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  1. Breakfast and lunch for Haven guests on the Jewel is in Moderno, midship on Deck 13. There is a bar inside Moderno called Mojito.
  2. I tried to access the Australian NCL website on my cruise to NZ and it automatically defaulted to the NZ website even though I put in the au at the end.
  3. I've just booked an 8 day cruise in a mini suite on the Pacific Adventure.
  4. Hey Geoffery Mark said we paid $48 for the share taxi to the airport. My DH & I drove out to Cradle Mountain. The road was narrow and windy. We arrived a little after midday, way to fast given the weather conditions (raining). Whilst we ate lunch in the very small cafe the rain stopped and sthe sun came out. We then caught the shuttle to Dove Lake. In retrospect I would have driven into the park instead. As previously mentioned there are plenty of other places to visit that are closer unless you really want to see Cradle Mountain NP which I did.
  5. I sailed on the Jewel Vancouver to Honolulu in October and it didn't mention on the itinerary sailing past the Na Pali coast but we spent hours sailing the Na Pali coast.
  6. My DH & I sailed on the Jewel 10 day to NZ in December. This was my fourth time on the Jewel. I love the size of the Jewel (approx. 2400 pax). The crew were great, very friendly and helpful. The ports in NZ are excellent. 1. How was the service? Excellent 2. How was the food quality & variety? We enjoyed all our meals. The only negative is my DH ordered two courses to my one and twice they were brought out almost simultaneously. 3. How's the entertainment? I really enjoyed the shows especially Rock you Tonight and Velvet. The band is from Columbia. I a
  7. We had one on our recent Jewel sailing with the card showing the time change leaning against it.
  8. I booked a cruise to New England 2020 on my cruise. I was able to use two cruise next certificates for our inside cabin and received an upgrade which enabled us to receive a free at sea offer. The cruise booking was transferred to my TA and I received a further discount through them.
  9. I purchased 3 USD$100 gift cards which I used as my onboard credit on my cruise last month. The exchange rate was better than if I had paid later using my C/C.
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