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  1. On Majesty last week it was $54.99. In the duty free shop in the port in Cozumel it was $50.
  2. Satisfy my curiosity please. Why do you need to send the pdf out to be printed and have to pay for it when any printer will print them in black and white or color???
  3. I live west out by the everglades half way between PE and POM. PE is a no brainer, I 595 and in 20 minutes and I'm there. If I have to go to POM I will go out of my way and pay the tolls just to avoid driving on I 95. It doesn't matter what day of the week or what time of the day.
  4. Loving your review. Two quick things. You definitely can bring your own hair dryer. I do it on every cruise. To avoid the lost luggage tag problem amazon sells plastic luggage tag holders. They have different sizes depending on what cruise line you are sailing on.
  5. This is from another thread. Club Royale revealed: How points are calculated you are supposed to earn 1 point for every $5 spent on slots. When it comes to craps, you are supposed to get 1 point for every 10 minutes you are gambling for each $5 wagered as your average bet.
  6. It takes $5 to earn 1 point so for example 20 people x $21 = $420 / $5 per point = 84 points. It takes 400 points just to get $100 off a future cruise. Obviously the more people the more points.
  7. Oh good, have one more comp cruise to book in the next few days. Just have to decide which one.
  8. I just tried the casino number. All I got was a fast busy signal.
  9. My adult daughter and I did this class on Majesty about 2 years ago. She absolutely hates shrimp. When we arrived for the class we asked the chef if they could substitute something for the shirmp and they happily brought out sliced chicken breast. Our class was at dinner time and we couldn't eat it all. They gave us take out containers for what was left over. When we got in the elevator there were 2 college football players that my daughter knew. We happily gave them our leftovers when they asked where we got the sushi since we knew we wouldn't finish it. It was gone before the elevator doors opened again!!!!
  10. Really enjoying your review. I got off Allure the day you boarded. The reason you ported at Coxen Hole in Roatan is because Mahogany Bay was built and owned by Carnival Corporation for use by their brands, Carnival, Princess, etc., not because Allure is too big.
  11. I'm not sure about grand suites and above but all other cabins are available at the same time, usually 1 PM.
  12. I was there in June..Navigator and Majesty on the same day. No problem at all and we were second to arrive.
  13. Loving your review. Did a back to back in June on Navigator. I was solo in a virtual balcony cabin on the 4 night portion. Just so you know in case there is a next time, the virtual balcony does turn off. There should be 2 remotes in the room. One for the tv and one for the balcony.
  14. Thanks for the review. I leave on Sunday. Do you happen to know the table minimums for Ultimate Texas Holdem and 3 Card Poker?
  15. She “doesn’t want to take advantage of my generosity” as this is the 4th casino comped cruise I’ve taken her on. I think I finally got it through her thick head that I wouldn’t offer if I felt she were taking advantage. I never use all my free WiFi time. It took me 25+ years to get her to go. It has only been since her husband passed away several years ago that she finally starting to do things for herself. I really enjoy cruising with her (except for the snoring) and it is much more fun than going solo which I do often.
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