all out for you. They do charge $15 or $20 or so to handle it. I’m not very up on it since I have always booked independently. I was more aware of The easy air program with princess because I did consider it when we did our Alaska cruise, but did
  12. By the way, I noticed that some of you have edited your posts. I used to be able to edit for a few minutes after I posted before they changed this website. I can’t seem to find out how to do it now! Found a lot of information about how they can only delete certain posts that have personal information in them. That’s not the info I have been after though. Nothing appears right after I post that says edit like it used to.???
  13. Probably Royal Caribbean because of the level cruiser we are with them. And everyone has their own taste but we tend to like their entertainment a lot and some of the bells and whistle‘s. We do like the talks that Princess can sometimes give in certain places and I think they are probably very good in that part of the world. Princess is the second most likely. But we don’t get nearly as many perks with them. In the past whenever I have checked, the cruise line air prices are not better than what I have found myself. That doesn’t mean it will hold true for this and it’s not that I wouldn’t ch
  14. Nice to read of others’ experiences and it’s helpful to know ahead of time to not count on a particular type of weather. Leaning towards about the second week of February right now. I assume school is back in session by then? Probably should bring this up in an entirely new thread, but… So far the booking window hasn’t opened yet for much of February with regard to air travel. Therefore I have run fake bookings to at least see what the plane ticket prices would be. Had to use late January of 2022, returning the first week or so of February. Prices are much higher than I anticipated
  15. Yes I assumed that was the case. But I don’t know why some fjords are listed in the visually on some itineraries and other itineraries it just says Fjordland.. wasn’t sure if it was just semantics or might involve different fjords in that area of New Zealand. ???
  16. The pictures are beautiful! I’m sure my husband could handle the type of boat in the photo and tour link, and he is able to board a bus. (We have been on zodiacs before but not an option now for DH. ) Until 5 yrs ago we were able to do activities from diving to snow skiing to ziplining and mo. Even went hang gliding once! (It was the most fun thing you can imagine!) So the Queenstown area would’ve been a must before five years ago but not likely now, unfortunately. My friend was on a Royal Caribbean ship when she did that pricey overnight excursion. I do realize that there is a chance cruis
  17. Some of you have had very good luck multiple times getting into the fjords. I’d be interested in finding out what month you went if you are someone who managed to see the fjords from a ship. Either just once or multiple times.
  18. My previous post posted after a couple of replies hit that I didn’t see. Some interesting information! I’m very happy to get these responses. Lissie, we have always done tons of independent things and have done lots of land trips (mostly on our own ) in the past. My husband definitely has some restrictions now as of about five years ago, so things have changed. I don’t even think he could manage to climb out of a zodiac anymore. A friend did an overnight excursion when she cruised to New Zealand 2 yrs ago. They missed one night on the ship, therefore, but got a night on land, A bus tour, an
  19. That sounds a bit how it can be for Grand Cayman if you are cruising there in March. Sometimes the wind can get pretty strong in March. There is a lot of coral around the island and ships must be careful going there. They dock offshore and tender people in. We have arrived there when all water activities were cancelled but at least always did get to get on the island. Have friends who were unable to on two different occasions. Guess it can happen anywhere. But some places are definitely more likely to have it happen than others! I didn’t realize Dunedin and Akaroa could also be at risk.
  20. Seeing Dinali is kind of the same because it can change not only day to day, but hour to hour & minute to minute.
  21. What is the issue getting into Akaroa? More weather or see conditions or both? I wonder if the size of the ship has anything to do with it because of stability, or the navigation is difficult due to rocks or depth, or if some lines tend to cancel more frequently than others? I guess it’s just like flying and it’s up to the captain.
  22. With regard to our direction, not sure yet if we are doing a round trip from Sydney or a one-way trip. Pros and cons to each. I’m sure it does make sense due to the temperature to start out from New Zealand, though.
  23. Oh my gosh, I had no idea it was that difficult to see the fjords! When we cruise d to Alaska we did a land tour as well which was excellent. I know numerous people who have gone but never got to see the top of Denali. We stayed two nights at Denali National Park and also went into a nearby town, did a river trip etc. Saw the peek at different times of day from the lodge, from the river, even from a bus! Hope that didn’t use up our good luck! Supposedly only about 25% of visitors get to see it. I am definitely one of the ones who will be very, very disappointed if we did not get to go into the
  24. Thanks very much to all three of you for your replies. I definitely appreciate them. Out of these months, do any of you prefer a particular month? If so, why? We would hate to miss seeing the fjords. Does that happen quite a lot where we ship is unable to visit them due to weather conditions? Is any month more prone to that? I think January is probably the best month but it’s unlikely we could go at that time. Not sure yet if we will be going up to the great barrier reef or not. If so we would likely be doing that separately from the cruise. I’m guessing that the
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