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  1. If you used a comp for the cruise fare you will automatically get your taxes, port fees and gratuities (if you pre paid the gratuities) back even if you are a no show. They will go back to the credit card you charged them to.
  2. OMG, my cabin steward just delivered a brand new vacuum cleaner, still in the box. What the hell am I supposed to do with it???
  3. I got 2 offers last year. Booked the first one for myself, my friend and her 6 year old grandson. Was able to use the 2nd one for myself the following week. They got off at the end of the first week and I turned mine into a b2b. My friend did have to pay for her grandson as the third person. Don't know about the diamond discount as I didn't try to upgrade.
  4. I got through with the casino royale number in less than 5 minutes at 1:50 this afternoon.
  5. Just tried that. Said invalid bar code. It's no big deal, there will probably be lots of empty cabins.
  6. Not sure what you mean. What I do know is the app on my phone is not working for this cruise. My set sail pass on line says: Reprint Gnty Muster station D17.
  7. The AT&T internation plan that is $10/24 hours does not work from the ship but the voom wifi works. If you want to use the international plan from the islands or countries make sure you add it to your plan before you leave home. Called AT&T to confirm this when I had a problem with an excursion in Bonaire a few weeks ago.
  8. Looking forward to your review. You are not nuts, just badly bitten, but I'm worse. Cruised Oct, Nov, Jan and Feb and have March, May and July to look forward to. As far as rewearing clothes, a small spray bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser and one of Febreez work wonders on things you want to wear more than once.
  9. Made it 5 for 5. 2x on Navigator in June, 1x on Majesty in October, 1x on Rhapsody in November and again on Navigator in January. Have 2 more coming up on Navigator in March and May so we will see what happens on those.
  10. It should be nice in Key West tomorrow. Sunny with a high of 64. Mid to high 50's in the morning.
  11. Really enyoying your review. If you see Mario again please say hello from Gale, Cindy and Mario the Camel. He will understand.
  12. I did the westbound TA on Rhapsody in November. We were in an Ultra Spacious oceanview on deck 3 and we did have a refrigerator. Cabin steward was awesome. Best diamond concierge, Grecia. There were so many diamond and above that on day 3 they gave us all a coffee card good for 2 free speciality coffees per day in the solarium cafe or dining room. Enjoyed the enclosed solarium but it filled up early. Wifi worked great but the entire system was down for 2 days. The card readers in the slot machines didn't work for 6 out of the 14 nights but they did double the amount of points you earned on the days that they were working. I personally wouldn't do another TA on that size ship but if you can deal with disembarking in Tampa (it was horrible) I would choose Rhapsody over Majesty.
  13. Christmas was a little different for us this year. My daughter had to be back in NC for work on the 26th and her boyfriend was going to his family's house in Orlando so we celebrated on the 23rd (filet mignon for dinner). As a surprise to her I got a ticket on the same flight as her. We flew to NC on the 24th. Since it was only the 2 of us we decided a movie and Chinese food would be our Christmas day activities. The movie went off without a hitch. Then it came time to order the Chinese take-out. We tried 3 places and they were all so busy that none onf them answered their phones. We wound up with Big Mac meals for Christmas dinner. It's not what you eat but who you spend your time with that matters.
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