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  1. Hello Karen - we are waiting for British Isles 2021 to be release alo - Hope this find you happy and Healthy! 🙂
  2. well - whatever dry dock - I am keeping a positive outlook - besides - we love Asia - if we do have tickets booked and this maybe turns upside down - we will hop onto a couple 5 days cruises - love - to go to those ports again out of Singapore like we did on Mariner! 🙂
  3. It is not a major dry-dock - most likely getting Ovation converted back to the English market and a few 'required/standard' maintenance type things - I am thinking positive that this will stand - but definitely booking on Air2Sea! 🙂
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Happy Cruising to you also - we leave again tomorrow for 7 days the Caribbean on Summit out of San Juan! 🙂
  5. Wondering when the RCI will announce 2021 British Isles?
  6. Just returned home - left 27 Feb and10 days in Buenos Aires - B2B on Eclipse around S. America for 29 days - I did gain 5 POF mostly from drinking (no carb vodka and sprite zero) but I did eat a couple of desserts and a little pasta and a few slices of bread - SO NOW - I am doing extended fasting (EF) for at least 7 days -should take care of it but we leave again for 7 days Summit cruise in 10 days! lol 🙂
  7. Same here with the weight from Booze and flying - The only time I go off LCHF or Keto is on flights - we don't usually have much to eat on planes and we did have a 1 hour stay at the Admiral Club at JFK - then did fasting for 24 hours and right back to Keto - we have an Airbnb here in Buenos Aires so breakfast was 1 egg - ham - cheese salami - and IF until dinner - now able to stay Keto! 🙂
  8. I am going on 3 years LCHF/KETO - on vacation now in Reno and I brought all my food! Easy to follow!
  9. On another note - Does anyone have any idea when Vision sailings after 2 Nov 2020 will be released?
  10. I agree with with you Bob - we have done TAs on Harmony - Radiance Class - Voyager Class - Vision class - we do like the smaller ships!! We have TA this year on Brilliance - B2B with Baltics first and in 2020 we are doing Repo - Snowbird on Vision! 🙂
  11. Thank you all - we have decided to stay as the C1 for both cruises is no longer available and the price didn't drop on the 2nd leg 😞
  12. I agree - I don't try to stay in Keto on cruises - just stay with IF & EF (intermittent & extended fasting) and LCHF as much as possible - BUT that being said - I had a glass of wine last night and it did NOT throw me out of Keto! We are all different! 🙂
  13. Thank you all so very much - we are staying as we like the location of our cabin - to upgrade to Concierge I could get the same cabin for B2B but it is not an ideal location and the first leg is 'free' but the 2nd leg would be an additional $300 - Appreciate all your help! 🙂
  14. I have been LCHF/Keto for almost 3 years and when cruising - I drink Tall with ice - 2 shots vodka (flavored if you life) sprite zero and lime - zero carbs! 🙂
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