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  1. Good tips already. My DD just turned 2y. She cruised when she was 8 months and 16 months. Much harder at 16 months because she was so mobile and curious. About the shower - we just put towels on the shower floor to make it less slippery. Did it when she was 8 months with her sitting and 16 months with her standing. I did not want to bother with the inflatable thing. We use the Summer Infant 3D lite stroller for the first trip and the GB Pockit Plus for the recent trip. Would love to get the Babyzen Yoyo but have sticker shock. The GB is not as sturdy but I love how small it folds a
  2. I was on the Royal Princess in April and here was our PnP in our room. Pretty sure we had a deluxe. DD was 16 months on this cruise. Her first cruise she was 8 months old and we went to Cuba from Miami. We had a small ocean view cabin then and initially had a PnP but sent it back because it was too cramped. She co-slept with us on that trip. We gladly paid for gratuities for her on both trips. The staff works hard and I don't mind paying for them . As for general tips, she was much easier on the first cruise because she was not that mobile yet. She had her first of ma
  3. I like for the portability and carryon size. The plus (not original) reclines so good for naps. Not so good is the small wheels. Somewhat harder on cobblestone or broken sidewalks or dirt. But feasible if you lock the front wheels. Also the fold is sometimes hard especially if you have something small in the basket. We use the Pockit Plus at home too. We use the Summer Infant when we go to amusement park and need more basket space. I would get the Babyzen Yoyo if I wasn't so cheap. Also carryon size but easier to open and close and sturdier wheels.
  4. We were on the Royal Princess in April with my then 16 months old daughter. I bought the GB Pockit+ for that trip because it is carryon size for the plane. Previously have traveled with the Summer Infant 3DLite. We also had my mother in law in a manual wheelchair. It was a pain to wait for the elevator during peak times but we dealt with it. We cruised with daughter last summer when she was 8 months old to Cuba. We brought the Summer Infant but mostly wore her in a carrier then. It was much easier that way as we could walk the stairs.
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