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  1. Lol nooo go. I'm praying this is an isolated incident. I had major knee surgery so I'm hobling along on this trip. I spent a day on my own and I sent my husband snorkeling. So I was by myself just looking for a quiet place to sit, have some fruit and a glass of wine and I grabbed a fruit plate from the buffet and went out to the sunset bar put my fruit plate on the bar where I was going to ask for a Malbec and they quickly told me there is no food allowed at the bar. I chose the bar over the tables because it was the only place in the shade. No big deal... I moved my stuff. But it's just funny to me The rules they choose to enforce and the rules they choose to ignore. A kid jumping from the side of the hot tub into the hot tub over and over again in front of staff... No problem. Smh.
  2. An hour waiting for my spa treatment. I am going to go up and cancel. Unbelievable.
  3. Have fun! Aside from our dining staff, I'm utterly unimpressed. One night our cabin steward took all our dirty towels and left us with none. So in the morning I went to take a shower and realized I had no towels... None. So my husband contacted our steward to let her know that we don't have any towels. She said okay well after I'm done finishing my breakfast I'll bring you some towels. 😂😂😂 I'm waiting for my massage at the spa right now. They asked that I arrive 15 minutes early... Going on 3/4 hour waiting staring at a wall. I was going to take advantage of the future cruise credit... No thanks.
  4. We'll be cruising with Royal in May on a Canadian itinerary. It'll be interesting to compare. From what I'm hearing all of the cruise lines have gone down hill. May be time to switch to the smaller ships for my hubs and I.
  5. Admittedly this is my first cruise in a while. But the strangeness of the rules they decide to enforce are odd. They let a kid use the hot tub as a plunge pool during adult hours but I just got told that I'm not allowed to have my little fruit plate at the sunset bar in the back of the ship. I kindly took my plate and went and found a table without problem but just strange in my experience on this particular cruise the rules they choose to enforce and the rules they choose to ignore.
  6. I gave you the trophy reaction for best comment!!! 😂
  7. Florida elementary, middle and high schools all have there spring break in varying weeks of March. I will say there are few children on this ship. And those who are on board have followed the rules. But as proven by my experience it only takes one to ruin it for everyone.
  8. Yes... This is how the head of security was able to locate the father who threatened us. There are cameras everywhere. I will say that Sergio head of security took it very seriously and the individuals have been talked to. Hopefully the problem has been resolved. We have his personal number if there are any further problems.
  9. Well not this family. Things escalated to the family members encouraging the child to jump in the hot tub to purposely splash me. The father then said to my husband he is going to make it his personal mission to destroy our trip. All because I questioned staff about the family hours and he must have over heard me. We've filed an official complaint with Sergio head of security who was surprised to hear of these family hours. He himself disagrees with them for the very reason this incident happened. You'll always have the people who don't know how to behave and ruin it for everyone. An enforced adults only atrium is the answer. I'd understand a bend during inclement weather only. He had no idea they'd been put into effect. I will be contacting corporate once home.
  10. It's spring break for Floridians so fingers crossed lol. Probably more than normal.
  11. I called staff over when the tot was in the hot tub and he did nothing. My husband said management is coming to talk to me. We'll see. I'm just disappointed. I wouldn't have chosen this line if I'd known... Not for this trip.
  12. Agreed. And 4-7 is when people are coming back from excursions before dinner...prime pool hours. I had recent knee reconstruction and I was counting on the solarium to be the one place on the ship could get much needed relaxation. I'm also worried about kids running around me. Very disappointed. I'll add back later after I talk with guest relations.
  13. First Celebrity cruise...leaving out of San Juan on the Millennium today. Do they allow kids 4-7 everyday? Kind of defeats the purpose of an adult only area. They have an ENTIRE main pool area to use! And of course people bend the rules. Already had a dad place a tot in the hot tub at 2 pm to splash around with my husband and I. And before people come in and defend this... Listen if folks want an area on the ship to relax kids free, it's not too much to ask!
  14. I'll be on the same cruise. I bid for upgrade from Concierge to Aqua 2 months ago...was declined just this morning. Have fun!
  15. Thanks Port Royal. I may do that.
  16. Hey everyone...it's been a while! I'm going to be in Barbados from 8 am-6 pm with the Celebrity Millennium on 3/15. My Aunt used to have a home on the island and I want to independently take my husband to some of the places I'd visit as a child. I was hoping to book a car rental prior to visiting to ensure a reservation. I'm having a heck of a time finding an agency. Some say Courtesy is the the only rental agency at the port and they are listed as "temporarily closed". Thanks for any and all information. Cheryl
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