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  1. Our OBC never showed up in the cruise planner. Called yesterday and was delighted to discover they had refunded our credit card instead.
  2. Do you recall where the machines are located by chance?
  3. Don’t count on it. ☹️ https://www.fox13now.com/news/coronavirus/local-coronavirus-news/utah-couple-denied-cruise-ship-boarding-despite-negative-covid-19-tests-and-vaccination
  4. Hickory Flat location, Canton. It has two separate listings when you do a search.
  5. Actually, some do have both. We’re in Cherokee County and the one closest to our home can do either. I’m wondering if the uptick in testing caused the CVS to run out of the rapid testing kits in their case. We’ve got our tests scheduled for 9/8 for a 9/11 sailing. I guess we’d better have a Plan B in place!
  6. Definitely Adventure. And just the words I wanted to hear! Thank you 😁
  7. First time traveling on Royal. And first time to grab a guaranteed room. My husband was hesitant as he was concerned our balcony might be obstructed. Stupidly, I told him that it wasn’t going to be an issue and we moved forward with a guaranteed room. But now I’ve been educated that balconies might be obstructed and I’m a tad concerned. If we get an obstructed balcony on Adventure, what is the WORST possible scenario? A total obstruction is just not acceptable. We won’t mind a partial obstruction of less than 50%. Should we be concerned enough to pay up more money? Thanks!
  8. First time on Royal. How and when do I get edocs?
  9. Do it yourself how exactly? We’re about to embark on our first Royal Caribbean cruise.
  10. His passport magically showed up a few days ago! 🥳 We’re on course to catch the Adventure on 9/11!
  11. Thanks! Ours isn’t showing yet, but it’s only been a couple of days.
  12. Can you tell me where exactly in the cruise planner to find OBC? We called about our 9/11 sailing and were given $267! But I’d sure like to confirm it.
  13. Husband mailed his renewal in May (regular, not priority). They acknowledged receipt on 6/23. On 6/28, after 150+ attempts to call them, finally got through and requested expedited. They took his credit card number and said they’d expedite. It doesn’t seem they did that. Kept showing that it was in process as regular, not expedited. On 8/12 FINALLY received notice that it had been approved and he should have it by 8/21. No credit card expedite fee was ever processed. We’re scheduled to sail out of Nassau on 9/11. Assuming we’ll receive the passport on time. Now our challenge is just to ensure we stay COVID free and get testing scheduled three days out. We’re in metro Atlanta and it’s becoming challenging at this point to get test appointments if you’re not exhibiting symptoms. My SIL was exposed at work and had a heck of a time finding testing…and it took four days to get the results. 😬
  14. Thanks for the info. This will be our first and last time using Air2Sea! Ugh. Does anyone know if we go for a FCC if that includes a full airfare credit?
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