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  1. also, thanks hvbaskey, am reading your "fine print" above. 100-300 seems ok for an upgrade from OV to balcony for an 11 day, does anyone know if they would ask for less for a 4 day?? thanks!
  2. wow! what a mess! i don't trust anything,and always have everything in writing. would never consider move up, like to pick my cabin, but got a rock bottom group rate on 4 day infinity. Unfortunately gave me a category 12 inside cabin, all the way at front of ship where you really feel movement. will have to see what the prices are like when offered.
  3. Am on dec 26 infinity. Have inside cabin. Any idea how much move up bid would be from inside to balcony on a four day? Appreciated
  4. Wow! Thank you all for taking the time to compare! Think will try Indy! Easier out of Lauderdale anyways!
  5. Hi! Couple in our fifties trying to decide between these two for four day June cruise. Thoughts? Will be our first cruise as diamond!
  6. Anyone know who the CD will be?
  7. Wow! So much I am not aware of! Appreciate responses!
  8. Didn’t realize three drinks loaded even if officers party! Are they loaded as well first night of cruise? I know there is nothing in lounge first night
  9. Curious about this also!
  10. hi! I will be on the 4 day then 5 day infinity sailings. I know there is no elite cocktail hour the first night and night of senior officer's party. Do they even have a senior officer's party on the short sailings? thanks so much!
  11. Didn’t realize celebrity had a free app to text others on ship. Does it work on infinity? Without buying internet package?
  12. Great ideas. Thanks everyone!
  13. Wondering if any specifics to Miami? Doing b2b on infinity. Would like to walk around in port a bit
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