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  1. Princess has a similar program called the medallion. We had it last year on our British Isles Cruise. I did not feel it was an invasion of my privacy. It was nice to not have to get out your sea pass card to open your cabin door. I don't have a problem with the cruise lines using these.
  2. Are you saying the FCC ($355. Value) you received and applied to your Odyssey sailing, had been cancelled, and you are getting the FCC returned in the same value of $355? Did you think you should get an actual refund? It was originally an FCC to compensate for some issue from a previous sailing. You will still have it to apply to another sailing. This is fair. Why would they give you a cash refund? It was never cash out of your pocket to begin with.
  3. What about all the work the travel agents are doing in rebooking cruises, taking care of cancelled Sailings, calling the cruise line on behalf of their clients. . . Should the travel agents be working for nothing? Travel agents work on Commission only. Their jobs are not easy, ecpescialy now with changes on every cruise line. TA are only getting paid on cruises that were paid in full. And only on cruises that were cancelled 30 days before sailing ( in other words cruises that were in 100% cancellation timeframe).
  4. UPDATE Reflection headed back to FLL. Will arrive on Tuesday. Quoted in 3/13 roll call by passenger on board.
  5. On the Reflection 3/13 roll call, says they got a letter, and are headed to Nassau ... Regal Princess does not have passengers, their 3/8 sailing had been cancelled, along with the suspension of all sailings that started yesterday.
  6. Read the article. It says midnight tonight. RC Serenade and Celebrity Reflection waiting at Port Everglades to sail away...
  7. We will also be joining you on the 5/13/20 Equinox. Will be our 2nd time on her. Can't wait to board and set sail!! Looking forward to your "Live" trip report, including all your planning!! Be prepared to get "hooked" on cruising. We sure did!!
  8. If you were to go inside the Louvre for a guided tour, that is about all you could do, IMHO. We had 4 hours...maybe 10-15 minutes more, basically 4 hours to see Paris. Our British Isles cruise was almost last minute and we didn't plan for more than the cruise. In hindsight, we should have stayed a few extra days and gone to Paris for more time to explore the city. We loved our time there and will now need to plan to go back for more time to see all we missed!
  9. We did the Princess shore excursion to Paris on our own option on 9/9/19. It's about a 3 hr ride each way with a stop about half way. There are alot of buses at the stop, but the lines move very quickly. (Women were using the men's room too 😊) We planned our day before we went. In the excursion description in the cruise planner, it tells where you get dropped off. We walk alot, and decided we would walk our route. We got off the bus and made our way (followed along the river) to the Princess Diana memorial, about 10 minute walk. Next was to the Eiffel tower, about 15 minutes
  10. Those are your prepaids that are refundable immediately. They should refund your cruise fare in the next 3-4 weeks.🙄 They take your money immediately, then take forever to process refunds! 😠
  11. Very well said AstoriaPreppy. We are on the 2/27 sailing and in "my NCL" our itinerary of 20 days says 'sea day' including our embarkment and debarking ports. Upon calling NCL, were told it was a computer glitch. How convenient. NCL is scrambling to see what ports will accept the Jade on the repo cruise. How long will they have a computer glitch?? IMHO, the Jade has been exposed over the last sailing by allowing guests that had been in Hong Kong to board on 2/6, then kicking them off 4 days later in Bangkok (105 of them) so they would be allowed entry to Vietnam. T
  12. This is certainly a discriminitory statement! There could be employees that are shift supervisors at a department store that have saved for this once in a lifetime cruise. So yes, their job could be on the line. Not everyone on the Diamond Princess is retired! There are passengers that have regular jobs.
  13. Looks to be on schedule. . . Not in Cambodia. https://www.vesselfinder.com/?imo=9304057
  14. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1855034/thailand-denies-westerdam-cruise-ship-entry-china-virus-toll-passes-1-000 Bangkok is refusing entry to the HAL Westerdam. . . . They just passed the Jade. NCL needs to take note!!
  15. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1855034/thailand-denies-westerdam-cruise-ship-entry-china-virus-toll-passes-1-000
  16. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1855034/thailand-denies-westerdam-cruise-ship-entry-china-virus-toll-passes-1-000
  17. Tip of the Iceberg . . . Very interesting article here: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/were-totally-dark-japan-not-doing-enough-contain-outbreak-diamond-princess-passengers
  18. Lots of us are in the same boat! We always get insurance through Allianz for protection. Never would have imagined this hellish nightmare could happen!!
  19. Is NCL going to guarantee us that no one on the Jade 2/6, 2/17, 2/27 will come down with the Virus?? We are know that's impossible. Maybe NCL top executives should join the Jade to show how much faith they have in the best interest for their passengers!
  20. NCL is definitely not looking out for their crew and guests. This states it all right here. We are booked on the 2/27 sailing which was booked way before the Coronavirus hit. NCL has cancelled the Spirit due to the Coronavirus for months down the road could care less about their passengers booked on the Jade right in the middle of this mess. This situation is prejudicial for all the passengers currently on the Jade or booked on the Jade 2/17 or 2/27 Sailings. They could at the very least offer us an FCC, they still keep our money . . . Yes, we
  21. Is the Jade kicking off their crew that went out in Hong Kong?? Again, Do as we say, Not as we do!! Surely all these crew and passengers have been in close quarters mingling around the ship for 3-14 days... Do we REALLY know if any of them are showing signs of sickness and will the be tested for Coronavirus or just state it's a head cold or the flu??
  22. From NCL: Do as we say, NOT as we do NCL Jade should be in quarantine. They are kicking off 100-200 people that were in Hong Kong tomorrow do the ship can port in Vietnam. This was reported on FB. Shame on NCL. Do they think this ship will escape the virus??😷 Look at all the other ships currently in Asia and all their problems. Jade just hadn't gotten "caught" yet. 🙄
  23. Not looking good in Singapore... https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/coronavirus-outbreak-alert-upped-to-orange-as-more-cases-surface-with-no-known-links-more
  24. The only reason NCL changed the sailings for the NCL Jade is because Hong Kong closed the cruise port. This forced NCL to change the itinerary for the Jade. It's not going to be easy for people to make changes to their travel plans. Many probably have non refundable hotel stays in Hong Kong. And last minute air fare is very expensive. Definitely turning into a big mess. Just because they are taking temperatures in Airports and Cruise Terminals doesn't mean they are controlling the spread of the virus. Just a mask until possible symptoms can appear up to
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