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  1. Looks like I have more votes for infinity! Appreciate all the responses! The way I see it two extra days and more money for excursions. Just worried that it is a Much older ship but seems to have the same free food options.
  2. Should be a great ny cruise! We will probably Uber to Lincoln road mall
  3. Thanks for info about young cruisers. I think may be mainly families since over Xmas holidays. I have only been on summit years ago and equinox last year. Loved them both!
  4. Thanks No suite for us but at least elite benefits. For the b2b do you get off and then back on with new card? We want to walk around Miami a bit anyways but hope don’t have to line up again!
  5. First leg dec 26 four day infinity Nassau and key west followed by key west and Cozumel five day. Reflection dec 27 western is Cozumel costa maya and grand cayman. Actually prefer infinity stops. Love key west and will do excursions in Nassau. Dining makes no difference for us as never eat in specialty restaurants also don’t really drink. The big diff is with Infinity get 300 obc twice compared with once on reflection. Will use for beach and dolphin swim excursions. We will range from age 19 to 84 in four cabins. Everyone has been on multiple cruises. Two of us are elite
  6. Can get 9 day on Infinity (4 and 5 day back to back) for same price as the seven day reflection. Also more obc on infinity. Thoughts? Would be over New Years. Was on equinox last year and loved it. What would you do??
  7. Thanks for your responses! Hoping that right before final payment people will cancel and I can find a better room. Otherwise will bring white noise machine!
  8. Pretty much the most aft cabin. Wondering about noise of engine?
  9. I am a Quebecer also and we will be on infinity ny cruise. Four cabins age 19 to 84! Parents got me addicted to cruising and my kids as well!
  10. I am trying to do a search with the cabin compilation for m class but don’t know how to proceed. Thanks!
  11. Internet absolute disaster on grandeur. If we were lucky worked for two min every few hours. That was surf and stream. Save your money. Absolute waste
  12. Do you know if there is any lactose free milk available to brew the cappuccino? Or soy or almond milk? Thanks!
  13. thanks for posting cruise compasses! Answers my questions about fitness schedule!
  14. Thanks for review and compasses! Would you know what kind of dance class they had daily at nine am? Was it Zumba. ? Thanks!
  15. Thanks for finding out! On grandeur soon. Hope Corey is great!
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