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  1. This was the last YC cabin available and it is at the end of YC area and I think backs up to a rest room for the solarium. I wouldn't think that would get used much at night and as long as there isn't any smells or leaks from it I wouldn't think it would bother us. I'm not sure if there is a card entry system by the elevators or not but since there is also a stairway there probably not. So I guess we could get people wandering up the hallway from the solarium? Anyway interested if anyone has ever been in this cabin. Thanks
  2. Thanks for all your answers. Our cruise evidently has 3 possible boarding ports, Kiel, Copenhagen and Southampton, which I'm sure confuses the issue. Also because many of the passengers on MSC are from Europe or at least not from the USA, I'm sure that also reduces the number who sign up even if they find Cruise Critic. We have been sailing on Celebrity recently and our roll calls have been running in the hundreds of people (over 200 cabins represented on our last cruise) and the small size of the roll call for this cruise when evidently it is close to filling up with 5500 people just surprised me.
  3. Hi, My wife and I are on MSC Meraviglia's trans Atlantic cruise leaving from Kiel on Sept 5 and I joined the roll call for that cruise. From both VTG and MSC web sites the ship is evidently filling up quickly (all the Yacht Class cabins are taken) and the ship holds over over 5500, but our roll call so far only has 28 cabins are represented. My question is from othe more experiecned MSC cruisers (this will be our first on MSC but my 46 cruise) are MSC roll calls just not very active. We were on a Celebrity cruise last fall that had over 200 on the roll call. Anyway hoping we will enjoy Yacht club as much as we have suite class on Celebrity. Have a great next cruise.
  4. Looking for people who are booked on this cruise. It starts in Kiel and then is picking up a bunch of passengers in Copenhagen on Sept 4, 2020. We have a roll call started at this link and are looking for others who are booked. The ship is almost totally booked and we only have about 28 cabins represented on the current roll call. We looking for more people so we can set up events like a slot pull, a sail away get together and maybe a gift exchange. Here is a link to the roll call. https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcalls/msc-meraviglia-september-5-2020/ Come and join us and have a great next cruise.
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