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  1. Don't expect to get an email. I had to call for my Aug 8 and Aug 28 cruises. Just got my switch for Oct 3 and not expecting an email for that one either. If your cruise is not showing up in the app log out and log back in. That is what worked for me.
  2. I got my August 28th switch yesterday morning, inside with virtual balcony for my regular inside so I'm happy with that. Then late last night I got an email with the health protocols for my August 8th sailing from Galveston. I don't have any cruise from Galveston booked. Web site still shows Miami so I'm waiting for that to be corrected. Got nothing yet for my October 3rd Indy to Odyssey switch.
  3. Still waiting for my 8/8, 8/28 and 10/3 assignments on Ody from Indy. When I got my assignment from Nav to Freedom in Nov I was given the room next door to my original room. I'll be happy just being on a ship again.
  4. My email indicated that Odyssey would sail from Port Everglades on the same dates as Indy would have sailed from Miami.
  5. Adventure 2/1/20 8 night. My birthday and Super Bowl cruise.
  6. When my daughter was young in the 90's and Imagination or Sensation were in Miami I could go to work in the morning, leave at 12, pick her up from school a little early and be at the port by 2. We would have a nice weekend cruise. Would have her at school on time on Monday morning and then go to work. Couldn't beat it for the price. We had many wonderful weekend cruises on those ships.
  7. A friend started a thread for the April 2022 TA on December third. A few days later I tried to post to it and couldn't find any Odyssey threads. Then yesterday it appeared with multiple posts. Very weird. Just keep trying.
  8. If you used a comp for the cruise fare you will automatically get your taxes, port fees and gratuities (if you pre paid the gratuities) back even if you are a no show. They will go back to the credit card you charged them to.
  9. OMG, my cabin steward just delivered a brand new vacuum cleaner, still in the box. What the hell am I supposed to do with it???
  10. I got 2 offers last year. Booked the first one for myself, my friend and her 6 year old grandson. Was able to use the 2nd one for myself the following week. They got off at the end of the first week and I turned mine into a b2b. My friend did have to pay for her grandson as the third person. Don't know about the diamond discount as I didn't try to upgrade.
  11. I got through with the casino royale number in less than 5 minutes at 1:50 this afternoon.
  12. Just tried that. Said invalid bar code. It's no big deal, there will probably be lots of empty cabins.
  13. Not sure what you mean. What I do know is the app on my phone is not working for this cruise. My set sail pass on line says: Reprint Gnty Muster station D17.
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